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Tuesday with Tarinae 2/1

And we’re back! We I apologize for the gap in your World of Warcraft news but here, giving you a kick start to your February!

First the fun stuff!

Core Hound Pup Adoption Campaign

Feel the love.

Adopt the pup.

Win an iPad?!


Blizzard wrote a complaint to Paypal about goldsellers using PayPal as their means of collecting funds due. When PayPal received the letter they offered them the chance to prove they are not infrigning on “intellectual property” or their mechandise will be removed from the websites. Blizzard – 1 Gold Sellers – 0!

The Heartbreaking News

We have spent a few weeks waiting on 4.0.6 to arrive and yet…we find our selves waiting some more. This morning rolling restarts were performed and the realms were already playable by 12:30 EST. And as always you can check out the patch notes; they were last updated January 28th! If you are really antsy to play newer stuff, you can always download the PTR and test; please email me or comment and I will gladly help you figure out how to download it if you do not know how!

Thanks, Byez, and Pictures!

Thank you all for the great congratulations on the blogoversary and the birthday! I had an absolutely fantastic day and coasted on that loving, natural high all the way through the next 24 hours. I hope that you can enjoy my screenshot as a token of my appreciation. It was taken from within the scar in the Badlands illustrating that there is always beauty waiting to be seen, even if from the darkest places.


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Tuesday with Tarinae 11/16

With the rain and gloom hanging around outside my bedroom window it was pretty hard to get out of bed to write this, especially when it is warm in there and so “brrrr” out here! I could go on and on about the best $30 I ever spent 5 years ago being this amazing “sweatshirt” blanket that says “Don’t fear the Turtle” (ps. Maryland Terrapins!) but I figure I will just skip right t the good stuff I actually got out of bed to talk about!

Insane in the Membrane

Yes, it was explained that insane in the membrane would be gone, not gone, but unattainable after The Shattering given that the reputations would be different and the Shen’Dralar would be gone for good. However, it has been retracted and the objectives have been changed. For those that have already done the Shen’Dralar, you also will get a new Feat of Strength in a patch in the who-knows-when future. Check out full details here on the community site. There was a blue post that started the removal mess but now, given the changes google won’t help me find it.


Rohan and Blessing of Kings recently did a response post to a forum post on thoughts about the authenticator. This is a great time to point out a couple things about authenticators. I have one, it was free and it is on my phone. I thought that would be a little dangerous (my iPhone had already had one restore before that), but not having the extra layer is more dangerous! As a Guild Master, the new guild interface allows us to check mark a box: Requires Authenticator, for you to even have access to the bank as any given rank. I don’t currently have any set that way, but I could see it changing after Cataclysm and our first guild meeting. Also, you don’t have to have an iPhone/Driod, or even order a keyfob now. There is a new Dial-In Authenticator available. It is more freelance and will only require you to call from a SPECIFIC phone if something seems out of the ordinary with your login. If I went that route, set up my cell phone, and wanted to play on my parent’s computer…guess who’s cell doesn’t get service…I think I will pass.

Fire Shall Rain Upon The Earth

The image can be used as a 1600×900 wallpaper.

Phase 4 of the Elemental Invasion has begun and Orgimmar & Thunderbluff are being ravaged by elementals. The evacuation process has begun and if you find yourself unable to survive the horrors, you too can evacuate by visiting the portals in the inn. It is your civil duty as a member of the Horde (andiguessofthealliancegaglol) to defend and protect our cities by placing the barricades and destroying the invaders! Stand close to any rift as you finish its demise for an elemental buff; obtain all 4 (Orgrimmar: Fire & Earth/Thunderbluff: Wind & Watter) for Tripping the Rifts.

When the battle (event) has ended, see the Valley of Honor or the are of the Guild Bank Totem Pole for Boss Portals (2 elements in each city). You will have the chance to queue to fight the bosses we all remember. The bosses that had our lowbie arses for dinner at some point: Crown Princess Theradras of Maraudon (Earth), Kai’ju Gahz’rilla of Zul Farrak (Water), Grand Ambassador Flamelash of Blackrock Depths (Fire), Prince Sarsarun of Ahn’Qiraj (Wind). Each instance has a daily quest that depending on how fast your groups start, you may have to be a ninja to pick up!

Also on a side-note of lore, Prince Sarsarun is a model after the boss that you have to defeat for the legendary Thunderfury quest line!


ZOMG Oh hey, it is a patch. Yes, this patch is dropping today with about 700MB of data. No, this is not The Shattering.

This patch sets the game up for 4.0.3a The Shattering to occur but currently no game changes are happening and no new race/class combos are available.

There is no release date on The Shattering but I am wondering, will they really release it 2 days before a holiday? I hope not, guess who goes out of town for almost 5 days next Wednesday. So that leaves 11/30 which is only a week before the Cataclysm; really, just a week? Or will they surprise us with a random maintenance on like, Thursday?! That is what I am hoping for, but I doubt it.

I certainly am glad that the invasions are lasting more than 1 day, but I don’t want them to last a week either, that could get really annoying.

Random Tisbits & Goodbye

The loot that this event drops is a little less sentitmel and cool than Wrath’s event. Vrykerion, Paul, and myself all agree that “epically cool” > Epicz! I mean when you think about it…Argent Dawn TabardArcanite RipperVAMPIRIC BATLING…versus gear that will be outdated in a month? Yeahhh. Totally.

Also, I am still trying to get a header for this theme, or I may see what else is available. *Puts on thinking cap*

And whether or not you buy the digital download or disc copy, servers will not go live until 12:01 Pacific Time!

And now, the first server up ping is resonating, so go; download the patch and play! Remember the 5 instances per hour when you are farming those bosses in that short time period!


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