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[Holy] 85 Guide: The Spec

This is part of my healadin guide for those interested in end-game healing as a paladin. You can view the important stats for healadin incliuding stat priority in the first installment by clicking here.


They way the current talents are working there are a variety of different ways to plant a certain amount of points. Given the options, I will go through each tier to highlight the options.

Tier 1

Arbiter of Light – This is a DPS talent given that our judgement crits give us no benefit and we don’t have Templar’s Verdict.

Protector of the Innocent – At least 2/3 is recommended here to fulfill the 5/5 points to move to tier to. This allows every heal you deal to others to deal a small self-heal amount that is also transferable to the Beacon target.

Judgements of the Pure – Maximize this talent 3/3 for a full 9% haste. This buff lasts for one minute and you should try to maximize its uptime to all close as 100% as possible.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose – This is not one of the aforementioned optional talents. This reduces the cast time of Holy & Divine Lights by upto 1 second and with those slow, spend-forever-casting-times you’re going to find these necessary.

Last Word – Whether or not you are an avid user of Word of Glory or not, given the other options this talent has a great life-saving mechanic.

Blazing Light – This talent is unneeded as an end-game PVE healer as we do not use Holy Shock in damaging ways.

Tier 3

Denounce – This talent is a leveling based talent given that it focuses around Exorcism.

Divine Favor – Haste & Crit? Yes, please!

Infusion of Light – If you are a Holy Shock-aholic, critical effects will directly shorten the cast time of Holy Light by 1.5 seconds.

Daybreak – No HS CD? Cha-ching.

Tier 4

Enlightened Judgements – This provides judgement range, hit rating from spirit, and a judgement self-heal. This talent can be optional given that the range is small being only 5 yards and we don’t get that much from hit rating other than for jdugements; our heals will not miss.

Beacon of Light – Take.

Speed of Light – More haste? Yes, please.

Sacred Cleansing – Given the mechanic changes with Cleanse, to remove magic you must spend this point.

Tier 5

Conviction – At 3/3 you can get to a maximum 9% buff to all healing done. This is one of the foundations for crit being on the priority stat list given that it procs from Critical Strikes.

Aura Mastery – Take.

Paragon of Virtue – This has a good benefit to reduce the cooldown of Avenging Wrath by 1 minute which matches it with Divine Plea. Given the buff to DP, off-setting the remaining deficit with AW will make stronger heals during the 4.0.6 9 second duration of DP with a remaining 20% boost to healing for a remaining ~10 seconds.

Tier 6

Tower of Radiance – Given that this no longer benefit and grants HoPo from Holy Light casts (and hasn’t benefited from HS in a while), it has been debated in dropping this talent but I still find that the benefit of this talent are somewhat strong when fast HoPo may be needed or for general tank healing benefits.

Blessed Life – While this talent is specifically a PVP talent, people have reported specific fights or occurrences where the HoPo generation can be as great as 17% of all charges generated; however, these are very specific mechanics when this happens.

Tier 7

Light of Dawn – A spell that has been changed multiple times since its induction as our 31 point talent, it can still be a decent heal and use for HoPo but it does require skill in placement as it is a directional, conal heal.

((For Prot & Ret tree support, check behind the cut!))

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4.0 [Holy] Talents Revisted

This past Tuesday 4.0.3a went live and the world experienced a Cataclysm of epic proportions, changing and scarring the face of Azeroth forever. What also occurred at the same time as the sundering of the world was a re-balancing of healing class including holy paladins. As a result, our talents were reset regardless of our specialization. In light of the changes, I will be taking a look an updated talent builds and include gylph changes as well as patch changes.

