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I has favorites!

This week at Blog Azeroth the shared topic wants to know my favorites! Favorite anything. Favorite WOW stuff, favorite real stuff, favorite hobby stuff…just favorites! I was even going to go with a Sound of Music reference for my title, but I am pretty sure Six-Inch Heals has it covered :)!

All the same, with this being a WOW Blog (I should say Paladin lol) I figure you don’t want to know that my favorite band(s) is(are) Breaking Benjamin and Seether or that my favorite junk food is Chips and Salsa. I could have even told you that my favorite color is pink or my favorite books are Twilight and Harry Potter, but instead I decided to go WOW related.

I know that a lot of people instantly turn their music off and all ambient sounds. Some like their own playlist, some think it takes away from the play, but me, I love it. Sometimes I love it so much I hate being in Vent because I have to turn it down. So I thought I would share my…

Favorite WOW Sound Bytes

1. The Blood Elf Soundtrack

In this video it runs from 1:23-1:48 and OMG it is my most favorite soundbyte in the game! When you run across that bridge to Falconwing Square and that fanfare starts, I just feel so incredibly EPIC. It really is amazing!

2. Lament of the Highborne

I will stop everything when I hear this play. It is gorgeous and the translation is…awww.

3. Shadowfang Keep Instance

I really hope they keep this soundtrack. I love the music in this place and it is my favorite low-level instance. I cannot wait for Heroic!

4. The Devourer of Souls Script

YOU DARE LOOK UPON THE HOST OF SOULS! I SHALL DEVOUR YOU WHOLE! I said that so loud and so many times after the instance release. He has become my favorite 5-man boss!

5. XT Deconstructor in Ulduar Script

It is just so entertaining. And great for Ulduar noob hazing apparently! It even made its way into a pet version at the pet store!

There are a couple others that are tight forerunners for this list like the Howling Fjord & Grizzly Hills zone tracks (I even listen to the WotLK soundtrack!) but they just don’t top my fav 5 and I couldn’t think of 10 to make a countdown!

What are your favorite WOW sounds?



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