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The Leveling Healadin Part II

As promised, many moons ago, here is the continuation to the leveling guide to illustrate builds that will help leveling through all three arenas.

If you are looking for information on ways to level or heirlooms/Bind-on-Account items to buy, check out Part I.

Also, if at anytime, you need a quick reference to the leveling guides, they will be permanently linked in the right side bar with other helpful leveling resources.

Disclaimer: All builds go to Level 60 at which point you would be able to chose selective help from other trees and decide your best options from the Prot or Ret trees.

What build to chose?

As mentioned in Part I, the method of leveling you chose to do is strictly up to you. There are talents and glyphs and other things that will help you more significantly in a chosen method, so it is wise to chose a dominant method and build yourself up for that.

The three methods, again, are instancing, PVP, and questing. Each of these arenas are hard for a low level healer to really get any footing because the combination of lack of abilities and lack of output are haunting and burdening. But in a positive light, there are always ways to maximize the experience and life-span of the lowbie healer.

The Instancing Build

If you intend on leveling through the use of the Dungeon-Finder tool, it is strongly recommended to have a build that resembles one you would use as an end-game healer. This is because you will hold the lives of four other people in your hand constantly, and you will want to maximize your throughput and longevity as much as possible. This will help you do your job and maintain a level of efficiency. These days, being an out-of-mana (oom) healer is complicated because groups are in such a hurry.

If you are looking to use this method of leveling, try this build on for size.

Leveling Guide: Instance Build

Things to note on this build is that you are maximizing your throughput with haste effects, critical chances, and general output. What you will also see is that Blessed Life has one rank. Leveling can be dangerous with new tanks, this talent will help you (paired with the Spiritual Focus in Tier 1) to minimize the effects if you take healing aggro and no one realizes it. This is a general basis to Level 60, a cookie-cutter for baseline maximizing. Other tips for this method of leveling would be to finish Improved Blessing of Wisdom and Imp. Concentration Aura beyond Level 60. You could also switch Blessed Life to fill Improved Blessing of Wisdom if you see you are having no problems, it is only needed if you find yourself having problems with damage.

The Questing Build

This build will be very similar to the build used for PVP specs, so it would be reasonable to blend the two methods of leveling. The significant difference between the two will be damage vs. survivability. In a questing build, it is good to boost damage reduction as well as damage output. The reason for this is because it is still possible to have great healing output and manage to survive the quests and not spend hours on the same one. In the Holy Tree, there are some of these options available to us. There are also talents built around reducing the knock-back if you need to heal yourself during battle for quests.

Leveling Guide: Questing Build

Things to note in this build are the talents that maximize your general output as a whole. The two judgements talents (Enlightened Judgements and Judgements of the Pure) and Seals of the Pure are must haves for questing, these not only boost your effectiveness at healing (the judgements only) but they also increase seal/judgement damage and your ability to hit. Being the center of attention from any quest mob, Blessed Life is also a must. These less you have to heal yourself, the more you can focus on killing the mob. Talents like Spiritual Focus and Improved Concetration Aura will help your casting as you’re being attacked by the mob; this effects healing spells but also Exorcism, a major damage output.

You will want to fully utilize the damaging abilities in your arsenal like Consecration, Exorcism, Holy Shock, etc. That is why the talent Purifying Power is beneficial by reducing mana costs mainly for damaging abilities as well as Cleanse/Purify.

There are a lot of talents available to boost damage output in the Retribution tree so you may see help from that tree when you are finished with holy but note there are other talents useful for being an appropriate healer, even if you are questing, like Holy Light, Divine Illumination, and Infusion of Light.

PVP Build

This particular build could benefit heavily from the Protection tree but as PVP deals a lot with close range and your inability to do anything but heal, we will go with talents that benefit and help with you taking damage. The healer in most battlegrounds will be the target of many and there will not be much you can do in the way of killing them. So stick together and stick to a build that looks something like this.

Leveling Guide: PVP Build

Something important to note in the difference between a leveling PVP spec and perhaps and end-game PVP is the existence of ranks in Blessed Life. At lower levels, you’re missing something that most high level PVP’rs will have and that is Resilience. There are some boa’s that help with resilience but for the most part, your gear will have none on it so minimizing the damage taken is beneficial. Note the other points of this tree help with silences, fear, pushbacks, curses, diseases, poisons, and stun effects; all of which are common occurrences in PVP. As a PVP healdin, most out-of-tree help can be found in the Protection tree for further damage reduction and increased healing talents.

Other Important Things of Note

I would like to make it clear that these builds are ones that I see most beneficial for leveling. I have tried to explain all differences and illustrate why they may not look like the spec of the top Level 80 paladin healer. These are by no means raid worthy for end-game content and may not be the typical cookie-cutter builds but as I modify them to help you get started, you are always free to modify them as you gain experience and see how things are working for you. These are meant to serve as a guide not law.

It is also important to know that with Cataclysm, these builds will no longer be valid as the trees are going to a 31 point base. I am doing my best to cover the constant change of Cataclysm information, including trees and ability differences. There are build pictures available for Cataclysm Healers if you’re interested in end-game healing with the new expansion.


