About Me

Outside of a virtual world, my name is Leila. Go ahead, try and pronounce it and chances are you will probably still get it wrong. After 23 years I have gotten used to it. To ease your mind, it is pronounced Lee-eye-luh; I have also learned that writing it that way is better understood than phonetics.

So now that the difficult part is out of the way…

I am a college graduate from Transylvania University, yes it is real and no it isn’t full of vampires. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and did minor studies in Communication. My discipline focus is group interactions and dynamics. I am developed a sub-focus of virtual world interaction doing my senior thesis on the social benefits of MMOs like WOW. Yes, I am very proud of it.

I have been together with my boyfriend, Paul, for four years and he is the reason I got into WOW. I have never really been a console gamer aside from SNES and Spyro on PS1. I had dabbled in other MMOs including Tibia and something else I can’t remember. I have always been a roleplayer doing text based Harry Potter roleplay then moving into tabletop D&D style games with him. I am a geek, and I love it.

Currently I am a “Recreation Leader” for an after school program, but that is a fancy way of saying counselor. I work with K-5 and sometimes it wears me out. This type of job will allow me to go back to school soon! Which I plan on doing to get my Masters & PhD in Sociology to teach at a college level.

I have a personal blog so that I can keep my wowness separate from the real life drama that usually bogs people down. I welcome anyone to check both of them out! They have extremely different content than you will find on my wow related sites.

My WoW Experience

I have been playing WoW for over two years now. As I said, I started playing with my boyfriend and we chose our server (Shadow Council) because my best friend had a character there, though she was alliance we went horde. I almost always play alongside him. My first toon was a heavy RP toon that shared a storyline with a character of his.

Soon into playing (and knowing my desire for a Blood Elf) he bought me TBC and there was Tarinae. We leveled together, priest and paladin 100%. We were the PWNSAUCE. We started a guild together when I was Level 40 and he has stuck by me ever since. We leveled hunters, we leveled another healer/dps couple together, we have a tank/healer set sitting in the 70s, a new tank/dps couple on Durotan, and have both done RAF (though not with each other).

He is taking a break for the moment, fighting the burnout to Cataclysm and I have taken up blogging. We are happy where we are sitting and have the greatest of plans to continue our journey together with the expansion. We sat at Wal-Mart for WotLK from 9AM to midnight, we were the only ones in line for 8 hours standing in electronics.

Yep, that is just the type of relationship we have. Crazy!

Be sure to check out the character page for insight into my toon-life. But for now, I am just happy being a geek and finding my voice in the blogging community and in life.

Disclaimer: I am also an avid Harry Potter & Twilight fangirl. I am a lover of anime, comic book movies,  and the movie Avatar. If these characteristic adversely effect your health, I apologize in advance.


I don’t know how I could ever forget to mention this, but I am deadly obsessive over the Phoenix. It is a symbol to me, a marker, part of who I am. I named my guild <Age of the Phoenix> and play a specialized race in a current D&D campaign called Phoenix-Touched, where I am literally a Phoenix hybrid chosen by Pelor. The Phoenix is everything to me as a person.


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