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The Leveling Healadin Part II

As promised, many moons ago, here is the continuation to the leveling guide to illustrate builds that will help leveling through all three arenas.

If you are looking for information on ways to level or heirlooms/Bind-on-Account items to buy, check out Part I.

Also, if at anytime, you need a quick reference to the leveling guides, they will be permanently linked in the right side bar with other helpful leveling resources.

Disclaimer: All builds go to Level 60 at which point you would be able to chose selective help from other trees and decide your best options from the Prot or Ret trees.

What build to chose?

As mentioned in Part I, the method of leveling you chose to do is strictly up to you. There are talents and glyphs and other things that will help you more significantly in a chosen method, so it is wise to chose a dominant method and build yourself up for that.

The three methods, again, are instancing, PVP, and questing. Each of these arenas are hard for a low level healer to really get any footing because the combination of lack of abilities and lack of output are haunting and burdening. But in a positive light, there are always ways to maximize the experience and life-span of the lowbie healer.

The Instancing Build

If you intend on leveling through the use of the Dungeon-Finder tool, it is strongly recommended to have a build that resembles one you would use as an end-game healer. This is because you will hold the lives of four other people in your hand constantly, and you will want to maximize your throughput and longevity as much as possible. This will help you do your job and maintain a level of efficiency. These days, being an out-of-mana (oom) healer is complicated because groups are in such a hurry.

If you are looking to use this method of leveling, try this build on for size.

Leveling Guide: Instance Build

Things to note on this build is that you are maximizing your throughput with haste effects, critical chances, and general output. What you will also see is that Blessed Life has one rank. Leveling can be dangerous with new tanks, this talent will help you (paired with the Spiritual Focus in Tier 1) to minimize the effects if you take healing aggro and no one realizes it. This is a general basis to Level 60, a cookie-cutter for baseline maximizing. Other tips for this method of leveling would be to finish Improved Blessing of Wisdom and Imp. Concentration Aura beyond Level 60. You could also switch Blessed Life to fill Improved Blessing of Wisdom if you see you are having no problems, it is only needed if you find yourself having problems with damage.

The Questing Build

This build will be very similar to the build used for PVP specs, so it would be reasonable to blend the two methods of leveling. The significant difference between the two will be damage vs. survivability. In a questing build, it is good to boost damage reduction as well as damage output. The reason for this is because it is still possible to have great healing output and manage to survive the quests and not spend hours on the same one. In the Holy Tree, there are some of these options available to us. There are also talents built around reducing the knock-back if you need to heal yourself during battle for quests.

Leveling Guide: Questing Build

Things to note in this build are the talents that maximize your general output as a whole. The two judgements talents (Enlightened Judgements and Judgements of the Pure) and Seals of the Pure are must haves for questing, these not only boost your effectiveness at healing (the judgements only) but they also increase seal/judgement damage and your ability to hit. Being the center of attention from any quest mob, Blessed Life is also a must. These less you have to heal yourself, the more you can focus on killing the mob. Talents like Spiritual Focus and Improved Concetration Aura will help your casting as you’re being attacked by the mob; this effects healing spells but also Exorcism, a major damage output.

You will want to fully utilize the damaging abilities in your arsenal like Consecration, Exorcism, Holy Shock, etc. That is why the talent Purifying Power is beneficial by reducing mana costs mainly for damaging abilities as well as Cleanse/Purify.

There are a lot of talents available to boost damage output in the Retribution tree so you may see help from that tree when you are finished with holy but note there are other talents useful for being an appropriate healer, even if you are questing, like Holy Light, Divine Illumination, and Infusion of Light.

PVP Build

This particular build could benefit heavily from the Protection tree but as PVP deals a lot with close range and your inability to do anything but heal, we will go with talents that benefit and help with you taking damage. The healer in most battlegrounds will be the target of many and there will not be much you can do in the way of killing them. So stick together and stick to a build that looks something like this.