I sincerely hope that these builds benefit you and that it helps you to become a more confident low-level healadin. Take this knowledge and show the world how healing is done…paladin style! Good luck!


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The 1-10 Paladin

I know I have been running horribly behind, and I have promised to have this done by now but alas…without further ado…last week’s shared topic and this week’s addition to the leveling guide!


It is said that in World of Warcraft, 70% of accounts don’t make it past Level 10. Given that there are 11 million players, that is a pretty high number. Because of these statistics, Guthammer has suggested the Shared Topic of the leveling 1-10 experience.

I decided that this was a good time to level Tiny Tar, over in Single Abstract Noun. This is a paladin blog so why not do a paladin baby guide? Typically, I am FOR THE HORDE, but Tiny Tar is on Argent Dawn-US and is therefore alliance, so…oh, well!

First things first; rolling your character! There are 3 options on the alliance side for paladins and one horde, this variety gives you the chance to create your paladin with the thought of racials and roles in mind! The first time you log into your character, your abilities are already provided on your action bars. The racial ability is #4:

Starting Action bars w/racials

Each racial has a different bonus they can bring to the type of paladin you essentially want to be. A Blood Elf paladin has Arcane Torrent allowing for that mana boost most paladins (especially healadins) can always use. Draeni paladins have Gift of the Naaru which is spectacular for the holy paladin given that it scales with level! The human paladin has Every Man for Himself which is a great pvp buff that allows you to maximize the use of other trinkets; and the dwarf paladin gets Stoneform to remove diseases and whatnots; this ability makes it a great solo-questing choice and/or tanking choice. Dwarves also get an ability called Find Treasure that can be removed from the action bar as you can activate it in the mini map!

After choosing the race, roll the character with a name, enter the world (feel free to re-roll as many times as you need. My record is 12). Like I said, this will be using the Draeni starting area and race to level to 10, but general leveling rules, tactics, and training apply almost 100% across the board if not 100%.

Level 1

Start off by accepting the quest “You Survived!”, if you are a lore junkie, read the quest lines here, they are pretty neat! This will direct you towards the camp/crash site which will serve as the first questing hub. There are several things to note about a level 1 paladin:

  • When starting the quests, pick them ALL UP at the SAME TIME. This will expedite your adventures in a reasonable manner by eliminating travel.
  • Leveling a paladin is boring. Put your Seal of Righteousness up for 30 minutes and just auto-attack. Yawn. Auto-attack some more.
  • It it trainable at Level 1 but I doubt you have any money so train Devotion Aura at Level 2. You gain +55 Armor!

Also, a general rule of thumb is that if you come across any armor drops, wear them. Even if it is a cloth Frayed Robe, you start out only wearing a shirt!

All other levels behind the cut for length!

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The Leveling Healadin Part I

Leveling: Getting Started

Leveling a healer can be very trying at times. The lack of damage output can leave you fighting the same mob for seemingly ever, and can leave the most simple quests taking hours to complete. Leveling a healer can also result in a lot of downtime. Priest healers output a lot of mana usage for damaging spells, holy paladins spend time healing themselves from the result of lengthy melee, etc. This can be a very arduous task for even the most skilled player.

Nonetheless, healers are always going to be needed and healing itself is a fun role to play. It is also encouraged that every player plays a healer once. Don’t let leveling scare you though. Whether you are a new players or veteran-new-to-the-class, my intention is to create a leveling guide that will include avenues of leveling, heirlooms that can help, talents, and “rotations” for the questing types.  The guide will be divided into two parts. This should help with the amount of information as well as make it easier to read. In Part I I’m going to start with the avenues of leveling including questing, instancing, and PVP. I will also address the heirloom issue for those that have an 80 and access to BoA (Bind-on-Account) items. Figuring out how you want to level and setting up potential gear for a new character are the first steps in getting started.

Methods of Leveling

Dungeon-Finder Tool

When 3.3.0 went live, it changed the face of instancing leveling (potentially) forever. Prior to the patch, leveling through instances was an option that took a lot of work. Instances offer great gear and even better experience, but the hassle of finding the right group composition could make you pull your hair out. The tool allows you to queue for an instance as a tank, damage role (DPS), or healer and the tool then does the work of group making for you while you wait around crafting, chatting, or questing.

This tool is available when a character reaches Level 15 and the use of the dungeon finder can be very beneficial for characters of all classes and specs. Upon successful completion of the instance, you receive a level-based amount of extra experience as well as a [Satchel of Helpful Goods]. This bag can contain a variety of armor pieces and jewelry for the appropriate level. The gear will come with enchants supporting a multitude of class/spec combinations. The enchants found on this gear (i.e. of the moon, of the solider, of the bandit, etc.) is currently unavailable on uncommon quality items of low-level.

The extra rewards that can be reaped from leveling in the Dungeon Finder are plentiful and easy to obtain with the lack of work involved for finding the group; that makes this method a very viable method for leveling characters, especially healers. Healers are only responsible for their role in the group; they are not responsible for killing mobs and keeping themselves alive, they don’t have run around Azeroth to grind 30% drops off orange mobs that crave their blood, and the sheer amount of their downtime is cut drastically.

