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Tuesday with Tarinae 2/1

And we’re back! We I apologize for the gap in your World of Warcraft news but here, giving you a kick start to your February!

First the fun stuff!

Core Hound Pup Adoption Campaign

Feel the love.

Adopt the pup.

Win an iPad?!


Blizzard wrote a complaint to Paypal about goldsellers using PayPal as their means of collecting funds due. When PayPal received the letter they offered them the chance to prove they are not infrigning on “intellectual property” or their mechandise will be removed from the websites. Blizzard – 1 Gold Sellers – 0!

The Heartbreaking News

We have spent a few weeks waiting on 4.0.6 to arrive and yet…we find our selves waiting some more. This morning rolling restarts were performed and the realms were already playable by 12:30 EST. And as always you can check out the patch notes; they were last updated January 28th! If you are really antsy to play newer stuff, you can always download the PTR and test; please email me or comment and I will gladly help you figure out how to download it if you do not know how!

Thanks, Byez, and Pictures!

Thank you all for the great congratulations on the blogoversary and the birthday! I had an absolutely fantastic day and coasted on that loving, natural high all the way through the next 24 hours. I hope that you can enjoy my screenshot as a token of my appreciation. It was taken from within the scar in the Badlands illustrating that there is always beauty waiting to be seen, even if from the darkest places.


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Tuesday with Tarinae 1/18

Welcome back for another installment of Tuesday with Tarinae, the column were you can find out all the latest news in a short, easy to read synopsis! Get the latest info on World of Warcraft, MMOs, small updates on my player status, blog updates, and much more! But you know what you can find here, that is why you keep coming back…right?! So let’s get on with what it is you’re here to read!

Guild Experience

There has been a pretty significant change to the way guild groups can work in dungeons to earn guild experience that seems very positive overall, especially for the smaller guilds who struggle to get 4/5 members.

We have redefined the definition of a Guild Group for 5-player dungeons.

  • If 3 out of 5 players in a group are members of the same guild, they will now be able to complete guild achievements and earn guild experience at 50% of the normal rate.
  • If 4 out of 5 players in a group are members of the same guild, they will now be able to complete guild achievements and earn guild experience at 100% of the normal rate.
  • If 5 out of 5 players in a group are members of the same guild, they will now be able to complete guild achievements and earn guild experience at 125% of the normal rate.
  • Also note that Heroic dungeons offer a 1.5x multiplier on all guild experience earned.

As the guild leader of a moderately small guild, we haven’t hit the daily cap in a while and we are moving towards the halfway point of Level 4, I think that this change is strong and beneficial. It is obvious to see the benefits that big guilds pushing 5/5 members will gain, and even though smaller groups will have to work twice as hard, they still gain the benefits.

As a note, you can always check the full patch notes and these changes are identified in the updated notes.

Genn Greymane

The community site has published a short story as part of their Leaders…Epic Short Fiction Series and in the beginning it is very awesome, but alas I haven’t read all of it as of yet. Click the image for the link to the story. There is also a link available on the original site that you can download the story in PDF format for later and offline reading.

Cataclysm LP

As of January 12, you are able to use iTunes to download and take sounds of Cataclysm with you wherever you go. Blizzard released the soundtrack on iTunes as an LP featuring 17 tracks, interviews, and much more. The iTunes price is 9.99 USD or .99 cents a song. Check out the track list and get the skinny on the other bonus content on the community site!

Login Issues

Last night on Shadow Council, we had some wonderful world lag/freezes. Someone who was technically offline was still chatting it up in guild and trade, people couldn’t dismount, some were stuck casting, and a hodge podge of other weird features were occuring. Shortly after that, Blizzard announced a list of servers that were experiencing login issues and there was no ETA on a resolution. The official update post has a list of all the servers and time-stamped updates that you can check if you were having any issues.

A Friendly Reminder

Well, I won’t keep you around for much longer. I’ve covered a lot of the hippin’ and happenin’ news for the week already but….I want to take a minute to remind you to check out The OverLores and GroupQuest podcasts for this week because I had a blast recording them! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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Tuesday with Tarinae 1/11

I am sitting here wondering just who is buried under all that snow. I am on a snow day myself on this frigid January afternoon. I think it is about time to get caught up on the WoW news and share some of the goodiness with you!


Okay, so this isn’t WoW related but it is MMO related. I recently played in the RIFT Beta but sadly, I didn’t really realize that it was a limited event and I didn’t get to play for very long; I barely even got into the game. The world is very graphic heavy, almost so intensely that even a brand new computer that supports WoW on ultra settings sees lag. Granted the drivers need updating but still worth noting. There are (just like WoW) 2 factions that both start from being reborn from the dead. There are “soul” trees just like talent trees that start with improved spells (i.e. Improved Void Bolt). And I am in love with the Defiant symbol. I really didn’t get a good feel for the gameplay but I am interested in trying the next event.