There have been some changes sense the original launch that I have analyzed and tested and decided a better route. Let’s start off by taking a look at a talent build:

Holy Tier 1: 2/3 Protector of the Innocent – 3/3 Judgements of the Pure

Holy Tier 2: 3/3 Clarity of Purpose – 2/2 Last Word

Holy Tier 3: 1/1 Divine Favor – 2/2 Infusion of Light – 2/2 Daybreak

Holy Tier 4:  2/2 Enlightened Judgements  – 1/1 Beacon of Light – 3/3 Speed of Light – 1/1 Sacred Cleansing

Holy Tier 5: 3/3 Conviction – 2/2 Paragon of Virtue

Holy Tier 6: 3/3 Tower of Radiance

Holy Tier 7: 1/1 Light of Dawn

Protection Tier 1: 3/3 Divinity

Retribution Tier 1: 2/3 Crusade

Since the original build with the new mechanics, I have worked with Eternal Glory (Prot Tier 1) and decided that at our current point level, the proc chance is not high enough to deduct a point from Crusade and the boost to healing for Holy Shock. Also, with the deficit in our Judgement distances I have still opted for 2/2 in Enlightened Judgements instead of Aura mastery for distance utility. I am not excluding the base of utility of Aura Mastery by any means.

This build is specifically designed for PVE healing and does not take into consideration any leveling talents that may be beneficial or PVP focus points like Blessed Life. This build emphasizes strong end-game healing with a few debatable and optional talents including Aura Mastery, Enlightened Judgements, Paragon of Virtue, and Eternal Glory.

What 4.0.3a brings to spells…

Beacon of Light now lasts 5 minutes, up from 60 seconds.

This change is for the greater good as it brings along a multitude of effects. Not only does it remove the extra GCD every 1-1.5 minutes but it also reduces the amount of mana that is used to refresh this. The mana cost at this spell is 6% base mana. At an approximate 3000 base mana, that is 180 mana, so over the course of 5 minutes (the current duration) we save 720 mana (given an unglyphed duration). These numbers may not be significant given our 40k+ mana pools but I have not looked at base mana amounts in a while either and we could see these numbers be much more drastic if they were in the Level 85 bracket.

Holy Radiance now has reduced effectiveness on targets over 8 yards away from the paladin.

Why this is implemented into a pre-Cataclysm patch I will never understand given that this spell is beyond our capabilities until we reach Level 83. However, when we received direct healing spell boosts, we were given the compromise that this spell would be rebalanced to reflect those changes and this is the manner in which the mechanics were implemented.

Holy Radiance now has reduced effectiveness on targets over 8 yards away from the paladin.

I have never considered this to be a PVE talent even though I did hear of some consistent procs with this in 5-Mans, I cannot vouch for its viability in raid settings prior to this change; since this change it is not optimal or viable for end-game PVE though it could be taken into consideration for leveling.

lluminated Healing absorb shield now absorbs 10% of the total amount healed, up from 8%. Each point of Mastery increases the effect by an additional 1.25%, up from 1%.

Whoa baby! It is great to see a boost to our mastery. It is reported that WoL (WorldofLogs) does not reflect this but I can neither confirm or deny but Recount meters have been updated to take this into consideration. With this boost we should see a boost in absorbs and stands to make mastery a little more appealing. Also as reported in the original PTR build (13221) the duration of this has been increased to 8 seconds.

Light of dawn has been redesigned. It no longer has an enforced cooldown, now costs Holy Power instead of mana, and scale in direct proportion to the amount of Holy Power used. In addition it now heals the 5 most injured group targets (including self) in a 30-yard frontal cone.

This is not a nerf. Contrary to my first observations of this, I have discovered that this is a smart heal and while you still do not need a target, you must direct yourself in the appropriate direction if you expect to heal anyone.

Protector of the Innocent no longer triggers from self-heals.

This is really neither good nor bad. It really shouldn’t effect the situation if you are already healing yourself…right?

Crusade now also has a proc on kill to increase the healing done by the paladin’s next Holy Light by 100/200/300% for 15 seconds, in addition to its current effects.

