Sharing the Beauty

Okay okay, so I know that I was taking a break from WoW but a very dear friend has gifted me with some time because the moths in my wallet are no fun. All the same, I have been re-analyzing how I am looking at this break from WoW and I know now, and know it well enough, that this is not permanent; this is a “let’s hope I get the promotion” and more money.

But to calm my anxieties, and there were many, about not playing I made my background one of my favorite screenshots of all time. Not only did I love the main storyline in this zone it has become my favorite in appearance as well. This image is working as a 1680×1000 desktop.



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5 responses to “Sharing the Beauty

  1. Such a sparkly zone 🙂 A lovely pic as always!

  2. Mally

    Beautiful pic, and yes, lovely zone for storytelling.

  3. Tasha Lee

    And you rock the house yet again. I ❤ my BFF.

  4. purrrrrdy. I really hated the questing in the zone so only did it on 1 toon, but seeing this pic makes me remember how pretty it is no matter what 🙂

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