There is also a lovely connection to WoW with RIFT because hey….we’re not in Azeroth any more!

If you are looking for full impressions check out the reviews and recounts from the guys at Massively.

World of Warcraft Suit

It is intense to think that someone would take on Blizzard’s (Activision) for World of Warcraft for patent infringement, but it has happened. After suing Facebook last year, Walker Digital has done a “double play” by suing Blizzard-Activision and Zynga for a gaming patent infringement about a tournament database or something. Massively has the write up and links for full details.


The patch notes for 4.0.6 are now out and are on the PTR. For the most part this is a balancing patch that is supposed to work out the kinks. A drastic note is the change to druids healing, Nourish & Healing Wave have new learned levels and as I am about to partake in that for our podcast, I get to try it out with no prior experience, so I can’t really cry about it because I have nothing to go on. The other changes that I am very sad about are the changes to Retribution Mastery. It was so fun and different from all the other ones but now it is just the same…now it is boring.

There are also hints at what will be coming in patch 4.1 that you can check out including a new raid and other dailies!

Scattered Thoughts

The breakfast topic on was about how Cataclysm disappointed us. There are still so many things that I want to do that I am taking my time to do because there is so little for end game. I haven’t done a heroic, I haven’t done dailies over and over, I have a bajillion and seven alts and just dropped a maxed profession to restart something else. I don’t want to be bored in a game that I love.

But with all that said, I wish you the best this week and remember that the is the only time for 100 years it will be 1/11/11!

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Tuesday with Tarinae 1/4

Welcome back, welcome back! I am glad that you made it back after the first of the year! I hope that your transisition between 2010 and Y2eleven was well and that this year holds new adventures for you! There isn’t too much news going around right now, just a lot of playing but as always, there are some things I would like to share!

Tol Barad (T-Bad!)

There has been one major hotfix that has been released lately and that is another honor adjustment to Tol Barad. Recently, it had been adjusted that the a successful offensive attack would award 1800 honor (over 25% of the 4000 cap). Here is what Zharym had to say about the new change:

As you’re probably aware by now, an update was applied to Tol Barad shortly before the holidays which granted the attacking side 1800 Honor Points for a victory. While the goal with that change was to provide more incentive for the attacking forces to claim victory, it ultimately led to an undermining of the spirit of competition in Tol Barad. We’ve just applied a hotfix which has lowered the attacking faction’s gain to 360 Honor Points for a victory. The defending faction will still earn 180 Honor Points for a victory. – source

I have yet to participate in T-Bad but it seems the debate around this is balanced. Some people think the change is good…some people think it makes T-Bad a waste of time again…and some people think T-Bad is genuinely unfair. I haven’t really liked the new honor system since the changes in 4.0 but not so much that it keeps me away from PVP healing!

There is also a listing of full hotfixes for January 3rd available on wowhead!

Links from the Community!

We all know there are plenty of constant news resources for WoW out there to read and keep up to date on business. I really enjoy the times when these serious resources break for not so important information or something fun. I found some information recently that I would just like to share just because:

On the WoW Community website you can find an article on one of my favorite NPCs: Thrall (Then & Now)! I really encourage reading it. It includes images of all three of his main models from Durnholde (COT), the Pre-Shattering Warchief model, and the Post-Shattering Shaman. This article revealed some interesting information about is well-known Warchief black and gold armor that I didn’t know. It really is just a good…and small…piece to read!

Another piece on the Community site is One if by Zepplin. This post is geared towards explaining all the ways to travel but it is written to the point where I was a little taken aback by how many options we really have, I had honestly never noticed or paid attention. I just take a select handful of these for granted that I didn’t realize how many there were in general!


I can’t even begin to tell you how neat this idea really is. So…instead just read the MSNBC blog & watch this!

Happy Hunting!

I’ve started watching a movie since writing this and well…I am a twihard and it is Eclipse so, I’m going to go so I can watch that and you can watch that video. So I bid you all a happy hunting and good luck in game as always!

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Tuesday with Tarinae 12/28

First, I want to thank every one of you reading this right now for helping Tuesday with Tarinae be so successful in 2010, this will be the last (TwT) post of the year and I am rapidly approaching my 1 year blogoversary; my first post was the before my birthday, and that is next month!

