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Srs bsns

I had been thinking long and hard about what to do for a blog for April 1st but I couldn’t think of anything constructive. I thought about claiming to rage quit WOW but I factored in that I may lose too many readers before I could post the retraction (what is a prank without some time). So I opted not to do that…instead I went with a subtle route. I posted my favorite prank for the year and decided to blog about something that isn’t a joke; it isn’t funny in any way…gold selling & the consequences.

I have suggested this as a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic to help raise awareness that when you buy gold…the gold doesn’t come from thin air. It comes from players just like you; it could come from your significant other, your guild mate, your best friend, your raid group…anyone.

To illustrate the severity of gold buying, I want to share with you some of my very own experiences with hackers and compromised accounts. Maybe it will make you think twice before buying into the scams. I share with you now the story of three friends; victimized at different times by a variety of experienced hackers…all of whom were devastated by the experience.


Yes, I am sad to say that I have been a victim. My boyfriend and I were sitting in our office, playing online like we always do together (we’re not discussing how lame we are here). Typically we have some internet problems and lag at the same time. It is no big deal, it tells us that it is just the internet. But one night it was very different. Rather than lagging into a D/C, I was immediately disconnected and recieved an email (on the gmail notifier) that my World of Warcraft account password had been changed. I was immediately disturbed and went to log back in. My password didn’t work. I got more emails stating of password changes and my boyfriend (again, he was in the same room) saw me come back online.

Tarinae…Aralas…Chakae…Yukami…Corelon…whoever had my account was cycling through my characters one by one. I had full GM access to 3 guild banks (one being <Age of the Phoenix>) and lots of gear that I had been saving to level other characters as this was the time before BOAs. After cycling through and getting everything of value from my personal and guild banks, the hacker logged back into Tarinae. By this point, Paul (my boyfriend) had a ticket open with capped keywords like “ACCOUNT BEING HACKED RIGHT NOW! NEED HELP!” He decided to try to talk to the hacker, to stall them. Most people who try to talk to hackers get nothing back other than an AFK notice; but not me. The hacker started to talk to Paul and other guild mates that were talking to him. He begin to hang around Undercity taunting my friends, offering them the password (Anecdote: he had a bot changing the password roughly every 30 seconds til lock-out) if they would pay him an ungodly amount of gold none of us had.

He held my account hostage as I sat there and watched for almost two hours. But my story has a happy ending you see. The GM responded to Paul’s ticket in a quick manner and was able to ping the IP of the hacker in question…he got caught. He had been had by his own pride; he even took the time to tell them all good-bye. I was able to reset the password and log on to find that my characters still had the gear they were wearing but banks were empty and I only had 12g to my name. I hear horror stories about character/gear restoration but I got everything back but about 900g I believe. He took that money from the guild bank so I doubt it was registered on my income but I can’t be for sure I didn’t get it back either. I was lucky…I had a horrific situation with a happy ending. But the stories get worse from here…

Other stories behind the cut…

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Love is NOT in the Air

The month of February is chocked full of holiday events. It is the only month in-game that is 75% holiday celebration. But you can feel free to scratch that celebration part. Now, in my heart of hearts, February is a month of mourning.

One of my favorite things to do in game with my boyfriend is holiday events. We had our violet proto drakes as soon as Brewfest rolled around in 2009. Even before achievements existed it was just something we did together. Kissing revelers under mistletoe, stealing fire from the alliance that didn’t burn through our backpacks, having a baby orc that picks his nose follow us around, and even try to gussy up and kiss abominations in Undercity…you know, normal, every-day stuff.

So we roll around and do every holiday the way it is supposed to be done and have a blast doing it. As achievements change and they want you to stay intrigued they also start to add holidays and change the way some are done. I give props to the new holiday Pilgrim’s Bounty; it was a blast and made a difficult profession simple to level. I also have no problem with the way they changed Noble Garden, making it last a couple weeks instead of 1 day of nothing.


