The Toons


Rolled the moment TBC was finished on my computer, it was love at first sight. For the only time ever, I loved the way she looked straight from the character screen. Her big hoop earrings, white bun style hair, lovely face, name…everything! Her leveling partner was a Shadow Priest turned Holy and together they roamed the lands and combed the guilds. They ended up in a heavy RP guild where I was forced to create a back story that involved hating the Naaru. I did it, and I enjoyed the back story, it was something that carried over into my new RP experiences.

At level 40, I left that guild and created <Age of the Phoenix> though the original name was to be <The Phoenix Legion>. I stuck with it through the new trials of leadership and facing the near-fatal case of alt-itis and not only did my guild hit the 1 year marker and I made it to 70 shortly before the drop of 3.0. I leveled and played all the way through TBC as Retribution (that was when all paladins still needed int! *gasp*) and even went through Karazhan as DPS! I was buffing things like Blessing of Salvation and Blessing of Might depending on who it was but back then, threat meant something!

But upon the release of 3.0, I went Holy and never looked back…until dual spec came out…but I’m still Holy! I have cleared all of Naxxaramas, OS, VOA, TOC and Malygos. I have finished through Hodir of Ulduar and haven’t finished Ruby Sanctum. I have also completed 6/12 in ICC 25 with attempts at Dreamwalker & Princes. I also recently broke the 12,000 honorable kill mark!


I love ranged weapons, I always have. I even asked my Dad for a crossbow once for Christmas ( I didn’t get it though). My favorite class to play in D&D is the ranger. I just love them, they’re awesome. Chakae existed as several hunters before being the one that stuck around. First trial run was a Blood Elf name Jadina (no, I didn’t know Jaedia, I promise). Jadina had a pet Dragonhawk, lame. After her cover was revealed as being a secret alt, she was deleted and I didn’t reroll a hunter on Shadow Council. Instead, I rolled up Jadex on Cairne. She made it to Level 29 and I knew I had to have a hunter on my main server. I loved them! She had a cat from Darkshore named Bast and then finally I made it back to Shadow Council.

I had a LOT of Blood Elves by this point and wanted a change of pace. Trolls have an awesome dance, awesome accent, and great racial bonus for hunters. I am obsessed with the latin dipthong “ae” and I wanted a trolly name so Chakae was born. Originally made with white french braids, she was quick into the barber shop. Shortly after that, she realzied that red is in fact, her favorite color. Her hair is red, her tabard is a shade of red, her cape is red and black and now…her PVP mount is red and black! She even flys the Red Drake! She even sports a Red Lumberjack shirt! She is obsessed with the color as much as she is devilsaurs. Her all time goal is to find and tame King Krush…even if he is green!

She always has been and always will be Beast Mastery and currently trusts her life to a black devilsaur named Sharptooth and on the occasion a worm named Tequila! She is a VERY skilled skinner and leatherworker! She is even a beast in the kitchen!


Let’s not even talk about how many versions of this character existed before she finally made it! I even had a mage bank alt make it to Level 30 before a free transfer landed him on a new server. I’m just going to stick with the fact that there were several mage attempts and go on. She was created on a whim to level with my sister, who was attempting to be my recruit a friend, but at 16 couldn’t afford that extra time card. So here I was, leveling and enjoying a mage with the BOA’s and am completely out of my element.

I leveled part of the way as frost until my nephews said they went arcane and loved it. After that, I respecced and have been arcane ever since until 4.0.1. She leveled with a tank and healer combo through almost every level. She fell into easy purples that I had saved up for her when she hit that final ding and I felt it was really easy to replace Chakae as my main DPS character. No one except my closest friends knew who she was so I could play her and dedicate my time to bettering her and my mage knowledge. I fell in love quickly and have been in love ever since. I am definitely on the mage side of the mage vs. warlock debate!

She is almost honored with the Ashen Verdict, has T10 2p bonus, and is the Champion of the Frozen Wastes and of the Nightfall. She is in a guild with one other character as it was a gift guild when a dear friend quit the game and I enjoying solo playing her so I left her there. All the same, she still sees a lot of raiding action and and after reworking some fire glyphs and rotations is about 6.7k DPS even though I have broken 9990.9 (yes there is a screenshot)!

Other Alts

The only other active alt at the moment is:

Aralas, Level 71 Shadow/Disc Priest (Male Blood Elf)

The only the reason he still exists at this point is because his herbalism and alchemy are both at 450. Most of his levels can from my first Recruit-A-Friend so it isn’t like I earned them the hard way!

I am waiting for Cataclysm to roll:

Neiytiri – Troll Druid

Leeloo – Goblin Shaman

And finally the worgen has a name: Naylana, after my companion Dire Wolf in a D&D Campaign


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