Given the fact that we are looking at PVE end-game healing at the moment, this change doesn’t have any direct effects for by the time we reach the kill, we are not direly pressed to get heals off in most cases. There could be some cases, i.e. Frozen Orbs linger after Torovon, when it could be helpful but this is primarily a leveling change or ret soloing change.

Implemented Glyph Changes

I will do a full glyph analysis after Cataclysm’s release as I expect to see some more changes, I know of one (Lay on Hands) that Wowhead does not show its implementation yet. So I will talk about the ones that are directly effected by this patch and its rebalancing.

Glyph of Beacon of Light (Major)

In my honest opinion, the changes to Beacon of Light (the 5 minute duration) opens up another slot for us to chose another glyph. Perhaps the new and improved Glyph of Light of Dawn I will talk about in a minute. But as far as this glyph goes, I don’t see the necessity in saving 6% base mana on something I am only going to cast every 5 minutes. We may not even see some fights last that long and what would eliminate the utility of this glyph.

Glyph of Light of Dawn (Major)

This is very similar to the Glyph of Circle of Healing that priests have always had. This can really up the utility of our end tree talent as long as we can maximize the spell’s conal direction factor. I strongly recommend replacing Glyph of Beacon of Light with this more functional glyph.

So there you have it, the analysis of the reset specs and latest glyph changes. I hope that when you are trying to make your way through the scary new world, at least the mechanics and informational aspects don’t have to be so scary.

Remember that you can always ask questions or if you want clarifcations you can leave comments and/or email me at tarinae @ gmail [dot] com.

Disclaimer: Aside from 6%, numbers used for Beacon’s mana use are not actual, only representational.


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4.0.1: Talents & Mastery

There is an updated TALENT BUILD written for 4.0.3a. The Mastery Info is current.

With the arrival of the patch, comes new questions, new concerns and a whole lot of relearning what we already knew. Each class, each spec will have a new way of doing things, a new way of gemming, glyphing…a new way of doing it all. I am here to help you, the holy paladin, straighten out the kinks of the new patch. I’ve decided to do the guide in a different way, and I am going to do it by parts because a lot of now-outdated information on talents and mastery are being hit and outdated builds. I want to draw attention away from those into these. Hopefully this is still as helpful.


These have been changed throughout the course of time, and now exist as:

It is important that you visit your trainer and train the Mastery ability to activate that last bonus at Level 80. The Holy mastery places an absorb buff, it says shield but do not expect a spell effect, that will absorb for a small amount of the amount healed. This increase by 1% per point of Mastery.

How Mastery works

Mastery is a stat taht we will not see on gear right now unless you decide to reforge your gear. You can visit a Reforger in any city next to the Enchanting trainers. You can opt to remove a little bit of a stat like hit, haste, crit, etc. and replace it with similar stats including Mastery. Mastery is similar to Expertise & Hit in the way it is calculated. You receive a small percentage of Mastery based on Mastery Rating.

Reforging a piece to add 16 Mastery added .35 points. It seems as if we start with 8 Mastery. To add a full point in mastery you need ~46 rating.

The Build

Right now, we won’t have access to all 41 points, obviously we have 5 more levels to go when Cataclysm is actually released, so we have 36 to work with now and 31 must be dumped into Holy before we can receive any other support.


2/3 Protector of the Innocent – 3/3 Judgements of the Pure

3/3 Clarity of Purpose – 2/2 Last Word

1/1 Divine Favor – 2/2 Infusion of Light – 2/2 Day Break

2/2 Enlightened Judgements – 1/1 Beacon of Light – 3/3 Speed of Light – 1/1 Sacred Cleansing

3/3 Conviction – 2/2 Paragon of Virtue

3/3 Tower of Radiance

1/1 Light of Dawn

–I have not opted into any abilities that increase damage and chose not to do Aura Mastery as I have not benefitted from its ulility in Wrath. I also opted to not take Blessed Life as I should as I should be more focused on healing and using Holy Shock on ever CD for Holy Power–


3/3 Divinity -1/3 Eternal Glory

–Whether or not mana may or may not be a concern, the ability to do HS+WoG+WoG could be an invaluable asset–


1/3 Crusade

–It can be debated whether to take two points in this and none in Eternal Glory but as I mentioned before I believe the combo, and added healing of this talent, is priceless–

But there you have it. I hope to see this change a little bit so that our points aren’t so “cookie-cutter” when we hit 85 but for now we go with what we have got and as always, feel free to ask questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Stay tuned for glyph updates and other 4.0.1 tips!