Leveling Guide: PVP Build

Something important to note in the difference between a leveling PVP spec and perhaps and end-game PVP is the existence of ranks in Blessed Life. At lower levels, you’re missing something that most high level PVP’rs will have and that is Resilience. There are some boa’s that help with resilience but for the most part, your gear will have none on it so minimizing the damage taken is beneficial. Note the other points of this tree help with silences, fear, pushbacks, curses, diseases, poisons, and stun effects; all of which are common occurrences in PVP. As a PVP healdin, most out-of-tree help can be found in the Protection tree for further damage reduction and increased healing talents.

Other Important Things of Note

I would like to make it clear that these builds are ones that I see most beneficial for leveling. I have tried to explain all differences and illustrate why they may not look like the spec of the top Level 80 paladin healer. These are by no means raid worthy for end-game content and may not be the typical cookie-cutter builds but as I modify them to help you get started, you are always free to modify them as you gain experience and see how things are working for you. These are meant to serve as a guide not law.

It is also important to know that with Cataclysm, these builds will no longer be valid as the trees are going to a 31 point base. I am doing my best to cover the constant change of Cataclysm information, including trees and ability differences. There are build pictures available for Cataclysm Healers if you’re interested in end-game healing with the new expansion.


I sincerely hope that these builds benefit you and that it helps you to become a more confident low-level healadin. Take this knowledge and show the world how healing is done…paladin style! Good luck!


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Cataclysm: Holy Power Interface

Nothing changed from what I can find with the CataBuild 12759; however, they did release the interface for how a paladin’s holy power is monitored. I was honestly expecting a combo point bubble but alas, we get something aesthetically cool!

From MMO-Champion

Remember that as a healadin, our major source of holy power generation (from what I can tell not being in beta) is from the Tier 6 talent Tower of Radiance and healing our beaconed target. We also have a new spell in Cataclysm, Word of Glory, that will heal the target and consume the holy power and is free of mana. I have covered the basics of Holy Power and sneak peeks that were revealed on its uses for all classes already, so I won’t go much further with that. I am just loving the runic bar!

Disclaimer: I am aware that I may not be the best detective when it comes to blue posts and beta builds, so if you have sources of new information I would love to know!


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Cataclysm: Holy Power!

This is a momentary cop out post but I have promised the information on Holy Power. While I am combing the internet for more in-depth information, this is the quoted information from the latest Twitter Developer Chat #blizzchat.

All of the paladin specializations will make use of a new resource called Holy Power. Holy Power accumulates from using Crusader Strike, Holy Shock, and some other talents. Holy Power can be consumed to augment a variety of abilities, including:

  • An instant mana-free heal: Word of Glory
  • A buff to increase holy damage done: Inquisition
  • A massive physical melee attack for Retribution paladins: Templar’s Verdict
  • Holy Shield’s duration is now extended by Holy Power
  • Divine Storm’s damage is now increased by Holy Power

We also introduced several new heals for Holy Paladins including Healing Hands (an AoE heal-over-time that is applied to all players standing near the paladin), Light of Dawn (a cone heal with a 30-yard range), as well as a new heal called Divine Light, which is similar to a priest’s Greater Heal, and the new instant heal mentioned above, Word of Glory.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peek at one or two of the new Retribution abilities or talents?
A. Templar’s Verdict: An instant weapon attack that causes a percentage of weapon damage. Consumes all applications of Holy Power to increase damage dealt:

  • 1 Holy Power: 55% Weapon Damage
  • 2 Holy Power: 125% Weapon Damage
  • 3 Holy Power: 225% Weapon Damage

Word of Glory: Consumes all Holy Power to heal a friendly target for a specific amount per application of Holy Power (0 mana cost, 0 cooldown, instant cast)

From my understanding, this will be accumlulated similar to the way rogue’s can combo points. In the last build that I covered (I don’t believe another has been released), the talent point Tower of Radiance, will do a 100% chance of holy spells granting holy power when healing a beaconed target.

