Tuesday with Tarinae 12/21

Okay, so today has started off on the wrong foot. I woke up to an email that said my billing address for my iTunes account had been changed…well I don’t recall moving and getting a new fancy address within the last three years….so my first instinct (after a paypal disaster) was to check my bank account, it is safe…I realized that my credit card was not attached to my iTunes and I decided to check that…WHERE THE HELL DID MY $4 go…great, someone hacked my iTunes.

Now before you go hating on me for not protecting my computer, I do. I have Kaspersky that was heavy duty enough to remove a root kit on my boyfriends old computer before it completely destabilized and destroyed his computer. I stay away from questionable websites, don’t use any P2P services like limewire, or anything of the like. I don’t know what is going on.

3 Years ago my wow account was hacked and held hostage by a playful hacker who wanted even more money from my friends but he got caught. Blizzard was great in helping me and I have an authenticator now.

I hadn’t used PayPal in over a year since I had been a sophomore in college and one random day they hack that and steal my credit card and non-existent money to buy Aion. The bank was great at handling the fraud case, amazingly awesome in fact.

And now, iTunes. On Thursday I bought some Florence & The Machine songs and downloaded them on my computer. I frequently run these virus and spyware scans and they return with no threats detected…how is this getting through, I think to myself. I don’t understand; it really does a lot to make you feel vulnerable and insecure.

But apparently, there was this massive mess with email addresses and usernames and I wasn’t the only one who happened to have their iTunes wanted…but they did happen to get mine.

I have used my secure iPhone to change the password and account information and have a response form into Apple, they claim a response in 24 hours so I will wait and see, I hope they are as good at handling this as everyone else has been in the past.

But really…that should have been a rant for a personal blog…and I don’t want to taint this lovely column with my bad mood, so here…have some pretties…I told you I would save them for a rainy day.

Naga infested areas can still be beautiful, huh!

The World Pillar

The Ruins of Lordaeron


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5 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 12/21

  1. Sar

    The problem with internet security, is that unless you have
    unique email addresses and passwords for each account that you have
    / use, it doesn’t take a failure on your part to become
    compromised. All it takes is a failure of some site that you use,
    that has a copy of your email address and password on it. The
    recent Gawker media hack, might have been how your email / pass
    info was compromised. Basically if you ever commented on one of
    their blogs your info would be in their database and probably was
    compromised. There are tools such as LastPass or KeePass that have
    a master password, and store passwords for your other accounts, and
    allow you to generate passwords for each account, so that none are
    shared. Anyway… in the connected world we live in, its not just
    your security thats important, its who you trust with your name and

  2. Sadly I have been hearing more and more reports of folks having their iTunes accounts hacked. My father in fact had his hacked, the individual bought close to $100 worth of music and movies, and my father submitted a help request he was told that there was nothing they could do to reverse the charges. His inquiry to his credit card company lead him to be told that they have seen a rash of hijacked iTunes accounts recently and that best guess was the iTunes servers themselves have been compromised.

    He has stopped purchasing anything at all from iTunes and cannot even download free apps because he is unwilling to have his credit card attached to his account again.

    Sorry it happened to you as well Tar!!

    • I seriously hope that the credit card company was able to do something if Apple wouldn’t. The bank that I use has a great fraud department when this occured with Paypal!

  3. I’ve had my iTunes account hacked too. Never my WoW, or my Paypal, just iTunes. Thankfully they don’t show your entire credit card number on iTunes even if you have the password, so all they could do is bill stuff on iTunes to me. Given my credit card is maxxed 99% of the time, (it’s my only free spending money every month, so I usually end up spending it pretty quickly on new music, movies, games or, well, anything that strikes my fancy), this didn’t result in much except not being able to download free stuff until I could confirm my credit card again when it was paid off.

    So, I changed my password. Things returned to normal for about a week, then I found myself locked out of my iTunes account. There’d been so many bad attempts to login to iTunes on my account that they closed it and I had to do a recover lost password to my email account to get it reactivated. This happened again and again, every week.

    Finally, I just changed the email address on my account. Hasn’t been a problem since.

    • Thanks for this tip! I ended up having to change my email address. I changed my password and billing address, they gave me the credit, then I try to download a free app and I am locked out of my account…

      It seems that for now all is good 🙂

      Thanks everyone for the support!

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