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The Healadin in 13066 & 13536

Okay, it is time to take a look at what I have gotten behind in over the past week. There is a CataBuild (13066) and PTR Patch 13156 that I have been missing lately!


I’m just going to jump right into the small amount of changes for Holy that come from this build. These changes are neutral and minimal.

  • Spiritual Focus no longer gives you hit based on your Spirit. Renamed to Paragon of Virtue – Reduces the cooldown of your Divine Protection by 10/20 sec and the cooldown of your Avenging Wrath by 30/60 sec.
  • Enlightened Judgements now also grants hit rating equal to 50/100% of any Spirit gained from items or effects.

We keep the hit rating aspect of Spiritual Focus, and the cooldown on Avenging Wrath is beneficial, it can now, at 2/2, match with the cooldown on Divine Plea, which we can remember the cooldown being doubled and its effectiveness cut in half. Otherwise, being able to take less damage at a quicker CD, can help save lives, especially with all of our passive healing to self.

A side-note from 13082

  • Rule of Law no longer increases the critical effect chance of Holy Shock, affects Hammer of the Righteous instead.

While this change does remove some of the healing utility from the talent, we can still gain benefits from its remaining effects on Word of Glory.



I think it is great to see something direct (i.e. healing) been increased. For far too long we have seen increased cooldowns, decreased mana tools, etc. These changes affect our our overall healing in a positive manner but I still struggle with the fact that we have far too many buttons that do too similar things.

In previous attempts, a HS+HL could accomplish the same thing that one expensive FoL could pull off. The effectiveness of my go-to-heal in Wrath is babified in the face of its successor, Divine Light. I equate the use of these heals to the Priest series: Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, etc. They massively buffed our healing arsenal but didn’t do anything radical to change it. Will it be worth casting fast, expensive…or slow and hefty…or eat up that Holy Power.

Note the major change in this build from the last one is I removed a point from Protector of the Innocent and Aura Mastery to get 2/2 in Paragon of Virtue, as of right now that is the only change until they decided our remaining points don’t need to be so “cookie-cutter” (source).

Well there you have it, the latest changes for those of us who call ourselves healadins and maybe someday soon we will get to test it out!


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Build 13033 (Cataclysm & the PTR)

So the latest bit of news is that recently, the PTR received a massive patch. This thing was a few GB worth of massiveness information overload. The Holy paladin, after settling into some of the changes with the tree, received a blow that really hurts, in my opinion. What could have been a strong build with support from the ret tree now looks like a hodge podge of talents slung everywhere BUT the holy tree.

First let’s take a look at the changes.


Enlightened Judgements now also Increases the range of your Judgement by 5/10 yards.

This change is addition to its other effect that your judgements heal you for x amount when cast. If you take into consideration that Ret received changes recently that reduced their Judgement range from 15/30 to 10/20 we now have to spend 4 talent points to maintain our 40 yard stance to judge. I could see more detrimental changes than this but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us all the same.

Divinity is gone, moved to Protection

What!? I was so excited this was moved to the Holy tree. We started off beta pretty early with the change to put this in the holy tree…it makes sense to be there imho…but alas, they’re going to fill its spot in the Holy tree with more useless talents. It is getting really hard to get 31 strong points in the build.

