The Cataclysm Line Experience

Only three people deep, I have successfully been in this line for 2.25 hours and my feet have gotten sore and I am horribly bored.

I stood in line for CE:Wrath for 15 hours and had a blast watching Kung Fu Panda and eating Subway in lay away. After a while we had a little group chatting it up…even if they were elitist.

But what has the digital download done to the “standing in line” experience? Virtually ruined it…see what I did there?!?

Even when you pre order you get to stand in line for the handout buy when you go digital why leave the comfort o your own home?

When you live in major cities where awesome events are occurring (can’t link at the moment) then the draw to go out is there but what about in cities like mine, it is just depressing and freaking zero degrees with windchill.

So here I am, sitting with Paul and another gentleman either waiting for the big crowd boom or to go home…at which point I will be forced to wait three more hours to play!

What. A. Day.



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3 responses to “The Cataclysm Line Experience

  1. There is no midnight opening here, the store is opening early at 8 tomorrow but I’ll be sleeping then, as my schedule is so messed up due to a stupid cold. My father has to pick it up for me anyway since my building’s elevator’s damaged and I can’t get out, so, I’ll get to try it when I wake up. 🙂

    I should have got the digital but I wanted the CE for a change!

  2. I wish I knew people here who were doing the midnight release (and that I didn’t work tomorrow ;P). I lined up overnight for a Wii shipment in the middle of winter a few years back, and I’m glad I did it. I wonder if in major cities with tons of players it’s like a party? :O Hope the rest of your wait is enjoyable and annoyance-free!

  3. Gah. I live in NYC, should be big enough, and there were no events that I found.

    I sit at home with my cats and my digital download.

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