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[Holy] 85 Guide: The Spec

This is part of my healadin guide for those interested in end-game healing as a paladin. You can view the important stats for healadin incliuding stat priority in the first installment by clicking here.


They way the current talents are working there are a variety of different ways to plant a certain amount of points. Given the options, I will go through each tier to highlight the options.

Tier 1

Arbiter of Light – This is a DPS talent given that our judgement crits give us no benefit and we don’t have Templar’s Verdict.

Protector of the Innocent – At least 2/3 is recommended here to fulfill the 5/5 points to move to tier to. This allows every heal you deal to others to deal a small self-heal amount that is also transferable to the Beacon target.

Judgements of the Pure – Maximize this talent 3/3 for a full 9% haste. This buff lasts for one minute and you should try to maximize its uptime to all close as 100% as possible.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose – This is not one of the aforementioned optional talents. This reduces the cast time of Holy & Divine Lights by upto 1 second and with those slow, spend-forever-casting-times you’re going to find these necessary.

Last Word – Whether or not you are an avid user of Word of Glory or not, given the other options this talent has a great life-saving mechanic.

Blazing Light – This talent is unneeded as an end-game PVE healer as we do not use Holy Shock in damaging ways.

Tier 3

Denounce – This talent is a leveling based talent given that it focuses around Exorcism.

Divine Favor – Haste & Crit? Yes, please!

Infusion of Light – If you are a Holy Shock-aholic, critical effects will directly shorten the cast time of Holy Light by 1.5 seconds.

Daybreak – No HS CD? Cha-ching.

Tier 4

Enlightened Judgements – This provides judgement range, hit rating from spirit, and a judgement self-heal. This talent can be optional given that the range is small being only 5 yards and we don’t get that much from hit rating other than for jdugements; our heals will not miss.

Beacon of Light – Take.

Speed of Light – More haste? Yes, please.

Sacred Cleansing – Given the mechanic changes with Cleanse, to remove magic you must spend this point.

Tier 5

Conviction – At 3/3 you can get to a maximum 9% buff to all healing done. This is one of the foundations for crit being on the priority stat list given that it procs from Critical Strikes.

Aura Mastery – Take.

Paragon of Virtue – This has a good benefit to reduce the cooldown of Avenging Wrath by 1 minute which matches it with Divine Plea. Given the buff to DP, off-setting the remaining deficit with AW will make stronger heals during the 4.0.6 9 second duration of DP with a remaining 20% boost to healing for a remaining ~10 seconds.

Tier 6

Tower of Radiance – Given that this no longer benefit and grants HoPo from Holy Light casts (and hasn’t benefited from HS in a while), it has been debated in dropping this talent but I still find that the benefit of this talent are somewhat strong when fast HoPo may be needed or for general tank healing benefits.

Blessed Life – While this talent is specifically a PVP talent, people have reported specific fights or occurrences where the HoPo generation can be as great as 17% of all charges generated; however, these are very specific mechanics when this happens.

Tier 7

Light of Dawn – A spell that has been changed multiple times since its induction as our 31 point talent, it can still be a decent heal and use for HoPo but it does require skill in placement as it is a directional, conal heal.

((For Prot & Ret tree support, check behind the cut!))

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