Protector of the Innocent is now a Tier 1 Holy Talent and has been revamped – Casting a targeted heal on any target, including yourself, also heals you for 1240.83 to 1427.62. (Multi ranks, but currently all with the same value)

Somewhere, I am sure that they are saying the less we have to heal ourselves, the more time we spend healing everyone else. Which that is true…but…I would perfer to have stronger heals to perform on everyone than just healing myself for minor flesh wounds all the time.


Divinity is now a Tier 1 Protection talent.
Protector of the Innocent is gone, moved to Holy.

This just sums up the changes that I have already talked about and I fully believe this flipflop of talents was stupid.


Selfless Healer now increases the effectiveness of Word of Glory’s heal by 25/50% when used on others.

More often than not, we will use Word of Glory on others so could be a highly beneficial change. However, sorry to get your hopes up but it is currently Tier 5 in the Ret tree. With that said, let’s take a look a potential build:

Holy: All talents that have points are max rank. This gives us a total of 31 points. Chosen talents are Protector of the Innocent, Judgements of the Pure, Clarity of Purpose, Last Word, Divine Favor, Infusion of Light, Daybreak, Enlightened Judgements, Beacon of Light, Speed of Light, Sacred Cleansing, Conviction, Aura Mastery, Tower of Radiance, and Light of Dawn.

This holy tree excludes talents that boost damage such as Denounce. It also has no points in Blessed Life as you should not be getting hit. Start with 2 ranks in Protector of of the Innocent and work your way down; there has been some debate where to put the last point and I went back to Protector instead of Spiritual Focus because I don’t seem to have any problems with my judgements hitting and I will not miss a heal.

Prot: Divinity increases healing done by up to 6% and Eternal Glory has a 30% chance for Word of Glory not to consume Holy Power. Both are great for healing and with the Divinity change it destroys our ret support.

Ret: Improved Judgement for range and Crusade for Holy Shock healing. In previous builds, we would have had access to Rule of Law for Word of Glory and Holy Shock critical effects but unless you want to take those points from the Prot tree, we can no longer get there.

My plea is that they will put Divinity back into the place it had called home and take away our protector! We save not protect! Maybe that should be a mantra? Maybe not.

Anyways, with these changes done on the PTR, there is one more thing that I don’t think was out with the last patch on the PTR or maybe I just hadn’t noticed but…CULTURE SHOCK at seeing this:

Yes, I had a spell power/int gem in this piece…do as I say not as I do?… but spell power is no longer a stat on gear or gems…and int gems are red…and…MY PLATE HAS SPIRIT. It isn’t that I didn’t know these changes were coming, it is just that…well, there they are!


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The Leveling Healadin Part II

As promised, many moons ago, here is the continuation to the leveling guide to illustrate builds that will help leveling through all three arenas.

If you are looking for information on ways to level or heirlooms/Bind-on-Account items to buy, check out Part I.

Also, if at anytime, you need a quick reference to the leveling guides, they will be permanently linked in the right side bar with other helpful leveling resources.

Disclaimer: All builds go to Level 60 at which point you would be able to chose selective help from other trees and decide your best options from the Prot or Ret trees.

What build to chose?

As mentioned in Part I, the method of leveling you chose to do is strictly up to you. There are talents and glyphs and other things that will help you more significantly in a chosen method, so it is wise to chose a dominant method and build yourself up for that.

The three methods, again, are instancing, PVP, and questing. Each of these arenas are hard for a low level healer to really get any footing because the combination of lack of abilities and lack of output are haunting and burdening. But in a positive light, there are always ways to maximize the experience and life-span of the lowbie healer.

The Instancing Build

If you intend on leveling through the use of the Dungeon-Finder tool, it is strongly recommended to have a build that resembles one you would use as an end-game healer. This is because you will hold the lives of four other people in your hand constantly, and you will want to maximize your throughput and longevity as much as possible. This will help you do your job and maintain a level of efficiency. These days, being an out-of-mana (oom) healer is complicated because groups are in such a hurry.

If you are looking to use this method of leveling, try this build on for size.