I hope my lack of a post this week has not turned you away and I promise that more information will be revealed as it is discovered and/or released.


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Shield Slot: Holy Paladin Shield Options

Notice: This does not include PVP shields now available without rating as of 4.0.1.

Recently, I have been seeing some interesting situations that holy paladins have put themselves in. Priest clothes with umpteen tons of spirit…off-hands the warlocks need…just mind boggling situations. So I thought to myself, if they are having a hard time finding a shield and want to result to off-hands with spirit and hit rating, perhaps I could be of some service. I have been pondering this post for a long time and it seems just right as . I hope this is as inclusive as possible but as always, welcome someone pointing out items that I forgot.

Blue Quality

Tor’s Crest – Source: King Ymiron – Utgarde Pinnacle (Normal)

Not a level 80 piece, but certainly worth mentioning to have until you hit that final level. It has all the basic stats that a holy paladin benefits from including Intellect, Critical Strike, and Spell Power; stamina being a given on almost all pieces.

Facade Shield of Glyphs – Source: Krik’thir the Gatewatcher – Azjol Nerub (Heroic)

A Level 80 blue that comes from the first boss in H:AN. This is the same physical model as Tor’s Crest only a different color. It too has basic healadin stats trading crit for MP5 which may be helpful when struggling with mana in the first bit after hitting 80.

EPIC Quality

Zom’s Crackling Bulwark – Source: BoE from multiple sources

The price range on this is server dependent but I have seen it as high as 2,000 gold. It isn’t a bad choice but provides minimal baseline stats for intellect, spell power, and MP5. This is a popular choice for shamans and moderately popular chocie for fresh 80 or new-to-holy paladins.

Protective Barricade of Light – Source: Emblem of Heroism Vendor – 35 Emblems

This is more than likely the first epic shield that you will have access to get. It is a very popular choice among healadins who have not had the chance to see other drops or be in raids to get other drops. I used this shield for quite some time when Emblems of Valor were end-game currency. This combines both of the blue quality shields providing all the stats: Intellect, Spell Power, Crit, and MP5. It is easy to see why it is a popular choice and for its price vs. gaining emblems is considerably cheap!

Protector of Frigid Souls – Source: Scourgelord Tyrannus (Normal)

One of the easiest shields above iLvl 200 to obtain. This shield shares a model with the Shield of Assimilation (see below) and offers the same stats with the exception of trading haste for crit rating. In comparison to the Protective Barricade of Light, this shield is better in all stats other than Intellect. So the choice for the easiest way to obtain an epic quality shield upon hitting 80 is whether to farm a normal instance for a drop, farm instances for emblems, or spend emblems you may have earned through the LFD tool.

Aegis of Damnation – Source: Maexxna or Gluth – Naxxramas (10)

Naxxramas was THE place to go for shields when Wrath first came out, providing us with the option of 3 different choices and their own unique models. This shield is a decent drop rate from Maexxna, the last boss of the Spider quarter, at 19%. This is a step up from the Protective Barricade of Light, enhancing most stats, while trading MP5 for haste. Mana regeneration can be worked around while haste is its own base stat, making this a better choice for faster heals.  Also, considering its model, it is paired excellently with Hammer of the Astral Plane for both looks and stats!

Shield of Assimilation – Source: Anub’rekhan or Gluth – Naxxramas (25)

If trading the MP5 for haste was a problem when going to the Aegis of Damnation, this shield provides a boost of Intellect and spell power while offering haste and MP5 instead of one or the other. This makes this shield great for holy light providing quickness and the mana regen needed to continue spitting out quick spells.

Voice of Reason – Source: Kel’Thuzad – Naxxramas (25)

This shield is highly popular. While it is a low drop from the last boss, it is better than a particular 10-man Ulduar shield I will tell you about in a minute! This shield provides the highest base stats, above all the afore mentioned shields, and includes the extra stats of Crit, Spell Power, and Haste.

