Tuesday with Tarinae 1/11

I am sitting here wondering just who is buried under all that snow. I am on a snow day myself on this frigid January afternoon. I think it is about time to get caught up on the WoW news and share some of the goodiness with you!


Okay, so this isn’t WoW related but it is MMO related. I recently played in the RIFT Beta but sadly, I didn’t really realize that it was a limited event and I didn’t get to play for very long; I barely even got into the game. The world is very graphic heavy, almost so intensely that even a brand new computer that supports WoW on ultra settings sees lag. Granted the drivers need updating but still worth noting. There are (just like WoW) 2 factions that both start from being reborn from the dead. There are “soul” trees just like talent trees that start with improved spells (i.e. Improved Void Bolt). And I am in love with the Defiant symbol. I really didn’t get a good feel for the gameplay but I am interested in trying the next event.

There is also a lovely connection to WoW with RIFT because hey….we’re not in Azeroth any more!

If you are looking for full impressions check out the reviews and recounts from the guys at Massively.

World of Warcraft Suit

It is intense to think that someone would take on Blizzard’s (Activision) for World of Warcraft for patent infringement, but it has happened. After suing Facebook last year, Walker Digital has done a “double play” by suing Blizzard-Activision and Zynga for a gaming patent infringement about a tournament database or something. Massively has the write up and links for full details.


The patch notes for 4.0.6 are now out and are on the PTR. For the most part this is a balancing patch that is supposed to work out the kinks. A drastic note is the change to druids healing, Nourish & Healing Wave have new learned levels and as I am about to partake in that for our podcast, I get to try it out with no prior experience, so I can’t really cry about it because I have nothing to go on. The other changes that I am very sad about are the changes to Retribution Mastery. It was so fun and different from all the other ones but now it is just the same…now it is boring.

There are also hints at what will be coming in patch 4.1 that you can check out including a new raid and other dailies!

Scattered Thoughts

The breakfast topic on WoW.com was about how Cataclysm disappointed us. There are still so many things that I want to do that I am taking my time to do because there is so little for end game. I haven’t done a heroic, I haven’t done dailies over and over, I have a bajillion and seven alts and just dropped a maxed profession to restart something else. I don’t want to be bored in a game that I love.

But with all that said, I wish you the best this week and remember that the is the only time for 100 years it will be 1/11/11!


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