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Tuesday with Tarinae 10/12 (Codename: ZOMGPATCH!)

Well, today is the day! 4.0.1 is going live! Simply put, this means that you will have A LOT of time to read this. The servers went down 5 hours early for maintenance and it is expected to be extended an hour as well. Typically, it runs from 5:00 am – 11:00 am but today is an already notified twelve hours. My goal is to get the guide out today, I don’t know how far I will get to be completely honest, but let us go ahead and take a look at what is going on so I can work on it!

4.0.1 Resources

I could do a huge list of guides to help you for each class on 4.0.1 but instead, I will direct you to Windsoar who has already complied an amazing resource page for every class. The list really is just awesome, she put a lot of hard work into and I hope that I will be on it soon! Also, I would like to redirect you to Angelya’s Gem Conversions if you need to know the new gems for re-gemming. Also, be sure to check your mailbox for the gold you will be receiving for outdated currency.

Lore in 4.0.1

Last night, our Horde held a world event to show our respects to Thrall. You know you’re a little into when it makes you want to cry. I have said for A LONG TIME, I would serve under Thrall in real life. Granted he might or might not be an orc in real life, but he is a great being.


For the glory and honor of Thrall! For the Horde!


It was awesome. It was also followed by what could be called the 21-Gun Salute for someone of great honor and great service! Spectacular.

Something to Pass the Time Away!

This is hilarious and I edited the post for this as my boyfriend was watching as I published! Something great to pass away the time and laugh at!

What I’ve Been Up to

Getting my guild back together! That is a great one, but I won’t share those escapades right now. I have marked off several things on my Bucket List including doing ZG. I’ve added getting Exalted with the Zandalar but the coins are crazy expensive now. Annnddddd….I totally killed fought the Lich King. We didn’t make it far into phase 2 as the transition was pretty complicated for the group. It was a guild run that I happened to be asked to fill in. I am still in need of <1000 rep to be exalted with the Ashen Verdict.

What I will be up to!

I don’t know why I am particularly excited about this patch. I have to learn to play all over again but I will still be leveling my babies and I will still be playing Tarinae and…maybe my DPS…maybe taming some new pets to fill 20 slots…and maybe whoring out my Gem-Cutting expertise…and one thing for sure…I will be having fun!

What will you be doing guys? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear! But I am off to work on the guide that may or may not ever surface! Good Tuesday and may the positive thoughts end our maintenance time!



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Talk time with Tarinae 10/6

Okay, so for the first time since like…April, I failed to get this done on Tuesday. I have done late nights before but never not on Tuesday, I’m disappointed at this massive blogfail. Anyways, there are a few reasons for it but I won’t go into some girly rant about being too busy or never having enough money or having a great time with her boyfriend. Soooo, I will just explain that and the lack of posts since last Tuesday as I am going out of town to my parents…to a place where play time will go down and time alone to write will go up, so I have been saving things to do! But there are a few things to tell you now, so I will get on with it!

My latest accomplishment!

I never did the Paladin quest for the mount when I was supposed to. I am pretty sure I still paid out the wazoo for it and rode around on an undead horse and eventually they made the Charger/Warhorse thing available from the trainer, so I didn’t even need to. However, there is one aspect of this quest I decided was worth paying ~1500g in mats and money. I already had most of the regular based mats including the Pristine Black Diamond, so…with the impending death of everything we know, I did it and introduce to you, Blood Knight Tarinae!

I photo journaled the fun parts of the quest and thought one shot would make a great Halloween wallpaper but alas, she is standing in the picture triumphantly!


The latest talk, and expectation for yesterday, was the release of 4.0.1, the Cataclysm systems patch. This patch will not change the world, it will change how you play. By that I mean you will see implementation of stat changes (spirit for healadins, etc.), gem changes (Ang has a great conversion chart!), 41-Talent Points/31-Point trees, reforging, etc. Flexible raid lock-outs are coming with this patch as well (I will talk about what this is in a minute). I am unaware of any official statement on this release date but it was expected for October 5th or 12th and the arena season is ending October 12th, money is on that. But while we are talking about official announcements…

Cataclysm’s Release Date!

It has been announced (officially) and the date is set for December 7, 2010! That is a Tuesday (figures) for those wondering. This works with a timeline for us to see 4.0.1 next Tuesday, a month from that 4.0.3 and roughly a month after that…the expansion!