I detest what they have done with Love is in the Air (February 7 – February 20). The thing that I dislike about WoW the most is farming. I don’t have the patience to do it. I buy mats, I horde what I do mine/skin/etc. That may even be part of why I like holidays so much, it breaks up the monotony of the same-thing-day-after-day feeling. But what have they done? They have gone and made Love is in the Air a farming expedition. I don’t want to whine, rant, and rave but I do want to know why. What was so wrong about the way it was done? Sure, it left your achievements to chance but it encouraged you to do what you were supposed to…kiss the guards! Once an hour, every hour.

But let us take a look at one achievement that was drastically changed and analyze what it means now: [Charming]. Previously, the achievement was called [Heartmender] and required you to mend the broken hearts of 20 people. Given that you can no longer kiss the guards to become heartbroken, the achievement no longer exists. The new object of the achievement is to create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets. After getting everything you need to do the quest (Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit)you have to go about Azeroth, killing things that would grant you experience/honor (new rule: it also has to be a lootable kill). It takes 10 Lovely Charms to make a bracelet, so you have to have a told of 120 charms and they are not 100% drops. When the event started, there was an exploit that allowed players to kill dwarves in Ulduar with siege vehicles and receive around 400 charms in 30 minutes, that was quickly hot-fixed. As those mobs are not lootable, the instilled the new rule stated above.

That left me in a very bad place; all my friends had done the Ulduar trick…even my boyfriend did it while I was asleep. So I was stuck, on my mage, trying to find a place with quick respawns, still would grant experience, and had a mass number of mobs. I flew all over Azeroth for an hour trying the Inventor’s Library in Storm Peaks (Mobs were to spread out and slow to spawn), I tried killing wolvar in Sholazar Basin (they didn’t drop anything), and before I knew about the hot-fix I even earned the achievement [Dwarfageddon (25 Player)] in Ulduar! I finally settled (and in a very bad mood) outside Wyrmrest Temple killing revenants; even there, the achievement took around two hours.

I was not in a very good mood after that; it is even more of a damper that they have added this new boss into my favorite low level dungeon and I haven’t heard of a single mount drop. This spectacular mount that looks awesome (should you love the color pink like I do) is apparently very elusive.

This boss also drops a pet that is similar to the Disgusting Oozling. You can also find yourself with a new epic iLvl226 necklace for any class and spec.

Most of the other achievements, if not all, have remained the same. However, everything is no longer soulbound, and because of that, it has driven the market into a frenzy. Love Rockets on Durotan for 10g each! 10 Rose pedals on Shadow Council for 45g! Buttermilk Delights for over 50g on a “good” day! The economy doesn’t know what it is going on! I hate to say it but Love is in the Air has been turned into Valentine’s Day…just another consumer driven must-have-celebration.

The end of that rant brings me to the fact that February shares not only Love is in the Air but also Lunar Festival (February 14 – March 6). I am glad to say that this holiday seems to remain 100% the same. Aside from hating the holiday in general, you still do the same quests, kill the same boss, spend the same amount of time fussing over the Elders and traveling around Azeroth. Some people love this holiday, not sure why as I can’t stand it, but with nothing changing, I don’t have to do it on Tarinae! If you haven’t got the chance to start your work on it, and hope that you can make a continuation from last year…you should brace yourself for the fact that achievement progress has been erased. Everyone I know that was close to being finished has to restart the whole process and we haven’t been able to find an explanation on why. But I wish you the best of luck. Wowhead has merged all the elder’s locations onto a single map here on their Lunar Festival Guide. I think you will find it most helpful!

When all is said and done, I am still “the Love Fool” on all my characters (well, I’m still working on my hunter) and will probably get one more to “Elder” status because that is just what I do. But I think my voice matters, my opinion counts for something…maybe. It is important to note here, that throughout all of Love is in the Air, I still had the most fun with the Secret Admirer Project…it is a shame you missed it if you did.


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