Pulsing Spellshield – Source: XT-002 Deconstructor – Ulduar (10)

Providing amazingly yummy holy paladin stats (Int, SP, Crit, & Haste) this shield is better than most Naxxramas shield with the exception of the Voice of Reason. With XT being a possibility for the weekly raid quests, this may be an easy option to attempt to get if you are on the search. On as side note: I have had this shield since Ulduar was end game content and I am so incredibly sick of looking at it.

Ice Layered Barrier – Source: Hodir – Ulduar (10 Hard Mode)

This is a change from the Pulsing Spellshield in that it offers MP5 instead of crit and has a small int, haste, and spell power boost. However, this shield may be more difficult to obtain than other options as it is from a Hard Mode cache. If mana issues are not a problem for you and/or you are not a hard core progressive raider, there may be better options to attempt to gain.

Wisdom’s Hold – Source: Thorim – Ulduar (25 Hard Mode)

Reflecting back to Ulduar end-game, most of the shield were from hard mode caches. To quote the wowhead comments on this item, “The first shield I would consider replacing Voice of Reason with.” While it provides a minute boost in stats for spell power, you also lose 1 int . However, the haste boost is  +16 as well as providing something no other shield has yet to offer: a socket.

Pride of the Kok’ron – Source: Anub’arak – Trial of the Crusader (10)

*This is Vigilant Ward for Alliance*

With the introduction of TOC, came the concept of normal and heroic versions of gear. This shield has is a normal drop, that has a slightly better version from 10-Man Trial of the Grand Crusader. In comparison, again, to the Voice of Reason, this shield falls short in Intellect, Stamina, Crit, and Haste. It does however, offer MP5 and a YELLOW socket. That means when you gem for +20 intellect (as we all should be), not only do you negate the Intellect base stat loss, but also gain an amazing 2 MP5. I was a little let down by this socket bonus, tbh.

Bastion of Resolve – Source: Faction Champions – Trial of the Crusader (25)

*This is Bastion of Purity for Alliance*

Finally, a shield that excels about Voice of Reason and is drool worthy to any holy paladin, resto shaman, and maybe even elemental shamans! Providing top-notch stats for that level of end-game content, it also very appealing to look at! It has great stats in Intellect, Crit, Haste, and Spell Power. I also mean to say that the Horde version is visually appealing! The drop-rate and competition for this excellent piece can sometimes cause problems as the supply does not meet the demand. This shield also has a normal and heroic version.

Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight – Source: Sindragosa – Icecrown Citadel (10)

The Heroic version of this shield (and this shield itself) is BiS for strict 10-man healadins. While it does have MP5, it still also provides the haste and a potent amount of intellect and spell power. It does not provide a socket, and given a +20 gem is still comparable to the Heroic: Pride of the Kok’ron. The model used for this shield is amazing as well. Normal version of this shield is iLvl 258 and the Heroic is 264. This is also the only holy relevant shield from 10 man.

Bulwark of Smoldering Steel – Source: Marrowgar – Icecrown Citadel (25)

Much like the Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight, this is comparable to the Herioc: Bastion of Resolve because of the lack of a socket but the heroic version is overall BiS. I cannot even begin to describe just how amazing this shield is. Strong and potent healadin stats and ANOTHER YELLOW SOCKET on the Heroic version! Between gemming and enchants on the Heroic version you can add up to 45 intellect (59 if you are a JC with JC gem) and gain 5 extra base spell power (not inclusive of theorycrafted SP from int).

I fully believe that this covers every WotLK instance and raid and the available shields that can be beneficial. We can take away from this that relatively nothing is better than Voice of Reason until Trial of Crusader. I hope that listing them in this manner helps you when you are trying to figure out what to run for gearing that holy paladin of yours. Being able to see what drops where without having to sift through all the other loot. May the loot mother be with you when you attempt to gain any of these!

EDIT: Knowing I would forget at least one, thank you to Melfina for pointing it out and have a look towards the top of the EPIC quality list for the addition of Zom’s Crackling Bulwark.


