[Holy] 85 Guide: The Stats

When attempting to find out what a holy paladin needs, it can be complicated and hard to sift through all the numbers and coefficients that are produced on sites like Elitest Jerks. To a casual reader or player, these sites never really seem to answer the questions that you’re really asking; I’ve decided to to an end-game guide for Holy Paladins in a simple form.

I’m going to start with the basic question: What stats help Healadins?

The super simple answer to this question is Intellect, Spirit, Haste, Crit, and Mastery.

But even simple answers can have simple explanations.


Intellect is the strong foundation for everything that a healadin needs, it lays the base to build upon by providing:

  • Mana (Maximum)
  • Spell Power
  • Spell Critical Strike
  • Mana Regeneration

To clarify that maximum mana is our highest mana possibility with buffs like plate specialization, kings, paws, brilliance, or food like Pickled Guppy. Base mana on the other hand is the minimal amount of mana that you have while being naked and completely gearless. Maximum mana directly improves mana regeneration from things like Divine Plea, Replenishment, etc.

Spell Power

With the release of 4.0.1, spell power was removed from gear, gems, and possibly most food options and/or flask options as well. The main provider of spell power is Intellect and it does appear on weapons. Spell Power is a stat that has the most potency when directly effecting our healing abilities by making the spells hit harder.


Haste for a healer makes the spells we are trying to cast move faster. With Divine Light and Holy Light having a base cast speed of three seconds, haste directly effects how slow or fast we can cast these abilities. The haste cap at 85 is well over the 3000 mark and around 27% which is hard to even contemplate at this tier level. The cap places you at the maximum 1 second GCD (Global Cooldown).

At a haste rating of 747 (5.83%) DL & HL are at an ~2.6 second cast.

Remember that as a holy paladin, we can gain 9% haste by taking 3/3 points in Judgements of the Pure and judging a minimum of once per minute.

Critical Strike

Crit was once a a prioritized stat given that it had high mana returns but that feature has been removed. Given the low amount of over-heal crit is now better than it was at the end of Wrath. The direct benefit is that when a spell crits, it hits for extremely more meaning that we will cast less, and in turn drain less mana. Critical effects from virtually every ability including Protector of the Innocent proc Conviction that stacks to 3 buffing healing by 9%; having enough critical for the most uptime of Conviction is optimal.


Our mastery has taken a long time to be recognized in our healing done, it is arguable whether or not is still being counted accurately or not but either way it doesn’t seem to play a  big enough part with such a small effect that we can barely send a tank in with the buff long enough for the first hit. This is produced by direct heals and not through Beacon or PotI.

It takes approximately 179.28 Mastery Rating at Level 85 to gain 1 point in mastery. Noting the tooltip above, our shield will gain 1.25% absorption for every 1 mastery (~179 rating).


The strongest source behind our most solid mana regeneration. The amount of mana regenerated through spirit is buffed by the amount of Intellect that we have. Typically, the amount of mana regeneration from spirit in combat is reduced to spirit but part of the holy specialization (Medititaion) allows 50% of our mana to continue regenerating from spirit while in combat. Spirit coefficients are complex and hard to determine but if you’re having mana troubles, try obtaining more Spirit.

Stat Priority

  1. Intellect
  2. Spirit
  3. Haste
  4. Crit
  5. Mastery

The position and priority of mastery and crit can change depending on gear and further tier levels but it is debatable for the time being. It depends on how you notice your uptime of Conviction is working whether or not you need more critical strike rating, but for the most part Crit can be reforged off into other more efficient stats.

I hope this first installment of the Level 85 guide helps, please stay tuned for more information and helpful tips to making it as a healadin.



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  2. “It takes approximately 179.28 Mastery Rating at Level 85 to gain 1 point in mastery.”

    Oh… Em… Gee. I’ve never actually seen the conversion rate for Mastery until this and I gotta say, those numbers hurt my soul. And my head. Possibly my kidney. But thanks for this breakdown. 🙂 I’m slowly leveling my pally up and he’s shaping up to be a dual spec tankadin/healadin (because honestly, I already have enough DPSing toons), and this definitely is better than combing through the threads for the answers! 😀

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