Random Musings

So, I logged out of the game this afternoon to do some laundry and go to the grocery and now…I am stuck…locked out of playing.

Let’s face it…cable television sucks…my Plants vs. Zombies free trial is up…facebook holds nothing…I’ll blog instead!

I have been analyzing my main server list of characters and what they are capable of.

Tarinae is the only level 85 I have at the moment and I haven’t even run a single heroic yet, I’m still taking my time with this…I’m not powerleveling straight to burnout. Her Jewelcrafting is at a standstill with only metas being orange and Shadowspirit Diamonds are 400g+ on a good day! Her mining is maxed out and her cooking is leveling steadily. I haven’t allowed Archaeology to become a time sink though I know it will happen. Her analysis is coming on whether or not I like the healing structure still. It makes me wonder why I liked healing in the first place and what was unique about the healadin.

Chakae has only moved slightly into leatherworking standing at 460-something I believe. I really don’t like the focus mechanics. I can’t get the hang of it, it is too much of the rogue aspect that I don’t like. Out of the energy/focus based classes or specs, feral druid is the only one I enjoy. I don’t know what direction my hunter will be going but I don’t think I can delete her. Yes, I have attachment. Not to mention LW was hard as sin to level, I hated it. But what do you do when you look at a toon that is 81 and just sigh?

Cassela is steadily making her tailoring craft better as well as moving on up in the level wise. She has 525 mining and is level 82 and has replaced several pieces of her gear with Deathsilk items. What a waste. But I have come to the hindrance of whether or not I want to be arcane or fire. At the moment I 3-4 shot mobs before they get near me as arcane but I don’t see any beneficial talents that haven’t already been filled. I really enjoyed fire play and I hear it is doing really well at 85 where arcane requires acknowledgement of phases and mana management to keep benefiting from mastery. Not that arcane isn’t do-able but fire was fun during my little stint before Cataclysm.

My slew of low level alts are seeing their random pieces of love. I recently rerolled my goblin shaman in the thought that I need to have at least an herbalist to fund my troll druid scribe and I don’t like starting at a negative with herbalism, I hate it already so I got her restarted and went herbalism at Level 5. I also am struggling with the decision of whether or not to roll and play my worgen priestess who technically already exists but I would like to play with my boyfriend but I don’t know when he will be rolling new alts.

At this moment, I have 3 available slots because 2 of them haven’t logged into existence yet but I have intentions to play them.

This is a random post, just me blabbering on about the state of toons and the decisions and paths that I have been working on over the last few days for each of them.


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  1. paperclip

    I’d just like to point out that druids really make the best herbalists (tauren druids especially). Herbing without shifting from flight form is just really convenient – almost to the point where I’d expect a nerf.

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