Tuesday with Tarinae: Cataclysm 12/7


Well the day has finally come when the expansion is live. We have waited for this day for a while now and I would love to have introduced it as the end of the world, but we know that The Shattering has already happened, Deathwing is out and about killing people with his wings of flaming death but yet here we are, still waiting but the wait is over. Regardless of whether or not you bought the Digital Download, the Collector’s Edition, or physical DVD’s you still had to wait until that lucky moment of 12:01 AM in the Pacific Time Zone. For me, that meant that I wasn’t able to play until 3AM, and I’m okay with that, I have taken the day off work, and for approximately 24 hours will be pretending that nothing else exists.

Last Tuesday I asked for submissions about what everyone will be doing today (or this morning) because there are a plethora of options available. Are you going to be a Realm First Illustrious Grand Master? Are you going to be one of the 2×10^45 worgen or goblins in the starting zones? Are you heading to Hyjal or one of the other zones to work to 85? Are you exploring the zones? What about archaeology? Will you immediately train flying in Azeroth?

I am sure I can keep going with the options but instead of asking the questions, I will jump right into what people are saying for their answers. As for me, I will be starting a worgen initially then I will work to find a delicate balance between 85 and my 1200×10^20 alts that may currently exist. I am very excited to fly in Azeroth; can you imagine the screenshot opportunities?

Allexant of Shadow Council-US  & Lou will be leveling worgens; a priest and druid respectively.

Gazimoff has told the mage forums his launch day plans:

I’ll probably be hitting the Tailoring and Enchanting trainers first before diving into Vashj’ir. My first aim will be to get to 81 and start running the Throne of the Tides as soon as possible.

Jaedia says:

Move over to Hyjal/Vashjnir and QUEST LIKE A BITCH :3 *ahem* level my Priest speedily.

Rades has an interesting take on the experience:

I will be making a new goblin and worgen. Questing can wait, but that initial swarm of excited ppl won’t! One-time experience!

Moody is…

Going to try to get up to 85 first. May take breaks to start a goblin and a worgen.

AF Guildmate @Zombiegopher says:

Probably 85 first, with dungeons on the way. Unless the 80-81 zones are so packed it drives me insane. 😛

Tasha will be joining me…

I’ll be rolling my Worgen Warrior and playing through the starting zone then showing my favorite warrior Aleksondra some love.

R&R’s Angelya comments:

As soon as midnight PST strikes however (6pm at my place), I’ll be on my Druid, heading for Mount Hyjal :) Can’t wait!

Fobok blogs that his plans are to get his paladin to 85 and he discusses there just how he is going to do that!

My loving boyfriend says:

I’m going to be waving to all of my friends from puppy land.

Psynister makes me smile:

My plan is to roll more toons so that I can delete more toons…in order to yet, roll more toons!

And after a great chat with Cynwise, he has decided that he has not decided.

So there you have it, what your friends around the WoW community will be doing come this Tuesday, whether it be 3AM or 6PM, we will all be finding our very own ways o enjoy this game. As far as I am aware, race changes will be available to the new races upon the release of Cataclysm but there are not Realm First racials any more to compensate for race changes.

If I don’t see you in game, I would still love to know what you have been up to today or what you will be up to!

I hope you all enjoy the expansion release day!

((PS. I just threw in random block quotes to break up the text a little bit, blocking it all made it very spacey!))


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