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Cataclysm: 31 Paladin Talents

We have heard for a while that the talent trees are pretty much getting axed (pun intended!) in half. From what would have been 76 points to spend will now be a total of 41 and once you begin a tree, you must finish in it until 31 points are dunked into it. However, you also feel more of the spec as you put your first point into than you would right now being a Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, etc.

The talent calculators for Holy paladin (and other classes) are now out and I want to take a minute to analyze. By no means am I trying to say this is or will be permanent, beta changes. But for now, here is a look at the 31 point holy tree (I will only cover massive changes like tier moves, new talents, or specific changes to the talent).

Tier 1

Sanctified Light: Moved from the fifth tier as it is right now, still has 3 ranks in the first tier and still maintains 3 ranks to increase Holy Light & Holy Shock crits by 15%.

Spiritual Focus: Down-ranked from 5 to 2 ranks and still does the push back mechanic.

Divinity: NOW IN THE HOLY TREE! As a bonus, it has been down ranked from 5 to 3 ranks but recieves an extra 1% healing bonus for a total of 6% at 3/3. This will hurt those who receive extra talent support from the prot tree, but I see it as a beneficial move as it is healing based.

Tier 2

Divine Intellect: GONE.

Judgements of the Pure:  Up from Tier 9 and accessible to all paladins with appropriate talent spending. It has also received a 6% nerf in the amount of the haste buff provided from 15% to 9% but is correlated with the downranking from 5 points to 3.

Improved Lay On Hands: Up 1 tier from Tier 3 but exactly the same.

Unyielding Faith: The same tier but changes the way fear mechanic works with healadins. Instead of the duration being reduced, it allows you to recover yourself more quickly by cutting off some casting time.

Tier 3

Divine Light: The big heal. I never really thought we particularly needed another massive heal. I would have preferred a more simplistic HOT than SS+FoL combo.

Beacon of Light: Received a BIG move from the end tier to the third. Has also been changed to only allow healing duplication only from Holy Light and Holy Shock. Well, at least baby healies will have it and it won’t suck to be low level.

Inspired Judgement: NEW TALENT! The damage done by your judgement, heals the beacon. Uhm. I’m not sure about this. When you’re keeping up your JoP it may help with the GCD judgement uses but it seems like it could be combined with something.

Tier 4

Infusion of Light: Now a solo talent instead of a chained talent.

Tier 5

Sacred Cleansing: OMFG! I CANNOT BELIEVE WE HAVE TO SPEND A TALENT POINT ON THIS. Having already covered dispelling mechanics, I think this along with all other mechanics for other classes is a stupid change.

Aura Mastery: Down 2 tiers, I am not a fan that this has become a chained talent and we MUST take it to get the bottom tier.

Improved Concentration Aura: Down a tier but seems to work the same.

Tier 6

Selfless Healer: Provides a higher crit percentage when healing others. As we do heal other people 98% of time, this seems kind of basic and worthless as a talent so far down the tree.

Purifying Power: Received a complete overhaul. Instead of doing things like reducing mana costs and CD’s for harming spells, when you Cleanse a harmful spell from an ally, you have a chance (50%/100%) to do judgement damage to the enemy.

End Tier

Divine Illumination: WTFDIDYOUDOTOTHISTALENT! It no longer does mana conservation/saving. Instead…provides even more crit. Crit is by no means a bad thing but Blizzard has said they want people to be more aware of their mana and by taking this away seems counterproductive.

With that being the end of the holy tree, you should have 10 points left, but at this point, it doesn’t seem that we will be getting any sigifcant support from the prot or ret trees when we only have 10 points left. I do hope with all hope that there are beta changes still coming to this.

A sample build (strong holy).

A Sample build (holy/prot).

PS. At this point, I do not like 31 talent points though I am glad you will feel the tree at lower levels.