Leveling Guide: Instance Build

Things to note on this build is that you are maximizing your throughput with haste effects, critical chances, and general output. What you will also see is that Blessed Life has one rank. Leveling can be dangerous with new tanks, this talent will help you (paired with the Spiritual Focus in Tier 1) to minimize the effects if you take healing aggro and no one realizes it. This is a general basis to Level 60, a cookie-cutter for baseline maximizing. Other tips for this method of leveling would be to finish Improved Blessing of Wisdom and Imp. Concentration Aura beyond Level 60. You could also switch Blessed Life to fill Improved Blessing of Wisdom if you see you are having no problems, it is only needed if you find yourself having problems with damage.

The Questing Build

This build will be very similar to the build used for PVP specs, so it would be reasonable to blend the two methods of leveling. The significant difference between the two will be damage vs. survivability. In a questing build, it is good to boost damage reduction as well as damage output. The reason for this is because it is still possible to have great healing output and manage to survive the quests and not spend hours on the same one. In the Holy Tree, there are some of these options available to us. There are also talents built around reducing the knock-back if you need to heal yourself during battle for quests.

Leveling Guide: Questing Build

Things to note in this build are the talents that maximize your general output as a whole. The two judgements talents (Enlightened Judgements and Judgements of the Pure) and Seals of the Pure are must haves for questing, these not only boost your effectiveness at healing (the judgements only) but they also increase seal/judgement damage and your ability to hit. Being the center of attention from any quest mob, Blessed Life is also a must. These less you have to heal yourself, the more you can focus on killing the mob. Talents like Spiritual Focus and Improved Concetration Aura will help your casting as you’re being attacked by the mob; this effects healing spells but also Exorcism, a major damage output.

You will want to fully utilize the damaging abilities in your arsenal like Consecration, Exorcism, Holy Shock, etc. That is why the talent Purifying Power is beneficial by reducing mana costs mainly for damaging abilities as well as Cleanse/Purify.

There are a lot of talents available to boost damage output in the Retribution tree so you may see help from that tree when you are finished with holy but note there are other talents useful for being an appropriate healer, even if you are questing, like Holy Light, Divine Illumination, and Infusion of Light.

PVP Build

This particular build could benefit heavily from the Protection tree but as PVP deals a lot with close range and your inability to do anything but heal, we will go with talents that benefit and help with you taking damage. The healer in most battlegrounds will be the target of many and there will not be much you can do in the way of killing them. So stick together and stick to a build that looks something like this.

Leveling Guide: PVP Build

Something important to note in the difference between a leveling PVP spec and perhaps and end-game PVP is the existence of ranks in Blessed Life. At lower levels, you’re missing something that most high level PVP’rs will have and that is Resilience. There are some boa’s that help with resilience but for the most part, your gear will have none on it so minimizing the damage taken is beneficial. Note the other points of this tree help with silences, fear, pushbacks, curses, diseases, poisons, and stun effects; all of which are common occurrences in PVP. As a PVP healdin, most out-of-tree help can be found in the Protection tree for further damage reduction and increased healing talents.

Other Important Things of Note

I would like to make it clear that these builds are ones that I see most beneficial for leveling. I have tried to explain all differences and illustrate why they may not look like the spec of the top Level 80 paladin healer. These are by no means raid worthy for end-game content and may not be the typical cookie-cutter builds but as I modify them to help you get started, you are always free to modify them as you gain experience and see how things are working for you. These are meant to serve as a guide not law.

It is also important to know that with Cataclysm, these builds will no longer be valid as the trees are going to a 31 point base. I am doing my best to cover the constant change of Cataclysm information, including trees and ability differences. There are build pictures available for Cataclysm Healers if you’re interested in end-game healing with the new expansion.


I sincerely hope that these builds benefit you and that it helps you to become a more confident low-level healadin. Take this knowledge and show the world how healing is done…paladin style! Good luck!