As a healadin choosing to level this way, you may find a standard PVE spec for instancing more beneficial than a questing build or PVP. Builds will be in Part II so check back. I will update this with a link as soon as it is out.


Questing in the starting zone!

This is the age old method of leveling. Quests or “missions” are a common part of MMO’s across the genre. Throughout the past five years, Blizzard has attempted to make questing less stressful. They have lowered mount levels to 20 allowing you to travel between spread out quests quickly; they have added heirloom items that increase experience gains; they have lowered experience needed in between levels of a certain range, etc.

All the same, after a few characters questing can become quite monotonous and repetitive; the same grind, the same rewards, the same traveling. Questing does provide the player with gear, experience and money; it also provides one thing that cannot be gained from the Dungeon Finder tool: reputation. Old-word reputations do not mean as much as they once did but working through these quests can help you get access to other racial mounts, cheaper repair bills in any city, and a neat title “Ambassador” from the achievement [Ambassador of the Horde]. For those interested in [The Loremaster] achievement, questing is doubly beneficial. If you have never leveled a character through questing, I strongly suggest doing it once (and even on both factions) because once Cataclysm strikes, these quests will never exist again and your chances will be gone.

However, questing as a holy paladin can be tiresome and lengthy. Without any real abilities built around the output of damage, melee is simply a back-and-forth between you and the mob. You will find that you are healing yourself throughout the fight and  but there is a build that will help maximize your healing throughput and damage out put for soloing mobs in your journeys. Check here later when Part II is released for a direct link to the questing build.


Patch 3.2 brought a brand new aspect to the game: PVP experience.

…players will be able to gain experience within the Battlegrounds for completing objectives and actions that yield honor in them. These objectives include (but are not limited to) capturing flags in Warsong Gulch, gaining resources in Eye of the Storm or Arathi Basin, or taking objectives in Alterac Valley. Player level will also affect the amount of experience that can be gained within the battleground. –Blue Post

PVP experience put the concept of twinking a character at low level in danger of leveling out of their bracket. Due to this factor, patch 3.2 also included the option to turn of experience gains. This option stops experience in all forms; this includes PVP, questing, and instancing. This is not recommended if you want your character to reach higher level. However, for the same fee it takes to turn experience off (10g), you can also turn it back on when you are ready to continue your leveling ventures.

PVP is another viable way to level a healer quick and (relatively) painlessly. Aside from the fact the other players are seeking you out to kill you, in battlegrounds like Warsong Gulch that surge on Flag Carrier protection, healers are received very well. While it is dreadful not being able to go anywhere alone, you are very valuable to the group as a whole. They have also incorporated heirloom items that provide low levels with the PVP stat (Resilience) as well as an experience bonus.  The items that can be used effectively for holy paladins will be discussed below.

When leveling a healadin through PVP, you will want to make use of the damage reduction and other PVP talents that are built into the tree. In a future post, away from a leveling guide, I will discuss a PVP that will support a strong PVP background in healing as a paladin. A direct link will be posted here when it is published, but the PVP healer requires a lot of attention.

Click the link to follow the cut to heirlooms & gear!

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Tiny Tar & the Single Abstract Noun

The blogging universe has expanded its way to in-game content! Tamarind had the idea to start a guild <Single Abstract Noun> where bloggers and readers alike can get together in-game and play. This brings a lot of new bloggers to the forefront and introduces readers to new bloggers they may not know about. The US chapter of the guild can be found on the Alliance side of Argent Dawn (RP Server) thanks to Miss Medicina.

Today I joined the band wagon and started my SAN toon! You could say I wasn’t original but I am pretty sure I am creative…maybe. I rolled up Tarinae the Draeni! Oh yes, it rhymes in all of its glory! The name Tarinae is the only name I hvae ever duplicated and ever intend to duplicate. It also had a sound purpose of clearing up any confusion of who I was playing and who the blogger is. In this blog, Tarinae will always refer to my main. She is a (as if you didn’t know) Level 80 Blood Elf Healadin…Tiny Tar as I shall call my SAN baby is a Level 6 Draeni idontwanttohaveanotherhealadinrightnow.

Starting off the leveling process, I wanted to do something a little different. Something that would give me something to laugh about and chat about. As a draeni paladin doesn’t start with chest armor, I decided to quest shirtless. I know it isn’t extravagent but my shirtlessness was entertaining all the same and made for a grand entrance statement when Crankypally tossed me the invite. I even thought I would share my PG-rated exploits!

I am really excited to get her up and going. Of course I can’t and won’t put any other character to the side but after that fail-pug raid sometimes you need a break! Or even after these horrible pugs that seem to be plagueing the Dungeon Finder…a lowbie can the answer. The guild is already over 200 members and a lot of them are “Avid Readers” and I really hope to get to know them! Getting to know a reader base can strengthen your blog and that is something to look forward too. Yes, traffic is good too.

As a closing sentiment I thought I would share a picture that I enjoyed splicing together in all its simplicity. It is just awesome!


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