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Dear Cataclysm

I have been pretty busy this week with an out-of-town wedding so I haven’t had a chance to get together anything fun and researched or anything so I thought I would go with the Shared Topic for this week.

Which town, quest, NPC, or zone really needs to be purged with fire, in your opinion? Will you enjoy dancing on the ashes of a particularly hated quest giver? Or is there some zone you avoid like the plague (plaguelands excluded) where being nuked from orbit could only improve the experience? And why do you hate it/them so much?

With Catacslym coming, it will bring a lot of changes. There are some changes that are going to be sad but others that are long overdue.I know the shared topic is quests and zones and things but I am also going to through in a mechanic that I really dislike.

Please DIAF

QUEST: At War With the Scarlet Crusade

This quest is a chain series of 4 different quests that you do while in Brill. These quests are long, drawn-out, and repetitive. They seem to take you everywhere when nothing really gets accomplished. The first quest, you traverse half the zone and back again at Level 5ish to kill 10 warriors. Pro-tip: Don’t die.

Did I mention there were 4 quests in this chain!?

MECHANIC: 1 Potion / Combat

When this mechanic was introduced, I thought it was stupid. Having a haste potion popping DPS, makes me hate it even more. It really limits the use of potions which in turn, strains the profession that makes them. This also isn’t strictly related to raiding. You know that lowbie that you have, the one without healing powers, the one that could have survived if she could have only popped that second potion! This mechanic should DIAFAR…die in a fire and rot!

QUEST: Moonwells

OMGWTFSRSLY! Night Elves are so monotous to play because all they ever want you to do it “Get water from the special moonwell” or “Go get water so we can see if this moonwell is special”. Over and over the water goes in your pretty little vial and over and over they send you to go get more.

ZONE/MECHANIC: Limit 1 Flightplan per zone

The Barrens has THREE flight plans: Crossroads, Ratchet, and Camp Taurajo. Then why is it that I must run up and ALMOST ALL THE WAY THROUGH Stonetalon Mountains: Sun Rock Retreat to get to the only flight path? Or all the way through Stonetalon and then ALL THE WAY ACROSS to get the Desolace: Shadowprey Village? At least if there were “pit-stops” on the way, I could come back and finish traveling later but once you start your journey, you’re there for the long haul.

ZONE: Un’Goro Crater

It is very dreary, there are elites that are stealthy and will eat you, there are bugs, and there is a spot for the Exploration Achievement that always takes me like 20 minutes to find. ‘Nuff said.

I’m Sorry You’re DingIAF

R.I.P Mankrik's Wife

Dear Santa Cataclysm:

There aren’t many things that I particularly want in Cataclysm, I am pretty excited as a whole but there are a few things I feel this is a great time to mention:

  1. Attunements: I loved the part about TBC heroics when you had to have the key, please bring something like this back!
  2. I know you just took our Guild talent trees away, but give us some new cool guild things like an interface or mount covers!
  3. I am really excited for Heroic Shadowfang Keep, just please leave it the way it is for my babies that love it so much!

I am pretty sure this is no where near an exhaustive list for things I want or want to DIAF but it is a good start. I can’t wait to actually do the leveling I say I want to and say my proper good-byes to Mankrik’s wife, it is my only regret that she doesn’t have a name.


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I has favorites!

This week at Blog Azeroth the shared topic wants to know my favorites! Favorite anything. Favorite WOW stuff, favorite real stuff, favorite hobby stuff…just favorites! I was even going to go with a Sound of Music reference for my title, but I am pretty sure Six-Inch Heals has it covered :)!

All the same, with this being a WOW Blog (I should say Paladin lol) I figure you don’t want to know that my favorite band(s) is(are) Breaking Benjamin and Seether or that my favorite junk food is Chips and Salsa. I could have even told you that my favorite color is pink or my favorite books are Twilight and Harry Potter, but instead I decided to go WOW related.

I know that a lot of people instantly turn their music off and all ambient sounds. Some like their own playlist, some think it takes away from the play, but me, I love it. Sometimes I love it so much I hate being in Vent because I have to turn it down. So I thought I would share my…

Favorite WOW Sound Bytes

1. The Blood Elf Soundtrack

In this video it runs from 1:23-1:48 and OMG it is my most favorite soundbyte in the game! When you run across that bridge to Falconwing Square and that fanfare starts, I just feel so incredibly EPIC. It really is amazing!

2. Lament of the Highborne

I will stop everything when I hear this play. It is gorgeous and the translation is…awww.

3. Shadowfang Keep Instance

I really hope they keep this soundtrack. I love the music in this place and it is my favorite low-level instance. I cannot wait for Heroic!