Flexible Raid Lock-Outs

I thought about doing an entire post about the implications that this could have on raiding dynamics (ooo a sociological word there that is!) but I decided against it since I am neither strictly 10 or 25 and just PuG for “necessary” gear. However, I think the idea of being able to finish a raid with multiple PuGs will be down right helpful. It stinks doing 4/12 when you see someone else is already on like 6/12 and you just had the feeling you should have joined that one…well now you can. It seems the logistics of its implementation are a little confusing but you can read it for yourself, in the blue post.


There is not much to say about this patch other than it will be the patch set right before the release. In the Under Development section of, this patch is called The Shattering and will bring with it something I asked about and was told no, not going to happen, but something I am terribly excited to see…new race/class combos! I will be able to roll that troll druid and gnome priest! Now this is something to look forward too!

A Sociological Moment

I make it no secret that I am a Sociologist (oh to be paid for it someday!) and currently, am a participant in a longitudinal study about WoW-Gamers by one of the founding researchers I cited for my senior thesis. The study is about social dynamics and phenomenon including gender, out-of-game identities and activities, social constructs, etc. I believe this is a great study into the mind of the gamer, we’re not the ones to be ignored as we are the ones that provide a magnitude of dynamics to a world that is inevitably social. Anyways, before I ramble any more, the researchers of the project have developed a blog of findings. I encourage the intellectual side of you to check out PlayOn 2.0 and read the latest findings. The recent data includes things like number of mounts, number of falling deaths, and the number of kills based on empirical evidence. I am sort of in heaven.

And now it is time…

To say good-bye, to all my company.

I had a really good end here but I am going to leave it at that. Brownie points if you can finish the song!

PS. You know you are a little addicted when you cry that your PuG25 spot was taken.

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Tuesday with Tarinae 9/28

So I overslept today having forgot to set my alarms, yes there are 3 of them. All the same, let’s see how much I can squeeze into the last Tuesday of September!

Shout-Out & Link Love

Okay, so I am really behind, but I would like to give a BIG congratulations to Angelya who found out that she is “sprouting a sapling“! I am so happy for her and the Mr. Ang!

Congratulations Pewter, the Mental Shaman, on her position at!

I enjoy lore, I’m not a junkie, but I genuinely like the story of WoW. I also enjoy finding things in game, not necessarily Easter eggs, but little funny things. I found a post over at the Harpy’s Nest on an interesting self-help/advice book. I encourage you not to listen to it but to read it!

I’ve been a little lax on my Blog Azeroth participation (I hope I get a laptop to fix this problem too btw), but there was recently a Shared Topic I really wanted to participate in but I missed it. I enjoyed reading what everyone else has pack-ratted away! Check out all the Mementos!

I would also like to direct your attention to twitter, Rio from Postcards with Azeroth has decided to join us!

And as always, check out Oddcraft for the latest election news between Hellscream & Windrunner (with a lil bit of someone on the side)!

Amazon Date Fail

Wow, way to be presumtpuous! Amazon sent out emails claiming the release date of Cataclysm would be November 23. This date is not backed by nor is it confirmed by Blizzard, who still has not released any information on Cataclysm or 4.0 release. My thoughts are since October is starting this Friday, it will likely be sometime in November, I simply hope it isn’t too close to Christmas, I have no money the way it is!


I heard it through the grapevine that portals in the Santcuary cities of Dalaran & Shattrath are going away. Having looked at it yesterday, I can confirm that on the PTR they are still there (I did not try to go through them) for the alliance in Dalaran. All 5 portals are there. Why they would do this, I’m not sure. I heard it was really convient to keep your hearth at Dalaran because of the lack of a new neutral city like it. But now, I’m not so sure, you would be stuck there and still have to fly away. Maybe they are making mages worth it again? I don’t know. This post talks a little about it and has links to ALL sorts of other Cataclysm news including a link to information on the new guild chat in the mobile armory.

PTR News

It is a little complicated to run a pre-made character right now given that professions are not working for more than the majority of people. Running gemless and enchantless doesn’t give quite the same reflection at max but it does at least illustrate some of the potential, and what it will be like leveling with new rotations and things to watch out for.


My time is up, I now have to eat lunch and get ready for work. Silly over-sleeping. Hope this is coverage to keep you held over til next time!

I will see you all next month!


Disclaimer: Sorry about any typos or grammar errors, in a time crunch! ‚̧ though!


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Tuesday with Tarinae 9/21

Hello everyone! Here we are back for another week of WoW goodness…I’m at a loss for an really good introduction today. So let’s just move on, shall we?

Blog News

I have done some updates around here including an updated Blogroll & Bucket List. I am also getting steady views per day to be in the three digits! Now, I started blogging January 29 so I have definitly taken my good sweet time building up readers but I appreciate every single one of you. I missed my 6-month anniversary but I am working on some way to celebrate that big anniversary! I am also trying to hash out a new header or perhaps a theme, neither of which are working right now. Just wanted you all to know!