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Healer Coordination

In Wrath of the Lich King, an abundance of healers seems to have emerged. Regardless of raiding 10 or 25 man content, hard modes or normals, you work with at least one other healer out of at least 9 other people. Even though being in a successful raid requires coordination, something else goes into a successful healing team. Not only does it take coordination but it takes understanding and teamwork. Healing isn’t about generating threat or pressing the right buttons in the right order, it takes control and a particular level of understanding and attitude.

Healing Assignments

As much as people like to argue that these aren’t important, they are; even more so with inexperienced healers. They may not be needed for some who instinctively know what role to take, but for others they are a crucial point in understanding their role as a healer. Typical assignments allow for holy paladins and discipline priests for tank healing; shamans, druids, and holy priest are typically shifted towards raid healing. These are not concrete but are a standard “healing niche” that the class/spec falls into.

Regardless of spec or class, gear can also play a significant part in the role that someone is elected to fulfill. For example, 3 holy paladins in a 25-man, the lesser geared of the three is typically shifted to raid healing. I am a firm believer in skill > gear but it is true that it usually happens this way. If the run is with a set group of people, i.e. a guild, then take into consideration a healers strong suit when assigning their role as well; this theory is a little more difficult in PuGs.

The Attitude

You have to have the right attitude to work well with other people…for anything. Don’t ever think that your way is the best and only way! Don’t even let the words “it’s my way or the highway” form in your mind. Don’t ever say “You…do this.” Specifically, “You beacon so and so while I do this”. Why? Because you are stepping on the toes of their healing style. You’ve not taken into consideration anything about how they feel comfortable healing. It is also rude to assume they don’t know how to do their job. This type of attitude is also detrimental to encouraging new healers. Don’t push them to addons or macros, explain ways to better themselves but never push it. I do just fine without mouseover macros or healbot and I am sure they can too.

I beacon the tank I am healing so that I can always be situationally aware (which I will get to in a minute) and not falter on my specific job. Now there are fights that this is flexible for, like Dreamwalker, but for the most part, I do great doing it my way and for another paladin to push his/her way onto me makes me anxious, hasty, and falter a little.

There is an appropriate way to handle situations where things like beacon coordination is important but being an ass isn’t it.

There is also an appropriate way to encourage and help inexperienced players have better tactics but slamming them with orders and no explanations and not caring is not it either.

Compromise and coordination are important here; this allows for the shared ability of both people allowing comfort zones and a smaller window for error. Use your words to open up the discussion with the other healer(s).

Situational Awareness

I am not saying that having an addon here is required because the standard UI has them built in, but as a healer unit frames/windows are extemrely important. You should know where the tanks are in the frames as well as other healers. When a healer is having trouble keeping the raid up, it allows for you to spot cover them (benefit of beaconing your own tank), if a healer falls you know about it, etc. These frames allow you to know what is happening in your raid.

But you also have to be aware of what is happening in your immediate zone. Healers shouldn’t DIAF, stand in a frozen orb, etc. They should be able to know to move and heal accordingly. As a healadin, when you’re standing in a fire, holy shock is a great on the move…move. It allows you to go straight back into what you were doing before moving. It’s also spectacular for Marrowgar’s Bone Storm. The last thing you want to do is be so engulfed in healing that he eats you up and you get stuck in his teeth.

The Healing Role

It is important, that before you engage in healing, you understand some of the simple facts of healing. It is your own job to remind yourself that you are important, without you, the raid would inevitably die; but I can assure you, healing is a thankless job. Be prepared to face the “What happened there healers?” and the “OMG HEALZ PLZ!” or “MOAR HEALS!” You will be taken for granted. If not all the time, or if not in your guild, someone somewhere will make you feel like a failure.

It is important to know your class, know your spec, and know your role. It is even more important to be PROACTIVE than reactive. Be prepared and you will be good. Be willing to adjust and work well with your healing team you will be great.


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Recycle A Post: Gylph Analysis

Since the release of 4.0.1, this information is outdated and you can find the current information by clicking here.