4. The Devourer of Souls Script

YOU DARE LOOK UPON THE HOST OF SOULS! I SHALL DEVOUR YOU WHOLE! I said that so loud and so many times after the instance release. He has become my favorite 5-man boss!

5. XT Deconstructor in Ulduar Script

It is just so entertaining. And great for Ulduar noob hazing apparently! It even made its way into a pet version at the pet store!

There are a couple others that are tight forerunners for this list like the Howling Fjord & Grizzly Hills zone tracks (I even listen to the WotLK soundtrack!) but they just don’t top my fav 5 and I couldn’t think of 10 to make a countdown!

What are your favorite WOW sounds?


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Preparing for Cataclysm

This week’s Shared Topic wonders what I am doing to get ready for Cataclysm.

I am indeed, getting ready for the Cataclysm. I have been doing a little “character housekeeping” and trying to figure out professions and what I really want. Let me just take a look at all of this and I will also use this as a chance to introduce the new characters that will come around!

Characters that Said Good-bye


She is potentially the fast level character I ever made as well as the highest level I have ever deleted at Level 48. She was rolled as a Soul Reaper for a HEAVY Bleach RP guild that was run by my boyfriend. She was a Blood Elf Warlock and Captain of Squad 9 – The Summoning Squad. She had the coolest RP outfit and the uniform was great. She even had an awesome mission for people who wanted to join her squad. It was AWESOME fun, but when the RP guild broke up because his computer exploded, almost literally, I couldn’t even stomach to look at her. Finally, I had the heart to give the guild away to a friend and say good-bye.


I kept her around as long as I could. I really do want to play a druid, but you tell me I can play a TROLL instead of a C OW and I am going to go for it! Selmala was a great tank, PVP’r, and scribe. She was a stand-alone cow and very awesome, minus the cow part. I was keeping her for PVP, her xp capped at Level 29 so I could also practice the tanking. But when I had the realization that she was just taking up space, and I wanted to Level again for Mankirk’s Wife before she D(again)IAF or something!

Introducing: The Newbies!

Oh, I am so excited for this! I love making new characters more than playing sometimes 😀


I am an Avatar fanatic. I saw the movie 3 times in theaters and bought it the day it came out on the halfsie DVD, I wish I lived on Pandora! Anyways, Neiytiri is a great character in the movie and a great name for my Troll Druid. She will be blue with “black” braids because she is that awesome. I am not EXTREMELY pleased with the current Troll cat forms, but oh well, she will be a bear for the most part…and I would have said tree but they don’t exist anymore.


OMG! CAN YOU SAY 5TH ELEMENT REFERENCE FOR A SHAMAN! HOW MUCH MORE PERFECT CAN YOU GET! And she is going to be totally cute, I just know it. And if you haven’t seen this movie, do it, it roxorz! I am very excited to not only play this new race but to have such an awesome reference for an awesome character. I even LOVE the goblin shaman totems!

Yeah, I have characters with those names already in play but they’re little trashy things I can get rid of though Neiytiri is a little money maker right now. The one character that will be around that has no name or personality right now is my Worgen Warlock. I am pretty set that that is the class she will be but I will get around to the rest when I can play with features I do believe.

The Last Leveler

Okay, so she is only Level 7, I have tried plenty of times to play both a rogue and an undead so I don’t know how far I will get but for the moment, I do want to play through it all again to make sure I have it all *taps chest then head* in my head and heart. I love the old world but am very excited for the new. *Gives Mankirk’s Wife a proper burial then runs away*


I have run into a problem though. I want to transfer my 71 S/Disc Priest to a different server but I still want a new priest on Shadow Council. I have a Level 8 I thought I would roll, but I can’t figure out if I want a Blood Elf or a Gnome. I will have 2 alliance at that point anyways…I could always change the 71 to a gnome on a new server? But I can’t delete him…hes a 450 herb/alch and thats an accomplishment for me lol.

Most of my preparation for this has been the fine tuning of the characters I want to play and the ones I want to make/delete. I have no idea what I want to do first. My boyfriend will roll a worgen and get his alliance sister guild off the ground…but Level 85 or worgen or….I just don’t know….

What are you going to do?


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The 1-10 Paladin

I know I have been running horribly behind, and I have promised to have this done by now but alas…without further ado…last week’s shared topic and this week’s addition to the leveling guide!


It is said that in World of Warcraft, 70% of accounts don’t make it past Level 10. Given that there are 11 million players, that is a pretty high number. Because of these statistics, Guthammer has suggested the Shared Topic of the leveling 1-10 experience.

