The Blogoversary!

Okay, so this is the time of my blogaversary! Wow, I have been doing this for a whole year! That is pretty amazing in my eyes. I have some blog news to cover and then move on to some of the highlights of the year!

First, I would have to admit with the Scout’s Honor that this happens to be a very bad time for such a monumental occasion…I have been in a terrible internet rut for about two weeks. Facing some health issues (not terrible but blah), starting a new diet (12lbs baby!), excerising, and a whole lot of just looking at the computer and wishing it was the TV.

I will also be looking for a new theme to carry me further into 2011, so don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of dust flying around this place as it goes under construction!

And even though my technical anniversary was yesterday (as in I created the blog), I decided to wait until today to do the write up because it is the day of my first post AND just happens to be my…..

So it is a very special time today! I mean how often to you get to turn 24?!

I’m going to share the statistics that wordpress pounded out for me for 2010 starting with my health meter that surprised even me:

About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was viewed about 51,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it. Since 2010, I have generated 7300 page views in less than a month!

In 2010, I’ve written 135 new posts, not bad for the first year! From those post I have generated 430 comments.

The busiest day of the year was May 4th with 1,584 views. The most popular post that day was For the Children!. The particular reason that this post was so popular, and I was very proud of it to be honest, was that I was linked as a holiday guide on WoW.Com! They referred almost 1000 viewers and the post had 5 pingbacks and 4 comments! I did work pretty hard on it as I hate those series of acheivements I tried to share my easy-ways-out!

Pulling out my very first post from the dungeons was Beacon Who? with 328 overall views! This article was what got me started into blogging after applying for the healadin column with Adam responded that they really enjoyed the piece and my voice but that they had decided to stay internal but not to quit writing. So, January 30, 2010 I put that out here for the world to see and have been doing great ever since!

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and I’d like to thank all of these wonderful sites and/or bloggers for linking my content and placing me in their blogroll! Bossypally and Rhidach are some of the first blogs that I started reading, so I feel really honored!

Some visitors came searching, mostly for paladin mastery, healadin 4.0.1, healadin, holy paladin build 4.0.1, and cataclysm holy power. Recently, since my amazing Secret Santa post, I have had a surge in people searching for the Dark Phoenix as well! I am proud to direct the tons of people looking for healadins in 4.0.1 to my spec and stat priority posts that are part of my current guide that surpasses the 4.0 changes! With the current patch notes, neither of these should change drastically but should they need it, you will find them updated!

My top 5 posts for the year have been:

Running right behind all of those would be my Recycle A Post: Gylph Analysis which is now outdated and links to an updated version that is climbing in views: 4.0.1: Glyph Analysis! The Leveling Guide is a strong resource that answers a lot of the questions people have about the BOAs they should be using as a leveling healadin!


I would love to get out of my general internet rut and back to a good steady posting routine. It seems that the only post that I get out is Tuesday with Tarinae and I opted out of that this past week because I simply couldn’t muster the strength to sit at the computer and write it. I would also love to get back into Shared Topics; Blog Azeroth was a strong part of my beginning and I kind of just dropped off the face of Azeroth (ha – you see what I did there!). I would love to write more compelling stuff that gets my readers interested and encourage them to comment more and/or email me thoughts; a blogger of this type of material is nothing without readers. This isn’t a personal journal and I am so glad you guys have been here to share it all with me. I have made some great online friends in the year since joining the blogging/twitter community and have branched out from just a little blog to co-hosting and guest appearing on podcasts.

I think this year has been a great start and I hope to see more progress in the future, but I couldn’t do it with out you, the reader, so thank you!



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11 responses to “The Blogoversary!

  1. Congrats on one year of posts! AND happy birthday! I always look forward to the Tuesday posts and your great outlook on the game. If I ever roll a paladin I’ll be here to check out your guides, no doubt. πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! Grats on a year blogging! Here’s to many more blog posts! *Cheers*

    And happy birthday!

  3. Happy Blogaversary, Tarinae! πŸ˜€

  4. Grats on your first year!

  5. A very happy Blogaversary AND a very happy birthday too πŸ˜€
    Grats on your successes and keep up the great work!

  6. Yay! Congratulations on your blogaversary AND your birthday! It is a huge milestone and accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself. The blogging community is made better with your insights and presence. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Can’t wait to read many more posts in the future. πŸ™‚

  7. Very happy blogaversary to you! And a super happy birthday to you! *blows horn and throws confetti*

    I didn’t realize you started blogging about the same time I did. My 1 year blogaversary is next week and I have all these plans for my blog the occasions and it’s so sooooon. New header…must make!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts about the paladin class, as they’ve closely mirrored mine at times. Unlike me, you stuck with it. I’m quite enjoying my priest for the time being, but I think of my paladin as being in a restful sleep and every once and awhile, I wake her up to level her some more (she’s 82 now). There’s something in me that won’t let me drop the paladin class entirely and I hope I can turn to sites like yours when she hits 85 so I can get myself truly caught up with the ins and outs of the holy paladin way of healing.

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