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Tuesday with Tarinae 8/24

Okay, I am in a little bit of a lull in all of my creative outlets. Everytime I sat down to write, whteher for this blog or my RP character, I sighed heavily and wanted to do something else. Even when plying WoW, I sigh at the screen hoping for something to do even if I am not in the mood to do everything. I think it is stress related. All the same there has been a lot to talk about this week and I hope to get a post on CataBuild 12803 out sometime this week. But for now, delve into the goodness!

A Humbling Sight

Here is a small story for you, one that brings me back to the good old days of WoW. Recently, I did Stockades with a few groups. By few, I mean I only did it once because people are so impatient they bail after one wipe. All the same, the group that finally finished it was a group you don’t see very often. I was the ONLY person wearing any sort of BOA. It made me feel so reminiscent I used a staff that I happened to have as a “back-up” just for the full effect. It was awesome. There were no “zomg lets speed run this” attitudes or anything of the sort; just a nice, homey feeling.

Something else I learned…

It doesn’t help your case as a DPS to say things like “Hey, I didn’t know I was tanking this!” When you pull the mobs just because you’re ranged and the tank hasn’t gotten there (especially new tanks at low levels), you are not looking cocky or smart, you are looking like a steaming pile of fail when you say something insulting like that. Life is different when you’re leveling.

A Healing Haiku

See that fire there

It is time for you to move

I don’t heal stupid

Cataclysm Release Details

No, I am pretty sure the date has not been released. But! The details for the Collector’s Edition including box art have been released.

Collector's Edition

Again this set comes with trading cards, soundtrack CD, art book, exclusive mousepad, the game DVD, behind the scenes DVD, and an in-game pet. Yay for mini Deathwing!

Mentoring System

I recently tried playing Everquest 2, please don’t hate me, they twisted my arm and they even tried WoW! But they do a system called “mentoring” where you can scale your high level character down to a lower level to play with your friends. This is especially handy for EQ players given their limited character amount but also will be handy given WoW’s character per server limit. This was recently revealed to be a goal of Blizzard in an interview that The Escapists did with Ghostcrawler. While it is part of a “long-term” plan, I think that it is a great idea.

More thorough notes

Every week, I try to take notes on what to talk about with you guys on Tuesday. Looking back at this week’s, there is something I can’t remember … can’t fathom…what it means.

Macy C SS

What was I thinking?! Apparently I need to go back to school as I have forgotten how to take notes appropriately and/or my own shorthand!

Happy Tuesday!

I would like to thank all of my faithful and new readers for tuning in! I bid you all farewell on this Tuesday! May the loot mother be with you and the light shine upon you in darkness (I’m a Pelor fan!)!



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Tuesday with Tarinae 7/20

Quite possibly this may  be the most rushed Tuesday post I have mustered up yet. I don’t intend for it to be this way but I have *coughgaminggroup* company coming in less than 30 minutes and tomorrow at work I have a big project I am still working on and have to finish. All the same…


The wow world has been decently quiet except for the hubub of the Cataclysm Talent Trees being released in their 31 point fail glory. I have already covered holy paladin changes and there are a couple other people covering a few aspects. And while I know there are lots more, my feed reader is a mess and I can’t find them all.

  • Adam says he might cry at rogue talents
  • Rhidach talks about the trends in changes for paladins
  • Kurn shares initial thoughts for holy paladins
  • Okay, I have searched my reader over and can’t find the priest links anywhere! All the same…

Helpful Blogging Tips

As a blogger who is still relateively new, I think that reaching your potential is very important. Both in content and layout, your blog is under constant scrutiny. I am thankful for the readers that I have and encourage anyone of you that may be interested in starting your own blog to:

  1. Let me know 🙂
  2. Check out Zelmaru’s amazing blogging tips!

A new (front!) runner

As we are very aware, Vrykerion has been keeping us all posted on the current campaigns for Warchief 2010. There is a new candidate running and most men agree it is pleasant to watch her do so! Introducing Sylvanas Windrunner for Warchief 2010!

PS. I would totally serve under Thrall in real life but I do LOVE Sylvanas!