I know that I have been slacking off on Tuesdays, December is a crazy month with the addition of Cataclysm it was even more insane and I crave some play time. But now, here I am, back to wrap up 2010!

Winter Veil

If you haven’t already, you have approximately three days to pick up your presents from the “Winter Veil Tree” in Orgrimmar or Ironforge. They consist of the same things they always do given your level and the special toy of the year is a MiniZep Controller…I personally, am not a fan; WTB epicness like the Clockwork Rocket Bot.

Upcoming Class Changes

Ghostcrawler recently threw up a blog post about the ideas that the developers had on class changes we are likely to see in the first patch. He gave no indication that the patch would be anytime soon (it doesn’t need to be imho) and he clearly expresses that this is not an exhaustive list, but it is interesting to check it out.

Some highlights include:

Still, we see Survival hunters and Unholy DKs on top of a lot of single target fights. Arcane, Marksman, and Beastmaster damage is too low. Retribution, Shadow, and Fire and Frost mage damage might be too low, but we’re still watching them.

Healing in PvE is working out pretty much as intended. There are some Heroic dungeon bosses that are probably tougher than the required item level average permits. In general, you might have a tough time upon zoning into a Heroic dungeon with a bunch of strangers as soon as Dungeon Finder permits, especially if your group isn’t willing to communicate and work together. We want Heroics to be challenging — if you want to zerg the content, stick to normal dungeons.

For example, the Retribution mastery, Hand of Light, is fun, but it doesn’t contribute enough damage. To make it contribute enough damage, the proc would need a very high chance, which then can cause paladins to devalue other sources of Holy Power. Instead, we are redesigning Retribution mastery to add a percentage of the damage of Templar’s Verdict, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm as Holy damage (which also plays better with Inquisition).

The comments on healing bring me to the topic that the debate is raging on whether or not heroics SHOULD be hard. By the end of Wrath (and partially due to the introduction of LFD tool) heroics were a faceroll…pwn it with my eyes close…pull the whole damn dungeon. That is a bad idea to put into the minds of QQ-bag players because now, heroics are just that…heroic! Given that a vast majority of people don’t over gear them yet, mechanics like CC & slow pulling should be utilized. But I won’t debate it, there is enough back and forth about it on the forums that I don’t even particularly feel like linking it. I’m not 85 but I’m close enough to start finding where I fit in on this debate as a healer.


As always you can always get the latest on the hotfixes that are happening but I wanted to highlight one that has been causing a disparity between Alliance and Horde ability to gain Critter Kill Squad.

Graveyard Rats are no longer considered critters and do not give credit toward the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this references, in the Worgen starting zone there is a tunnel of thousands (give or take) rats that were previously listed as critters and with low level AoE’s (only a handful of class options) these were still farmable for the guild achievement even though the Horde had no opportunity for such a massive number like that with such a level of ease.

12 Days of Winter Veil

I wanted to be nice and let you all in on’s giveaways for the holiday! I don’t need anymore competition (hehe!) but today’s gift is a SteelSeries Cataclysm Keyboard! All you have to do is be a US or Canada (not Quebec) citizen over 18 and comment on the post! STEELSERIES! /squee

Player Update

In my decision to take leveling to end-game slowly, I still haven’t hit 85 but am pretty close; I have this week off so I will be 85 very soon. I have really enjoyed taking my time and loved questing in both Vash’jir & Deepholm. I complete both quests and Vash’jir is the only zone in which I did EVERY quest. I loved the lore on the World Pillar and found out why Princess Theradras is so ugly! My mage is 82 and my hunter is 81. I have a handful of colorful alts from a troll druid to a worgen mage to a goblin shaman that are all sitting comfortably…except for the goblin who is only Level 8!

With the help of my closest friends, we were able to gift one of the most selfless, nicest, most giving person Vial of the Sands and the enjoyment that she got out of it has made every minute, hour and day of farming worth it. That is what Winter Veil Christmas is all about and it was wonderful to be part of the giving.

While my computer is currently behaving (she knows she is going to have competition) I am headed out to Best Buy later to see if the HP laptop is in stock. I could by the “blue” version or save $50 and buy the EPIC Heroic version, but I am the epic suck at saving money, my job is the epic suck at paying me money to save, and I have been wanting it for months and don’t want to wait!

I hope that all of you had a Merry Chrismahanukwanzaka, whatever it is you celebrate…at the very least Merry Winter Veil and I hope the festivities continue into a Happy New Year!

I will see you in 2011!


