[Holy] 85 Guide: The Spec

This is part of my healadin guide for those interested in end-game healing as a paladin. You can view the important stats for healadin incliuding stat priority in the first installment by clicking here.


They way the current talents are working there are a variety of different ways to plant a certain amount of points. Given the options, I will go through each tier to highlight the options.

Tier 1

Arbiter of Light – This is a DPS talent given that our judgement crits give us no benefit and we don’t have Templar’s Verdict.

Protector of the Innocent – At least 2/3 is recommended here to fulfill the 5/5 points to move to tier to. This allows every heal you deal to others to deal a small self-heal amount that is also transferable to the Beacon target.

Judgements of the Pure – Maximize this talent 3/3 for a full 9% haste. This buff lasts for one minute and you should try to maximize its uptime to all close as 100% as possible.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose – This is not one of the aforementioned optional talents. This reduces the cast time of Holy & Divine Lights by upto 1 second and with those slow, spend-forever-casting-times you’re going to find these necessary.

Last Word – Whether or not you are an avid user of Word of Glory or not, given the other options this talent has a great life-saving mechanic.

Blazing Light – This talent is unneeded as an end-game PVE healer as we do not use Holy Shock in damaging ways.

Tier 3

Denounce – This talent is a leveling based talent given that it focuses around Exorcism.

Divine Favor – Haste & Crit? Yes, please!

Infusion of Light – If you are a Holy Shock-aholic, critical effects will directly shorten the cast time of Holy Light by 1.5 seconds.

Daybreak – No HS CD? Cha-ching.

Tier 4

Enlightened Judgements – This provides judgement range, hit rating from spirit, and a judgement self-heal. This talent can be optional given that the range is small being only 5 yards and we don’t get that much from hit rating other than for jdugements; our heals will not miss.

Beacon of Light – Take.

Speed of Light – More haste? Yes, please.

Sacred Cleansing – Given the mechanic changes with Cleanse, to remove magic you must spend this point.

Tier 5

Conviction – At 3/3 you can get to a maximum 9% buff to all healing done. This is one of the foundations for crit being on the priority stat list given that it procs from Critical Strikes.

Aura Mastery – Take.

Paragon of Virtue – This has a good benefit to reduce the cooldown of Avenging Wrath by 1 minute which matches it with Divine Plea. Given the buff to DP, off-setting the remaining deficit with AW will make stronger heals during the 4.0.6 9 second duration of DP with a remaining 20% boost to healing for a remaining ~10 seconds.

Tier 6

Tower of Radiance – Given that this no longer benefit and grants HoPo from Holy Light casts (and hasn’t benefited from HS in a while), it has been debated in dropping this talent but I still find that the benefit of this talent are somewhat strong when fast HoPo may be needed or for general tank healing benefits.

Blessed Life – While this talent is specifically a PVP talent, people have reported specific fights or occurrences where the HoPo generation can be as great as 17% of all charges generated; however, these are very specific mechanics when this happens.

Tier 7

Light of Dawn – A spell that has been changed multiple times since its induction as our 31 point talent, it can still be a decent heal and use for HoPo but it does require skill in placement as it is a directional, conal heal.

((For Prot & Ret tree support, check behind the cut!))


Divinity – Increases healing done to and by you by 6%!!!

Eternal Glory – Optional but beneficial! I have ran a chain of 6 WoG.


Crusade – A great boost to Holy Shock which should be an integral part of your healing arsenal.

Improved Judgements – Increases Judgement range up to 20 yards. Using 2/2 here and 2/2 in Enlightened Judgements can provide the same range we used to have access to but if you find yourself standing closer to melee for LoD or Holy Radiance efficiency, you can decide how many points to use if any, the same for Enlightened Judgements.

So there you have it, a simple analysis of a very standard spec that includes a standard variety of the optional talents. I don’t have any theorycraft for any of the mechanics available but would love to answer any queastions that you can leave in the comments or email me *points to address banner on the left bar*

Good luck healadins!



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4 responses to “[Holy] 85 Guide: The Spec

  1. UFTimmy

    With 3/3 Tower of Radiance and 2/2 Blessed Life, I had twice as many Holy Power gained from Blessed Life as I did from Tower of Radiance on my last raid.

    I don’t think it’s nearly as niche or specific as you’ve made it out to be.

    • And its quite possible that that is correct. I haven’t experimented with any points in Blessed Life and am going on the reports of others, but that was towards the beginning of progression raiding.

      Given particular play styles and use/generation of HoPo, BL could still be a variable talent for some.

      Thank you for the thoughts 🙂

    • Thoger

      Agreed, after examining the world of logs of some of my guild’s BWD runs, BL gives me a lot more HP than ToR does. In fact, even eternal glory generated more HP for me.

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