In light of Earth Day, Zelmaru has encouraged us to Recycle A Post. I have chosen my glyph analysis. It wasn’t a playful article but was one of my first informational posts for the holy paladin and I got some great tips on how to organize it. I also have received more insight on the use of the glyphs, so I wanted to rework these a little bit based on my expanded noggin! I hope this turns out better than the first one! I will also highlight (in green for Earth Day!) the changes that have been made for those who may have already read the original!


The glyphs I use personally will be marked with **. I certainly hope that this helps people who are having a hard time making the glyph decision.


Glyph of Holy Light**: This glyph turns your biggest heal (Holy Light) into an Area-of-Effect (AOE) heal. I love this glyph. We are the only healing class that doesn’t have one and therefore are designed as tank/bomb healers (even though raid healing is possible). The glyph heals friendly targets within 8 yards for 10% of the holy light effect. It isn’t a lot but can make topping off the party while healing the tank a cinch. Furthermore, depending on your spec, should you be a HL spammer, this glyph is a must have.  Further analysis results in this glyph being highly valuable for the Valithria Dreamwalker fight. By using the Beacon on the boss, healing others, she also receives splash healing. This is highly recommended for all degrees of PVE healadins.

Glyph of Holy Shock: Coming back to this glyph I have had a change in thought. Holy Shock is a  part of my healing rotation, occasionally it can land for almost 11k with a critical effect. However, it isn’t so integral that 1 second makes much of a difference for my style; it can for others. It can also be paired well with the Libram of Binding Light. This is only recommended for healers who find themselves moving a lot, are dependent on Holy Shock, and have the libram.

Glyph of Flash of Light**: With this glyph your Flash of Light spell has an additional 5% critical strike rating. I no longer stand to feel this is a universal must-have. Today, so many paladins have 30k+ mana pools that mana effieciency doesn’t seem to be a problem, therefore limiting them to the spam of the Holy Light. With that in consideration, Flash of Light is no longer used making this a wasted glyph for some. However, for the PVP healadin, it is all but required as FoL is a central (if not only) focus.

Glyph of Seal of Light**: One of the paladin’s defining abilities is seals+judgements. As a holy paladin, judging to proc the talent Judgements of the Pure is a must! When it increases your spell haste by 15%, why wouldn’t you? Therefore, it is important to use an appropriate seal for healing. This glyph adds an extra 5% healing effect to any spell that you cast; it also has an appropriate counterpart (Glyph of Seal of Wisdom) that reduces mana costs of all spells by 5%. Depending on your heal style and your mana conservation abilities, either one of these glyphs should be required. You are already using a seal…why not get a buff from it? In addition, if you are a constant SoW user, I have been told that switching to glyphed SoL is extremely helpful in the Valithria Dreamwalker fight.

Glyph of Judgement: I know I said that judging as a healadin is important for the haste buff, but that doesn’t mean you need a damage buff to how much damage you are doing with a judgement. It isn’t your job as the healer to do the damage.

Glyph of Cleansing: Without this glyph, Cleanse costs 6% base mana to cast each time; the glyph reduces this by 20%. To show you a little math, I have 30,034 mana but I only have (last I looked) 7449 base mana. It takes (at 6% a cast) 447 mana to cast Cleanse. With the glyph it would take 358. In the grand scheme of things, it is about 1% of my total mana to cleanse. In raids, I run with many other healers who can abolish disease, cleanse, cleanse spirit, decurse, etc. The sole burden of cleansing (or even fights that don’t require cleansing), does not rest on me so much that I should worry about <100 mana cost. ((I am pretty fond of this in-depth analysis!))

Beacon of Light: Even though I do not use this glyph, I would say that it is still useful. A standard cast of Beacon of Light lasts 60 seconds. This glyph adds 30 seconds increasing the buff to a minute and a half. If you find yourself forgetful to re-cast Beacon, I strongly suggest this. However, as it does nothing else and you find you have excellent buff management ((see my addon post for help with Beacon timing in NeedtoKnow)), you may find other glyphs more suitable.