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Tuesday with Tarinae 12/21

Okay, so today has started off on the wrong foot. I woke up to an email that said my billing address for my iTunes account had been changed…well I don’t recall moving and getting a new fancy address within the last three years….so my first instinct (after a paypal disaster) was to check my bank account, it is safe…I realized that my credit card was not attached to my iTunes and I decided to check that…WHERE THE HELL DID MY $4 go…great, someone hacked my iTunes.

Now before you go hating on me for not protecting my computer, I do. I have Kaspersky that was heavy duty enough to remove a root kit on my boyfriends old computer before it completely destabilized and destroyed his computer. I stay away from questionable websites, don’t use any P2P services like limewire, or anything of the like. I don’t know what is going on.

3 Years ago my wow account was hacked and held hostage by a playful hacker who wanted even more money from my friends but he got caught. Blizzard was great in helping me and I have an authenticator now.

I hadn’t used PayPal in over a year since I had been a sophomore in college and one random day they hack that and steal my credit card and non-existent money to buy Aion. The bank was great at handling the fraud case, amazingly awesome in fact.

And now, iTunes. On Thursday I bought some Florence & The Machine songs and downloaded them on my computer. I frequently run these virus and spyware scans and they return with no threats detected…how is this getting through, I think to myself. I don’t understand; it really does a lot to make you feel vulnerable and insecure.

But apparently, there was this massive mess with email addresses and usernames and I wasn’t the only one who happened to have their iTunes wanted…but they did happen to get mine.

I have used my secure iPhone to change the password and account information and have a response form into Apple, they claim a response in 24 hours so I will wait and see, I hope they are as good at handling this as everyone else has been in the past.

But really…that should have been a rant for a personal blog…and I don’t want to taint this lovely column with my bad mood, so here…have some pretties…I told you I would save them for a rainy day.

Naga infested areas can still be beautiful, huh!

The World Pillar

The Ruins of Lordaeron


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Tuesday with Tarinae 12/14

Okay, so last Tuesday I had requested the day off so that I could play Cataclysm, and I spent 12 hours playing a worgen mage. This Tuesday however, is sad…The Lady Tarinae is ill…It isn’t anything nearly as bad as the flu and I am taking medicine but the level of stress (hello new task at work with tiny deadline) and the sickness are making for a very fragile me. So today, I am going to bring you a small piece of news, some link love, and some screenshots.

But first the news…

The guild achievement Everyone Needs a Logo seems to be bugged at the moment. The last time I checked, this was not on the list of known issues and I know that a lot of other people are having this problem. The achivement is earned by creating and purchasing a guild crest. Well, if you look at your tabard, the design is your crest…ask the Tabard Creator dude and he will tell you! As a GM, I have redesigned our tabard at least once a year, if not every six month to bring our theme out…that and most people didn’t like the original orange. But anyways, I tried to change it the other day, thinking that would acknowledge the completed objective but that was not the case. An interesting turn of events here is that if a guild did NOT have a crest before Cataclysm, they can create one now for the guild, but having one previously is not allowing for completion.

So, I opened a ticket about it….and the ticket was escalated (which I thought would yeild good results!)…and then I got the response. In the short, they admitted to looking in to it and noticing that it wasn’t working, told me to keep an eye for known issues, and that they couldn’t guarentee when or IF there would be a solution.

Let me just say, if a solution is not found…that will make for some very…VERY…unhappy guild leaders, myself included.

Link Love

Last week we talked about what everyone would be doing that first day and so this week, now that everyone is beginning to put up their one-week markers, I’d like to direct you to them to see how things turned out…

  • Rohan discusses dungeoning and an unforseen part of the healing rotation.
  • Kurn makes some epic points about how dungeons are seeming to be headed. I for one thought we were done with Wrath and CC was supposed to mean something again. Why play this game if nothing is a challenge? On twitter earlier Derevka comments “Heroics are supposed to be just that: Heroic. Not ZOMG I HAVE THE MIN ILVL FACEROLLZ!” and I don’t think I could have said it better.
  • Rhidach recounts his first 24 hours!
  • Ophelie can sum up the start of Cataclysm for her in three words.
  • Anexxia talks about things she love and things that drive her crazy. She also did a Friday 5 on what she had done so far!
  • Cynwise reminds us that patience is a virtue.
  • Jaedia shares first day excitement!
  • I couldn’t help but giggle when Zelmaru discusses being a hunter!

And because it is highly informational, I think you need to check out Bossy Pally’s guide to Crowd Control (CC)!


Okay okay, I fibbed a little bit. I was going to upload the really pretty images but I can save those for another day…this is just too good to keep to myself!

Keep on having fun and I am going to go take my horse pill of an antibiotic and settle down for my sick day.


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