Off-Topic/Other Game

Okay, I AM SO GULLIBLE! I admit it openly and honestly. I can’t even begin to describe to you the level that my naivety can reach sometimes. That said…is Real Life…really a game? Or…what? I mean, I play Sims but…I feel so silly. Forget I asked!

Too Embarrased…

I’m not even going to give a conclusion, just a good-bye!


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Tuesday with Tarinae 6/7

By the time you read this, I will have already drug my butt out of bed and into work for my first week in a new position. Writing this in advance, I can tell you that I am a little really nervous and anxious about how my ideas will be receieved. I also will know…no one so it will be pretty lonely I guess too. Feeling so anxious, I decided that I needed a laugh or two. I have a few things to share that really are just off the wall, crazy, and mood-lightening!

Official Race Buttons

Okay, it is general rumor…I hope it isn’t real…but it sure is a rumor that Garrosh will lead the Horde through the Cataclysm. I gave this a lot of thought before putting it out there but this has been out since Blizzcon and if you follow Vrykerion, you had a great laugh the other day with it all. If Thrall were real, I would serve under him. He doesn’t go to war for the sake of war, he wants peace amongst the world, he doesn’t judge people (like DK’s), he listens to them. I could go on with just how awesome he is and I will proudly support my:

For all the other fun and the credit and the awesomeness that he is, check out the original post at Oddcraft!

*gasp* Another Youtube!

Okay, I know I have gotten a little Youtube video embedding crazy, I normally detest youtube anyways, but I can’t not share this. Rhidach apparently sounds like this across vent and to be honest when I watched it, I laughed the hardest I had laughed in a long time (no srsly I mean it) and I continued to laugh for 5 minutes or so. Even though it isn’t WoW related, it is video game related and awesome!


Wow, a whole 24 hours of downtime for a massive number of servers, mine (Shadow Council) is included. Now they are claiming that it is preparation for the new expansion, but I am skeptical. The moment the Breaking News went up on the login screen, trade chat was buzzing. People talking about the battelgrounds and the wait and the want for the expansion. I foresee a lot of QQ on Tuesday but I have a proposal: Send your friends to this blog and share the goodness (no, I am not above shameless self promotion :)).

Accomplishments this Week

This week’s weekly was Malygos! I have yet to do this with my mage, I was intent on doing it and I did it! I also did it as Retribution on my paladin! These ventures led me to a couple realizations:

  • My ret DPS is grotesque! I mean it hurt my soul it was so bad.
  • Denyin’ The Scion is really hard in my opinion.

Blizzcon ’10

Well, CONGRATULATIONS if you got tickets! To those of you who didn’t make it, that super sucks. I am right there, too. I wish I could afford the massively expensive tickets (I would need 2) and everything it takes to get there but I’m a poor college grad who is like 100k in debt or something *grumblessomethingabouteducation*. Twitter was abuzz this past week with people playing the F5 game and the loot giveaways and what nots. I have decided that even if I did have money, I wouldn’t know how to actually get a ticket; whether it be getting in queue or knowing how to be competitive, as it is a cut throat situation!

So, I am pretty sunburned and exhausted from being up super early and playing my heart out on my new computer…okay its like new as it was wiped and redone! I also had internet problems and didn’t get out the post I was really excited to write so keep an eye out for it this week!


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Preparing for Cataclysm

This week’s Shared Topic wonders what I am doing to get ready for Cataclysm.

I am indeed, getting ready for the Cataclysm. I have been doing a little “character housekeeping” and trying to figure out professions and what I really want. Let me just take a look at all of this and I will also use this as a chance to introduce the new characters that will come around!

Characters that Said Good-bye


She is potentially the fast level character I ever made as well as the highest level I have ever deleted at Level 48. She was rolled as a Soul Reaper for a HEAVY Bleach RP guild that was run by my boyfriend. She was a Blood Elf Warlock and Captain of Squad 9 – The Summoning Squad. She had the coolest RP outfit and the uniform was great. She even had an awesome mission for people who wanted to join her squad. It was AWESOME fun, but when the RP guild broke up because his computer exploded, almost literally, I couldn’t even stomach to look at her. Finally, I had the heart to give the guild away to a friend and say good-bye.


