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Tarinae: A Back Story

((Disclaimer: This is an RP POST.))

Born in a time of rest, was a blood elf girl known only to be a daughter of Aresae Androlene, high adviser to Prince Kael’thas of Azeroth. Silvermoon City was in its rebirth during the birth of the girl yet the knights of Kael’thas were still uneasy. It was not long until the girl was of age; by this time she had watched and learned from Lady Liadrin that to have honor one must be willing to do what it takes and fighting is necessary for self defense. Her mother was disdainful of Tarinae’s wild spirit, finding trouble around every corner.

The day came in her adolescence when Magister Astalor Bloodsworn posted informative notice throughout the cities walls. The time of peace that Tarinae had grown to cherish would soon come to a rapid end. Everywhere she turned she saw signs of preparation. She had been banished from the training arena and no longer could request the presence of Lady Liadrin. Wagons of merchants were being disassembled and put into shelters; but were they expecting another war? Expecting a fight? Tarinae grew more anxious when her father took a rogue journey to the Exodar; he had said that it was in the name of the Prince. He was gone many days but returned joyfully to report the Magister what he had been longing to know…the location of M’uru.

The magister had longed to entrap the Naaru guardian and harness his soul’s light to advantage the blood elves. Upon the revelation of his location, Prince Kael’thas invaded the Tempest Keep and took only one prisoner, leaving the rest for dead. He was brought back to Silvermoon City where he was kept prisoner and Aresae became a blessed and celebrated man. Tarinae’s world was back, revelling in happiness and celebration in her father’s aid of the invasion. Unknown to anyone at the time, a traitor was in their midst; somehow, word had been sent to the the Naaru that it was Aresae that had been the reconassiance master. Her world was not stable for long; Dreani warriors invaded the city in search of the Androlene family.

Tarinae had led her mother and sister into a room where she locked them inside,with one final statement, “I will protect you! I promise!” and she threw on the ragged armor she had learned to fight in and rushed to her father’s side. He told her one thing, “You have always honored me daughter”. The door exploded open and in came the small militia; a grimace on their faces and hatred in their blood. Tarinae had never expereinced anything so terrifying in her life. She was but a girl, but now she was face to face the options to fight or die. The Naaru had slammed their swords into Aresae before Tarinae had the chance to breathe, and their attention was on her. The sound of her mother and  sister weeping from the bedroom was auidble and she ran to stand in front of the door, the army following behind. “You shall not harm them! I will not let you!” She screamed and then she realized she must sacrifice herself to hope to save the rest of her family. She took her sword and ran through their ranks wounding but not destroying any. They took her out, and in her soul she had already known what was to happen. Hope…was lost.


“Rise, young blood elf, come follow me”. The voice came only from the darkness. Tarinae could not see, she could not move, but she was not dead. “Do not fear child, there is no harm here”. Tarinae opened her eyes into the brightest light she had ever seen, she could not keep them open very long. She blinked back the pain and focused on the direction of the voice. “Ah, you’re waking.” The light faded and to herside came a man of white. He himself seem to have a glow about him. His hair was long and yellow, young looking, but he was old and frail. He laid his hand on her and the pain she was feeling was lifted. There she sat, in one piece, entirely unharmed.

When reality struck, “MY FAMILY!” she yelled. The old man only nodded and spoke, “Yes, your family is gone…but that is why you are here, child.” In the tears, Tarinae stopped; her lungs seemed to hurt and breath seemed like a dream. A look of puzzlement over took her expression and she said nothing. “I am the God of Light. I am not from this world but am affected by its destruction. I have chosen you, Tarinae. Chosen you for your brave, brave sacrifice”. Tarinae coughed with a shortness of breath, “Chosen me for what?” He simply smiled in reply,”To be the phoenix and spread the peace you feel inside.” That was intended to explain everything, yet Tarinae’s expression remained the same.

He clarified, “You are familiar with the lore of the phoenix?” She nodded and he continued, “You are touched with that ability Tarinae. To face destruction and spread hope. I cannot deny nor stop your foreseen vengeance on the Naaru, but you must understand that this war must end.You must start with the Horde and mend the bonds and bring out trust, if there is to be peace in this world. You must do what you have been chosen to do; Azeroth will fall without you”.

Tarinae sat there, shaking, then stood with resolution, “I will do it”. Her heart had never felt this way…torn with hatred of the Naaru but filled with hope that one day peace will come. “Then go child. Be your own guiding light in the darkness of Azeroth”. Then…the light was gone, Tarinae was standing in the Ruins of the city…alone. She inhaled deeply, “Even if I must start all over, I will continue to learn the way of the blood knight to conquer the Naaru and bring an end to this war. PEACE WILL COME!”


Tarinae become a Paladin of the Blood Elves. Using the harnessed light of the Naaru to bend it to her own using. To fight and spread the hope. To help those who cannot help themselves. To spread trust and learn to trust again. She knows that her journey is not easy for the Horde have been built to hate. But she must continue to try. Those who earn her trust will earn her respect and she loathes all that continue to harm our ranks from the inside out. She spreads her wings in search of those in need, and has vowed to aid them and earn their respect in turn. Afterall that has occured, she fights not for herself, but for her family, the Horde, the Alliance…FOR PEACE.


((This is an original copy of my back story for Tarinae. I was forced into developing it when joining a guild whose name I can’t even remember. Their central focus was a war with the Narru so I had to have a reason to hate them. But it is my story, I haven’t used it for a long time, and have every intention to re-write it someday but I wanted to share. Pardon the grammar mistakes and whatnot, editing them all would require a rewrite of the entire thing and I want to maintain it in its original form.))


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