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Cataclysm: Paladin Talents & Mastery Changes

There is an updated Talent & Mastery post for 4.0.1. This post info is from the first release of information. Click here to get up-to-date info!

I know that these are probably going to keep changing. However, I am very excited to be on the top of the information for once and I really enjoy watching the changes that get made for better or for worse.



This time around, the trees receieved a full overhaul and even the masteries were changed a little. Starting with the mastery stat, in previous Cata-Builds the ability Holy Shock was going to be available to all paladins and the Holy Tree had 3 mastery talents. This is no more. Holy Shock is back to being exclusively Holy but doesn’t require a specific talent point as it does in live WotLK. I also realize that it may have come back a few builds ago but I hadn’t noticed. We also see the incorporation of another mastery skill in this build: Spiritual Focus.


First, if you are looking for a build of the last Cata-Build, I apologize for the failed links in my original 31-talent post because they seemed to have linked incorrectly. There are some pretty outstanding changes to the talents as described in the last update including new talents and the removal of an extremely loved talent. One major benefit to the current build (12539) we can get significant help from the Retribution tree.

Specific changes in this Cata-Build includes:

Tier 1

Sanctified LightDivinityJudgements of the Pure

Spiritual Focus has been removed from the tree and incorporated into Mastery.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose (3/3) – Reduces the cast time of Holy Light by up to .3 seconds. This is similar to Light’s Grace but is a constant instead of proc or percentage.

Healing Light (3/3) – Has been changed from its current version to increase the healing done by Word of Glory (ps. that is a srs wtf name) and the healing/damage of Holy Shock by up to 30% at max rank.

Improved Lay on Hands

Tier 3

Illumination – Divine Favor – Infusion of Light – Enlightened Judgements

The only thing to note in this tier is that Divine Favor sports the same icon as the beloved Divine Illumination but does a 100% crit chance on the next heal. It is still a chained talent.

Tier 4

Beacon of Light has been moved down the tree again from Tier 3 but suffers the same nerf it received in the last build.

Speed of Light (3/3) – A chained talent from Infusion of Light, this talent can grant up to 30% spell haste after casting Holy Shock for the next healing spell excluding Word of Glory. It also allows Healing Hands to have a shorter cooldown and provide a movement speed buff.

Sacred Cleansing – Still 1 talent point to remove magic

Tier 5

Aura Mastery – Improved Concentration Aura

Denounce (2/2) – Not perceieved to be a raiding talent but viable for leveling as any holy spell will grant a 50%-100% chance that your next Exorcism will be instant and mana-free.

Tier 6

Tower of Radiance (3/3) – When healing the Beaconed target, holy spells have up to 100% chance to grant Holy Power (stay tuned for information on this)

Blessed Life

End Tier

Light of Dawn (1/1) – **This ability currently does not have a tooltip in the beta talent calculator and for simplicity I have found the tooltip from Kurn** – 21% of base mana, instant cast, 30 second cooldown, Send a wave of healing energy before you, healing all friendly targets up to 30 yards away for 1.

Well, assuming it’s for more than “1″, yowza. This might actually be a worthy 31-point talent.

Ret Tree Support

Rule of Law (Tier 1 3/3) – Increases critical strike chance of Crusader Strike and Holy Light by up to 15%.

Crusade (Tier 1 3/3) – Increases…healing…by Holy Shock by up to 30%

Conviction (Tier 2 3/3) – Gives up to a 3% bonus to healing after receiving a critical strike by any spell or ability. This can stack up to 3 times.

I believe it is possible to get support from the Prot tree at this point but I don’t believe the talents you have to take to get to that support are viable right now. Basically saying the means don’t meet this ends in this build.

This is by no means an in-depth analysis though I did input on the occasion, it is merely a relay of information to keep on top of things as the paladin class undergoes a massive overhaul. One of the topics covered in the latest BlizzChat on Twitter was the concept of Holy Power and how it will work, as soon as I find more definitive information on it, I hope to get it to you.

Thanks for tuning in!

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