I decided that this was a good time to level Tiny Tar, over in Single Abstract Noun. This is a paladin blog so why not do a paladin baby guide? Typically, I am FOR THE HORDE, but Tiny Tar is on Argent Dawn-US and is therefore alliance, so…oh, well!

First things first; rolling your character! There are 3 options on the alliance side for paladins and one horde, this variety gives you the chance to create your paladin with the thought of racials and roles in mind! The first time you log into your character, your abilities are already provided on your action bars. The racial ability is #4:

Starting Action bars w/racials

Each racial has a different bonus they can bring to the type of paladin you essentially want to be. A Blood Elf paladin has Arcane Torrent allowing for that mana boost most paladins (especially healadins) can always use. Draeni paladins have Gift of the Naaru which is spectacular for the holy paladin given that it scales with level! The human paladin has Every Man for Himself which is a great pvp buff that allows you to maximize the use of other trinkets; and the dwarf paladin gets Stoneform to remove diseases and whatnots; this ability makes it a great solo-questing choice and/or tanking choice. Dwarves also get an ability called Find Treasure that can be removed from the action bar as you can activate it in the mini map!

After choosing the race, roll the character with a name, enter the world (feel free to re-roll as many times as you need. My record is 12). Like I said, this will be using the Draeni starting area and race to level to 10, but general leveling rules, tactics, and training apply almost 100% across the board if not 100%.

Level 1

Start off by accepting the quest “You Survived!”, if you are a lore junkie, read the quest lines here, they are pretty neat! This will direct you towards the camp/crash site which will serve as the first questing hub. There are several things to note about a level 1 paladin:

  • When starting the quests, pick them ALL UP at the SAME TIME. This will expedite your adventures in a reasonable manner by eliminating travel.
  • Leveling a paladin is boring. Put your Seal of Righteousness up for 30 minutes and just auto-attack. Yawn. Auto-attack some more.
  • It it trainable at Level 1 but I doubt you have any money so train Devotion Aura at Level 2. You gain +55 Armor!

Also, a general rule of thumb is that if you come across any armor drops, wear them. Even if it is a cloth Frayed Robe, you start out only wearing a shirt!

All other levels behind the cut for length!

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Comment Love

This week’s shared topic is from Anea. She wants to know what kind of bloggers we let our comments make us; could we be better bloggers without comments?

On this blog, on my personal blog, and on past blogs, comments have meant everything to me. They serve one purpose; they show that we have an interactive audience, a reader base. If we didn’t have this fan base (if you will), we wouldn’t be blogging, we would be writing a journal…a diary even. But having two different types of blogs requires two different types of analysis for this question.

In a personal blog, and most of us have them, it does serve the purpose as a journal. A document and testament of our lives as we grow, something unlike a paper journal that will stick around for centuries. It will be readable by our children’s children’s children. But we just write what comes to mind, about whatever is on our mind. Most of us rant, talk about our hobbies (weight loss, fashion, sex, etc.); some of us use poetry and fiction to document a mood. But there we are pouring our soul into a post knowing someone will read it, but you don’t care because you feel better. You enjoy comments because they allow someone to say “I’ve been there” or “I’m here for you” or “OMG you’re an awesome friend”. They can be character building. They can be ego boosting. The can be tear-jerkers. And yes…they can be detrimental. Much like trolls across forums, if you allow anonymous comments on that personal blog of yours, people will troll it too. You can be hurt by them, you can cry over them; these aren’t slandering your opinions on a game…these are degrading who you are.

So comments on a personal blog: Give or take. I write for myself and it is nice to know people care, but its okay not to have them.

However, the reason this question was created was because we are WOW bloggers. We all write about a common factor. Regardless of topic or focus, it is still about WOW. We all have different reasons for blogging but generally it is to share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the game in an outside community. Most of us highly publicize these. We rave about new posts on twitter, join programs and forums like Blog Azeroth or SAN, some of us would even post links on the armory if we could. Comments help guide us. They give us direction and encouragement we need to keep going.

I don’t get many comments, I haven’t quite broke 100 in almost 3 months, but I would love to. I love knowing what my readers think. If I am a crappy writer, perhaps I shouldn’t apply for wow.com again (PS. Thankfully, no one has said this :)). If I have errors or links don’t work, I want to know about it. If my post was moving enough for someone to let me know they agree/disagree, I would love to hear about it. I blog to share experiences, I encourage people to share theirs with me in comments. I stand to learn a lot about different things from comments. They don’t change what I write about per-say, rather they give shape, definition, and purpose to future writing. After all, comments are criticism (and usually constructive at that)…and as a writer (or any kind of artist), you have to be willing to take it. I have enjoyed getting to know readers of this blog. I have enjoyed watching the reader base grow. I welcome their interaction with me.