Playing Partner

After almost 3 months, my boyfriend has decided to come back to WoW. In preparation for Cataclysm, he is setting up a faction-opposite sister guild to Age of the Phoenix so that we will all have a home in the alien territory that is the Alliance. We have done things out of the ordinary, things we have never done before. His RP story for his character, Azazoth, was to end with him killing Isillien, and now…that is done. It opened a lot of lore for me I did not know. If you have not done it, find Tirion Fordring in the Eastern Plaguelands (on the western border on the south side of Terrordale cave) and do his questline. Your time to do so is running out. We also did Dire Maul…all of it! It was a lot of fun. It involved a lot of WoWhead-ing, and backtracking but we got it done and I got Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise!

Speaking of time running out…

I took this picture recently while leveling a baby and it is lovely. I have thought long and hard about when to share it, but now seems good. This may be the last time I ever look out onto this site with the Cataclysm coming…


The time to get drunk is here! If you are the inappropriate age to do so…now is the time to live vicariously through your avatars…BREWFEST IS HERE. This holiday event is pretty straight forward with eating, drinking, and killing but there is something you may want to know. Originally, I started playing WoW around the time of Brewfest, my laptop sucked SO bad, I had no idea there were drunk effects. I didn’t see anything blurry at all. This time, I noticed that even though I was completely smashed, I saw things just fine…I ran crooked…but saw just fine, so I wondered to myself why this was. Had they changed it? And finally, I found it and I want to share with you. If you dislike the drunken visual effect, turn off Full-Screen Glow Effect! And be warned….the music will haunt you everywhere you go!

Harvest Festival

While we are on the subject of holidays, Harvest Festival is pretty simple. You do one quest to honor fallen heroes and then eat whenever that’s all. You get a non-soulbound book for the Horde called The Horde’s Hellscream. Most people want to get rid of it, it serves no purpose other than lore. For this holiday, I suggest doing it once and checking out Rio’s Honouring Heroes postcards.

Yes, there was a patch.

The big thing this week was “What was that patch”? It served to download tools including the background launcher that was apparently broken for the content data patch. No, it was not a keylogger.

Gnomeregan vs. Zalazane

Quick content review: I can only finish the Zalazane event having no Alli over 75, but the quests leading up to the event are amazing on both sides! I heard the troll was better but really…”They may take our lives, but they will never take our…INNOVATION!”

Good-bye ladies and gentlemen! *she bows off stage to loud applause*

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Tuesday with Tarinae 9/14

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Tuesday with…me! I am glad that you could make it! There is no QQ of nothing to talk about this week, in fact I have plenty to share so I won’t hesitate to get started! *scrambles for post-it notes*

Oh no, not de Echo Isles mon!

Zalazane’s rule over da Echo Isles be comin’ to an end mon. If you didn’t happen to notice (you get a cool letter in da mail), the events for the reclaiming of the Echo Isles and Gnomeregan have started. It went live shortly after I was complaining about nothing to talk about last week, and have not been able to since tell you about it.

I was seriously let down by the Zalazane event. If you haven’t levelled a Hordie doing those quests, Zalazane was a b!tch to kill. Over and over I faced death to defeat the HexMaster Voodoo Daddy. But if all it took was one fatal swoop to kill him, why did we wait this long? I was really hoping for a lengthy event of dailies and readying resources and the like…but alas…you do it…he is dead…it’s over. Whoop. I was a little let down.

I haven’t experienced the Alliance event yet but here is a screenie from the release day masses!

The event was massively popular within the first 24 hours, but like I said, when it is done it is done and there is no more. It is sad.

Tarinae & her Recruits

Public Test Realm

So the word is that the PTR for patch 4.0 is now available to play but there is a massive delay for character copies. This patch is for the pre Cataclysm release content. As far as I have been told in #Blizzchat’s the new race/class combos will not be available in 4.0, they will require Cataclysm but we will see.

September Festivities

With today being Tuesday 9/14/10 it is important to note days of September that are hopping with things in game. Harvest Festival (not to be confused with Pilgrim’s Bounty) starts this Thursday 9/16 and goes until the 22nd. Overlapping with that holiday is the infamous Brewfest. It is about this time three years ago that I was introduced to WoW in the first place so it also marks my gaming anniversary! I did say September was hopping didn’t I…like barley and hops…get it!?! 0:)

Azazoth & Tarinae -- Brewfest 2009

Player Update

I felt like I needed a moment to you about Rotface. What a formidable foe he is. It seems that PuGs are incapable of killing this festering construct of a beast. Recently, I was healing a 25 man run, mind you we had our share of healers, and he was at <1%…more like .3%..and we wiped. It was devastating because it was to be our last attempt. But we also tried Dreamwalker in that run…and I really need to figure out this portal/bubble/stack thing…it was my first go at her and I understand the mechanics it is just maneuvering to get the healing stacks I need to perfect.