I kept her around as long as I could. I really do want to play a druid, but you tell me I can play a TROLL instead of a C OW and I am going to go for it! Selmala was a great tank, PVP’r, and scribe. She was a stand-alone cow and very awesome, minus the cow part. I was keeping her for PVP, her xp capped at Level 29 so I could also practice the tanking. But when I had the realization that she was just taking up space, and I wanted to Level again for Mankirk’s Wife before she D(again)IAF or something!

Introducing: The Newbies!

Oh, I am so excited for this! I love making new characters more than playing sometimes 😀


I am an Avatar fanatic. I saw the movie 3 times in theaters and bought it the day it came out on the halfsie DVD, I wish I lived on Pandora! Anyways, Neiytiri is a great character in the movie and a great name for my Troll Druid. She will be blue with “black” braids because she is that awesome. I am not EXTREMELY pleased with the current Troll cat forms, but oh well, she will be a bear for the most part…and I would have said tree but they don’t exist anymore.


OMG! CAN YOU SAY 5TH ELEMENT REFERENCE FOR A SHAMAN! HOW MUCH MORE PERFECT CAN YOU GET! And she is going to be totally cute, I just know it. And if you haven’t seen this movie, do it, it roxorz! I am very excited to not only play this new race but to have such an awesome reference for an awesome character. I even LOVE the goblin shaman totems!

Yeah, I have characters with those names already in play but they’re little trashy things I can get rid of though Neiytiri is a little money maker right now. The one character that will be around that has no name or personality right now is my Worgen Warlock. I am pretty set that that is the class she will be but I will get around to the rest when I can play with features I do believe.

The Last Leveler

Okay, so she is only Level 7, I have tried plenty of times to play both a rogue and an undead so I don’t know how far I will get but for the moment, I do want to play through it all again to make sure I have it all *taps chest then head* in my head and heart. I love the old world but am very excited for the new. *Gives Mankirk’s Wife a proper burial then runs away*


I have run into a problem though. I want to transfer my 71 S/Disc Priest to a different server but I still want a new priest on Shadow Council. I have a Level 8 I thought I would roll, but I can’t figure out if I want a Blood Elf or a Gnome. I will have 2 alliance at that point anyways…I could always change the 71 to a gnome on a new server? But I can’t delete him…hes a 450 herb/alch and thats an accomplishment for me lol.

Most of my preparation for this has been the fine tuning of the characters I want to play and the ones I want to make/delete. I have no idea what I want to do first. My boyfriend will roll a worgen and get his alliance sister guild off the ground…but Level 85 or worgen or….I just don’t know….

What are you going to do?


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The Bank Alt

As promised, here is the shot images of my beloved bank alt. The bank alt style is very important when you are trying to make it in the world. Not pictured are her Brewfest Stein & flowers or her winter clothes. She loves holiday fare and pirates!

Her everyday wear consists of:

  • Tattered Cloth Pants from Undercity
  • Black Swashbucklers Shirt
  • Acolyte Shoes (starting Blood Elf Warlock gear)

She also sports the occasional Blue Lumberjack Shirt!

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Noblegarden Egg Hunt

We here at A Healadin’s Tear…okay just me…are taking part in Angelya’s (over at Revive & Rejuvenate) Noblegarden Egg Hunt! Somewhere around this site you will find an egg. No, I won’t show you what it looks like, that gives you an advantage. I am not savvy with HTML, graphics, or anything of the like but I did have fun getting this ready! I will put it up at Midnight EST; at that point, it is officially Easter Noblegarden.

Be sure to check out: How to Hunt Eggs if you haven’t already and check back on Sunday!

Be sure to keep a check on her site for full list of over 40 blog sites that are participating and remember to have fun! You get awesome prizes if you win but in the end it is a fun and exciting way to check out new blogs!

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April Fools!

I promise dear readers to get a post out (hopefully today) really soon. But I thought I would share an April Fools joke that is WOW related. I am an avid Twilight fan. I have read all the books at least twice and own a small amount of paraphernalia. I squee knowing I will be there for the Eclipse release…but all the same…this is about WOW (and please don’t hold my Twilight fandom against this blog 🙂 ). So here it is..

WOW.com restructured...

Happy April Fools!

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