So comments on a WOW Blog: I would go so far as to say necessary, in my honest opinion.

Given light on the comment nature of this blog, I would like to take the time to pose a question to readers. I am considering a Tuesday “column” so to say. I want it to serve as a hash up of all things wow. It will include link love for the past week, goals and/or experiences, news that is supposed to be dropping (ie. Paladin preview date change!), achievements, screenshots…overall just a random “musings” post for the week. I was considering calling it “Tuesday Thoughts” or “Tuesday Musings” or something. So I am asking for your input. I figure most of us will be down Tuesday mornings (EVERY Tuesday the closer we get to Cataclysm) and I would like to post and like to network to other sites for more reads and share some other fun WOW things.


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Srs bsns

I had been thinking long and hard about what to do for a blog for April 1st but I couldn’t think of anything constructive. I thought about claiming to rage quit WOW but I factored in that I may lose too many readers before I could post the retraction (what is a prank without some time). So I opted not to do that…instead I went with a subtle route. I posted my favorite prank for the year and decided to blog about something that isn’t a joke; it isn’t funny in any way…gold selling & the consequences.

I have suggested this as a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic to help raise awareness that when you buy gold…the gold doesn’t come from thin air. It comes from players just like you; it could come from your significant other, your guild mate, your best friend, your raid group…anyone.

To illustrate the severity of gold buying, I want to share with you some of my very own experiences with hackers and compromised accounts. Maybe it will make you think twice before buying into the scams. I share with you now the story of three friends; victimized at different times by a variety of experienced hackers…all of whom were devastated by the experience.


Yes, I am sad to say that I have been a victim. My boyfriend and I were sitting in our office, playing online like we always do together (we’re not discussing how lame we are here). Typically we have some internet problems and lag at the same time. It is no big deal, it tells us that it is just the internet. But one night it was very different. Rather than lagging into a D/C, I was immediately disconnected and recieved an email (on the gmail notifier) that my World of Warcraft account password had been changed. I was immediately disturbed and went to log back in. My password didn’t work. I got more emails stating of password changes and my boyfriend (again, he was in the same room) saw me come back online.

Tarinae…Aralas…Chakae…Yukami…Corelon…whoever had my account was cycling through my characters one by one. I had full GM access to 3 guild banks (one being <Age of the Phoenix>) and lots of gear that I had been saving to level other characters as this was the time before BOAs. After cycling through and getting everything of value from my personal and guild banks, the hacker logged back into Tarinae. By this point, Paul (my boyfriend) had a ticket open with capped keywords like “ACCOUNT BEING HACKED RIGHT NOW! NEED HELP!” He decided to try to talk to the hacker, to stall them. Most people who try to talk to hackers get nothing back other than an AFK notice; but not me. The hacker started to talk to Paul and other guild mates that were talking to him. He begin to hang around Undercity taunting my friends, offering them the password (Anecdote: he had a bot changing the password roughly every 30 seconds til lock-out) if they would pay him an ungodly amount of gold none of us had.

He held my account hostage as I sat there and watched for almost two hours. But my story has a happy ending you see. The GM responded to Paul’s ticket in a quick manner and was able to ping the IP of the hacker in question…he got caught. He had been had by his own pride; he even took the time to tell them all good-bye. I was able to reset the password and log on to find that my characters still had the gear they were wearing but banks were empty and I only had 12g to my name. I hear horror stories about character/gear restoration but I got everything back but about 900g I believe. He took that money from the guild bank so I doubt it was registered on my income but I can’t be for sure I didn’t get it back either. I was lucky…I had a horrific situation with a happy ending. But the stories get worse from here…

Other stories behind the cut…

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Rest, Relaxation, and Awe

I have been working to set my mage up on a set ICC10 schedule (sadly they don’t have a healer spot atm). I have been working diligently on Tarinae’s Frost Emblems to get her first piece of T10. Raids and heroics…Raids and heroics…it seems that sometimes that becomes the grind of Wow. Sometimes, you have to break away from it; sometimes, you need to relax. Blizzard has given some great things to help you relax; you can point out all the fun pop culture references or fly around and enjoy the scenery. Some of the sheer detail is enough to amaze you.

In light of this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, I want to share a few screenshots with you that awe me and help me remember why I have played for two years. I lost a lot when my hard drive crashed but some of the best ones remain!

A Loch Modan Sunset

Sunrise in Silverpine

Nagrand at nightfall

Garadar, Nagrand

I had previous shots of Hellfire, Sholazar, and others but these are some of my all time favorites. When you find that you are getting frustrated with the game, remember to breathe and take in the beauty around you.


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