Glyph of Divine Plea: I know that as a holy paladin, you are probably popping Divine Plea every cooldown. But that doesn’t mean this glyph is for you. The reduced damage effect makes this a tank oriented glyph. I have also recently been asked about the efficiency/need to use Divine Plea; is it worth it as a healer? Of course, mana conservation is needed at all levels of healing. As a healer, the glyph is worthless, but try using Divine Plea + Avenging Wrath; this will help mitigate some healing percentage loss. Also, to avoid using this ability as much, utilize Divine Illumination to the best of your cooldown ability!

Glyph of Divinity: Lay on Hands gives the target burst health based on the casting paladin’s health and it also “…restores 1950 mana”. The glyph applies the same mana gain to you as it does the target. 1950 mana is barely over the cost of Holy Light. This glyph may also encourage you to use LoH as a mana regen ability which could later prove to cause a lot of trouble.  There are worse ones to have, but there are significantly better as well.


Glyph of Blessing of Wisdom**: This increases the buff timer of BoW on yourself making it 30 minutes. This is considerably helpful when running with another paladin who wants Blessing of Might. How? If you cast Greater Blessing of Might on the two of you, you can replace your own with a standard Blessing of Wisdom and still have a 30-minute buff. They can cast Blessing of Kings and everyone is happy. If you are leveling Holy and find your mana bringing a lot of downtime but you buff yourself with Kings, try using this and save some Symbols of Kings at the same time. I personally find this considerably handy as I begin to run with fewer paladins.

Glyph of Blessing of Kings**: Blessing of Kings is the most universal buff we have and unlike BoW, this glyph reduces the mana costs of BoK by 50%. The lowered mana cost can make buffing during a wipe recovery go considerably quicker. There aren’t many minor glyphs to choose from and even though you don’t get much from this, I still recommend it. In addition, when running with druids and making use of the battle resurrections, rebuffing the risen with the least amount of mana use is important. This is highly valuable for those in a progressive raiding guild.

Glyph of the Wise: “Reduces the mana cost of your Seal of Wisdom by 50%”. Even if you had to cast this in combat, it is a onetime deal and you have the buff though you usually buff before combat when you can regain your mana with water. Furthermore, if you don’t even use Seal of Wisdom, this is a useless glyph for you. The argument could be made that one switches from Seal of Light to Seal of Wisdom often, which is unnecessary. You should use the seal that you are glyphed to buff and alternate judgements rather than seals.

Glyph of Lay on Hands**: Get it. Don’t think twice about it. Unlike a reduced Holy Shock CD (1-sec, see above); 5 minutes on your Lay on Hands could make or break a fight. This glyph paired with the talent Improved Lay on Hands reduces the cooldown to 11 minutes.

Glyph of Sense Undead: If you want to waste a glyph slot, don’t do it with this. This could be a helpful leveling glyph while you are in Icecrown but it is not viable for end-game content as it is a damage buff to undead. Okay, I still don’t recommend it but I am going to change my stance that it is worthless. I still put my heart in soul into the 3 that I have but I am also a miner by trade. I NEVER use my Sense Undead ability. But if you do because you can track nothing else, it is okay to have this glyph. I put stock into using the others even if you don’t have mana concerns and especially if you have a higher damage output off-spec but if you want it, go for it.

When you are making the decision to glyph your holy paladin you should always have your play style in consideration. Ask yourself: “What kind of healer am I?” “How is my mana conservation and regen?” “What spells and abilities do I use the most?”  These questions will help you eliminate some of the choices making it an easier decision.

Reworking most of these, I have changed my opinion on some of them but stand strong and steadfast in the use of most of them. I still believe that you need to consider your personal playing style when trying to choose as well as your ability to manage cool-downs and mana.

The original post was written in February so I feel I have grown in writing, in healing, in everything and I hope this republishing helps those that still face this decision!

PS. Feel free to comment and let me know if you agree or disagree.


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