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Tuesday with Tarinae 6/15

I’m just gaining so much blogging XP from learning to do all this cool new stuff! I even learned cool new stuff for other games like Sims! I am on a roll! But I can’t spend my time going on about all this neato stuff that I am late to the game learning, I have to share the news, the lootz, the goodness with you!

Search Terms

I don’t often get those search terms that make me smile or throw me for a loop; I get useful tidbits searching for heirlooms, specs, mastery, etc. I have even gotten things like being called A Mage’s Tear! Nonetheless, I got one recently that has me puzzled. It could mean one thing that I have mentioned on this site but it is by no means a focus…or it could be highly inappropriate. The search term: toplesstar.com. So…does this mean:

  • Topless Tar.com – We all know that I strut my topless Tar proudly!

Or…it could be…

  • Topless Star (dot) Com – to which I say…you, my friend, are barking up the wrong tree!

The Cataclysm Buzz

Recently, Blizzard released the new talent tree changes for the priests, druids, shamans, and rogues. I do not play any of these classes enough to know about their paritcular trees, but there has been the buzz over the blog world where others are speaking out on the topic”

I have been on the watch for more/any posts containing priest, shaman, or rogue information but I haven’t found any. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen a rogue post anywhere, ever.

Other Cataclysm news including Path of the Titans and other mechanic changes are covered by Gazimoff and Rhidach.

A Personal Note

I have something to say, and I don’t want to write a post about, it would be a rant and repetitive. So I will say it quick and I will say here, and hope I don’t scare off some of you in the process; when you are writing a blog, whether it be class specific or techniques in real life, or cooking, or any type of “guide” blog, you have to understand it is a GUIDE. To define the word guide is to say that you are giving a direction or instruction, this does NOT include absolutes because something will always be better or changing. You should never tell someone they are doing anything wrong, rather it is your job to guide them in the right direction.

I feel like I have said it before but I will say it again that what works for you may not work for the next, but what works for them WORKS.

ICC Update & Accomplishments

Okay, so my EPIC PUG that scheduled this great continuation, I mean I even watched the videos, and I got stood up! That was so sad, but I used the time productively and got the motivation to finish off my Argent Dawn reputation. I need bank space and I am almost Exalted…and the Baron Rivandare mount wouldn’t hurt either! 2 hours later:

A 3rd achievement is in the chat log: 20 Exalted Reputations!


Well, I am doing a quick wrap-up of this before a D&D game because yes, I am that geek. I will keep my eyes and ears tuned towards the Cataclysm news; I’m still waiting on other talent previews for trees I am familiar with like paladin, mage, and hunter.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for tuning in!3

PS. OMG NERDRAGE that this didn’t post! I scheduled it and it didn’t go through. I am SO sorry. Did I mention NERDRAGE!?!?!!?!?!??!?



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The 1-10 Paladin

I know I have been running horribly behind, and I have promised to have this done by now but alas…without further ado…last week’s shared topic and this week’s addition to the leveling guide!


It is said that in World of Warcraft, 70% of accounts don’t make it past Level 10. Given that there are 11 million players, that is a pretty high number. Because of these statistics, Guthammer has suggested the Shared Topic of the leveling 1-10 experience.

I decided that this was a good time to level Tiny Tar, over in Single Abstract Noun. This is a paladin blog so why not do a paladin baby guide? Typically, I am FOR THE HORDE, but Tiny Tar is on Argent Dawn-US and is therefore alliance, so…oh, well!

First things first; rolling your character! There are 3 options on the alliance side for paladins and one horde, this variety gives you the chance to create your paladin with the thought of racials and roles in mind! The first time you log into your character, your abilities are already provided on your action bars. The racial ability is #4:

Starting Action bars w/racials

Each racial has a different bonus they can bring to the type of paladin you essentially want to be. A Blood Elf paladin has Arcane Torrent allowing for that mana boost most paladins (especially healadins) can always use. Draeni paladins have Gift of the Naaru which is spectacular for the holy paladin given that it scales with level! The human paladin has Every Man for Himself which is a great pvp buff that allows you to maximize the use of other trinkets; and the dwarf paladin gets Stoneform to remove diseases and whatnots; this ability makes it a great solo-questing choice and/or tanking choice. Dwarves also get an ability called Find Treasure that can be removed from the action bar as you can activate it in the mini map!

After choosing the race, roll the character with a name, enter the world (feel free to re-roll as many times as you need. My record is 12). Like I said, this will be using the Draeni starting area and race to level to 10, but general leveling rules, tactics, and training apply almost 100% across the board if not 100%.

Level 1

Start off by accepting the quest “You Survived!”, if you are a lore junkie, read the quest lines here, they are pretty neat! This will direct you towards the camp/crash site which will serve as the first questing hub. There are several things to note about a level 1 paladin:

  • When starting the quests, pick them ALL UP at the SAME TIME. This will expedite your adventures in a reasonable manner by eliminating travel.
  • Leveling a paladin is boring. Put your Seal of Righteousness up for 30 minutes and just auto-attack. Yawn. Auto-attack some more.
  • It it trainable at Level 1 but I doubt you have any money so train Devotion Aura at Level 2. You gain +55 Armor!

Also, a general rule of thumb is that if you come across any armor drops, wear them. Even if it is a cloth Frayed Robe, you start out only wearing a shirt!

All other levels behind the cut for length!

Continue reading


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Tiny Tar & the Single Abstract Noun

The blogging universe has expanded its way to in-game content! Tamarind had the idea to start a guild <Single Abstract Noun> where bloggers and readers alike can get together in-game and play. This brings a lot of new bloggers to the forefront and introduces readers to new bloggers they may not know about. The US chapter of the guild can be found on the Alliance side of Argent Dawn (RP Server) thanks to Miss Medicina.

Today I joined the band wagon and started my SAN toon! You could say I wasn’t original but I am pretty sure I am creative…maybe. I rolled up Tarinae the Draeni! Oh yes, it rhymes in all of its glory! The name Tarinae is the only name I hvae ever duplicated and ever intend to duplicate. It also had a sound purpose of clearing up any confusion of who I was playing and who the blogger is. In this blog, Tarinae will always refer to my main. She is a (as if you didn’t know) Level 80 Blood Elf Healadin…Tiny Tar as I shall call my SAN baby is a Level 6 Draeni idontwanttohaveanotherhealadinrightnow.

Starting off the leveling process, I wanted to do something a little different. Something that would give me something to laugh about and chat about. As a draeni paladin doesn’t start with chest armor, I decided to quest shirtless. I know it isn’t extravagent but my shirtlessness was entertaining all the same and made for a grand entrance statement when Crankypally tossed me the invite. I even thought I would share my PG-rated exploits!

I am really excited to get her up and going. Of course I can’t and won’t put any other character to the side but after that fail-pug raid sometimes you need a break! Or even after these horrible pugs that seem to be plagueing the Dungeon Finder…a lowbie can the answer. The guild is already over 200 members and a lot of them are “Avid Readers” and I really hope to get to know them! Getting to know a reader base can strengthen your blog and that is something to look forward too. Yes, traffic is good too.

As a closing sentiment I thought I would share a picture that I enjoyed splicing together in all its simplicity. It is just awesome!


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