Tuesday with Tarinae 12/14

Okay, so last Tuesday I had requested the day off so that I could play Cataclysm, and I spent 12 hours playing a worgen mage. This Tuesday however, is sad…The Lady Tarinae is ill…It isn’t anything nearly as bad as the flu and I am taking medicine but the level of stress (hello new task at work with tiny deadline) and the sickness are making for a very fragile me. So today, I am going to bring you a small piece of news, some link love, and some screenshots.

But first the news…

The guild achievement Everyone Needs a Logo seems to be bugged at the moment. The last time I checked, this was not on the list of known issues and I know that a lot of other people are having this problem. The achivement is earned by creating and purchasing a guild crest. Well, if you look at your tabard, the design is your crest…ask the Tabard Creator dude and he will tell you! As a GM, I have redesigned our tabard at least once a year, if not every six month to bring our theme out…that and most people didn’t like the original orange. But anyways, I tried to change it the other day, thinking that would acknowledge the completed objective but that was not the case. An interesting turn of events here is that if a guild did NOT have a crest before Cataclysm, they can create one now for the guild, but having one previously is not allowing for completion.

So, I opened a ticket about it….and the ticket was escalated (which I thought would yeild good results!)…and then I got the response. In the short, they admitted to looking in to it and noticing that it wasn’t working, told me to keep an eye for known issues, and that they couldn’t guarentee when or IF there would be a solution.

Let me just say, if a solution is not found…that will make for some very…VERY…unhappy guild leaders, myself included.

Link Love

Last week we talked about what everyone would be doing that first day and so this week, now that everyone is beginning to put up their one-week markers, I’d like to direct you to them to see how things turned out…

  • Rohan discusses dungeoning and an unforseen part of the healing rotation.
  • Kurn makes some epic points about how dungeons are seeming to be headed. I for one thought we were done with Wrath and CC was supposed to mean something again. Why play this game if nothing is a challenge? On twitter earlier Derevka comments “Heroics are supposed to be just that: Heroic. Not ZOMG I HAVE THE MIN ILVL FACEROLLZ!” and I don’t think I could have said it better.
  • Rhidach recounts his first 24 hours!
  • Ophelie can sum up the start of Cataclysm for her in three words.
  • Anexxia talks about things she love and things that drive her crazy. She also did a Friday 5 on what she had done so far!
  • Cynwise reminds us that patience is a virtue.
  • Jaedia shares first day excitement!
  • I couldn’t help but giggle when Zelmaru discusses being a hunter!

And because it is highly informational, I think you need to check out Bossy Pally’s guide to Crowd Control (CC)!


Okay okay, I fibbed a little bit. I was going to upload the really pretty images but I can save those for another day…this is just too good to keep to myself!

Keep on having fun and I am going to go take my horse pill of an antibiotic and settle down for my sick day.


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3 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 12/14

  1. After a week… I still have no clue what I’m doing. I seem to be spending all my time leveling a Disc Priest, which … what? She was my Durotan Horde banker two weeks ago! What am I doing leveling a priest?

    (Having fun, apparently!)

  2. VectorPrime

    Apparently a lot of guild stuff doesn’t work so great. I know for a fact my guild has several 525 professions and yet they are not checked off in the guild armory. Other things, like dungeon reputations, work fine. Maybe its just a website issue. Who knows.

    • paperclip

      It is worth noting that certain achievements have requirements on the guild reputation. If a member is below the threshold, they cannot contribute to it. This is presumably done to prevent players from joining a guild to complete the achievement and then leaving.

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