On an additional note, I am so mad at the Lady Mother of the RNG. I am so close to making a blood sacrifice to get some drops and/or rolls!! I cannot beg hard enough for the Marrowgar shield to drop nor can I plead hard enough to win a roll for a Mark! Alas, QQ!

Models: Troll & Worgen Druids

I have mentioned them before, the forms for the new druid races, but the recent interaction with Zen’tabra, the Troll Druid, has sparked my excitement again. I am so thrilled and she is just so awesome. While surfing around I found the latest release of the bear/cat forms! Check it out, I am LOVING all except the worgen cat!

With that said…

I leave you with one thought…

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Tuesday with Tarinae 9/7

Hello first Tuesday of September…day that I have to go back to work. I can’t deny that this weekend was spectacular. The past weekend I had been under wraps with strep throat and while my traveling plans changed due to that, it was still fantabulous. I hope all the American readers had a similar weekend and it was restful enough for us to drudge ourselves back into work today. But we’re not here to talk about me, we’re here to talk about…

Helpful hint from your neighborhood healers

Angelya has been pretty busy, but took the time to let all you non-healing/dead people in on a big secret…don’t ask for a res. I would have taken the time to comment but I thought I would elaborate on my thoughts instead. If I, the healer, have to WALK MY SCRAWNY ASS BACK…so do you. I say that bluntly because it’s true. Without a viable reason, like you need to pee while we run back, you have time just like the rest of us to do the cartin’ of the bottom.

Recently, in Magister’s Terrace, we kept dieing, and while four of us ran that cross country journey, the “Imapullaggro” mage just kept saying “ah, just res me” over and over. It ended in the removal of his spot in the party.

It really is unfair to the group if you think you’re too good to walk with them. It is unfair to make your healer drink and eat if you aren’t willing to do the same thing after a wipe.

Mind it.


While I contemplate tidbits of randomosity, I realize that I am coming up empty handed. I could tell you that my boyfriend supports my blogging enough to make me lunch while I do this, but you don’t want to know that. You might want to know that The Guild’s new episode is out. I could even ask if you know what imagginni is, which was tagged on at the end of a search that brought more than one person here. Maybe you would want to hear about Ruby Sanctum and the rant that it is difficult to pug. But really…there is no juice. No spice. Maybe I am not digging hard enough! Oh, here is something!

Date Changes

A week or so ago, a friend and reader, Tasha, found that was claiming that their pre-orders for Cataclysm would arrive on or just after November 30. That gave us HOPE that we would see a date announcement soon. But alas, going back to link this information to you and the date has been changed…12/31/2010, which we know it is this year. Hopes and dreams were shattered and I still don’t have a beta invitation.

Speaking of Beta…

Wanted to send a congratulations to Morynne who recently go her invitition. Check out Marks-365 for hunter beta information!

Don’t forget politics!

And always, Vrykerion brings us the top political coverage in the Warchief Elections! Thrall vs. Basic Campfire! Check it out and see who the guest star is!

But that is all…

It is time for work, so I must bid you farewell and hope this week holds enlightenment!

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Tuesday with Tarinae 8/31

Good bye August. Another month has come and gone. Time flies. I don’t even know where last week went but it was a murderous¬† week dealt out by the evil hands of Orcus, The Demon Prince of the Undead, I am almost sure of it. On top of a mountain of disasterous news, I have strep throat. I have succeeded for 23 years in never having this awful illness but now, working with kids, guess what. 101 degree temperature and 3 days of nearly nothing to eat, I am still exhausted. I have maxed out the extremes of my iPhone while watching a House Marathon, a Ghost Whisperer Marathon, and a season of Inuyasha while I lay dyeing on the couch.

So…for that reason…I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Aside from the post on Saturday, I have touched the computer only to pay my (conviently) cell phone bill. So I leave you with this and I am going to go hide under the covers again, but I do have medicine now!

I love images of space and the nether. This works well as a 1920×1080 wallpaper I do believe. And as always, I encourage you to check out some of my favorite screenshot artists over at Revive & Rejuvenate and Postcards from Azeroth.

Until I am well, may the light be with you.


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