Bucket List

My current goals and long-term goals for in-game content.


  • Have PVP gear in all slots for Paladin healing (only a weapon left!)
  • Obtain at least one piece of T10
  • Learn 100% of cooking recipes
  • Guild Recruitment (PS. <Age of the Phoenix> is looking for you on US-Shadow Council-H!)
  • Reach Friendly Honored Revered Exalted with Ashen Verdict!
  • Finish [Glory of the Hero] only 13 11 more to go!
  • Gain T10 Paladin Divine Illumination 2P bonus
  • Kill the King!
  • Better my DPS off-spec (it’s that bad!)
  • Get further than 5/12
  • Run Zul’Gurub before its removal from the game with Cataclysm
  • Get exalted with Zandalar before 4.0.3


  • Consistently hit 5k DPS as BM (This was done until 4.0.1!)
  • Tame King Krush
  • Upgrade from H: TOC 5-man gloves & chest


  • Consistently hit 5k DPS
  • Reach Friendly Honored with the Ashen Verdict
  • Get the last point for 450 Tailoring


  • With 4.0.3 make a TROLL DRUID
  • Co-run an Alliance version of my current guild for guildmates who want to make Worgen
  • Delete my Lvl 48 warlock…Yeah, I can’t bring myself to do it.
  • Do the Tasty Lion Steak quest on my alliance
  • Make a SAN Baby
  • Finish TOC 10 on ANY character, I don’t care which!
  • Make a nice “About Me” page for my blog
  • Find a new interface
  • Level one more baby and say good-bye to Mankrik’s Wife!
  • Get Beta invite (more of a hope than goal) or try PTR 4.0
  • Do all available for Gnomeregan!

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