20 Days of Warcraft: Day 6

Okay, I have been pretty lax at doing this. I blame it on my troll druid…and Silverpine…and Sylvannas. Yeah, that is who I blame it on! You can find that I have already done:

And now I am moving into Day 6:

Favorite Dungeon & Why?

The easy part of this answer is Shadowfang Keep.

The hard part of the answer is why; it has been my favorite instance since I started but up until recently, I don’t know if I had a solid reason but since I have grown as a player, I certainly do.

For one, I love the soundtrack that plays in there. It isn’t that the soundtrack isn’t used in other places but it fits SFK. There is something epic and dangerous about the music, that we’re coming upon a man who brought a curse upon the world and we must hurry lest we fall to the curse.

And let’s face it, before the recent changes, the Robes & Belt of Arugal and Feline Mantle were some of the best items in the game for that level, and this was way before the times of heirlooms. But those weren’t the only items. There was the Butcher’s SlicerCommander’s Crest….Silverlaine’s Family Seal…these items are so amazing I can remember them, know that I have used them all at some point or another. Okay, it is a little fib to say I used the shield, I’ve never tanked like that, but in essence, it is STILL amazing. And the lure that maybe this would be the one time you would see Shadowfang drop and all your financial troubles could melt away was always there.

I know believe that Shadowfang is a myth, I have ran this instance for over 3 years and have never seen it drop.

But it isn’t just that…IT IS LORE! OMG, the intensity of the lore in this place before and after The Shattering is phenomenal!

This video explains the origination of the worgen within Shadowfang Keep as well as Archmage Arugal himself. This movie is absolutely phenomenal in and of itself. I encourage you to watch it!

Post-Shattering, once Arugal had been defeated and his spirit slain, Shadowfang Keep was dormant until the traitorous Godfrey and his undead lackies moved in for refuge. I will not spoil this lore for you but I suggest, and highly encourage and recommend, that you start with quest line that stats at the Forsaken High Command on the northern border of Silverpine. You start by seeing the conversation between the Banshee Queen and Garrosh (who shall never be referenced as the Warchief) and the phasing starts from there. This series is not listed as a chain but it seems you must do it in sequence and follow the Banshee Queen until you finally have the quest Cities of Dust. You will experience cut scenes, phasing, Gilneas, and much more until the lore unfolds itself.

Once the quests are complete, when you venture into SFK, read those quests, know what is going on and be sure to pick your jaw up when you’re done.



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2 responses to “20 Days of Warcraft: Day 6

  1. Shadowfang really does have its great history. 😀 I just wish they’d answer a few more questions. Who had the Scythe after it was found again in Duskwood? Did the Black Riders successfully claim it and haul it back to Karazhan (presumedly for their master Prince Malchezaar, who seems to have a taste for powerful and historical relics.) Was the scythe really what was hidden in the package in the Grizzly Hills? So many suggestions, so few answers. Probably why Shadowfang and the Worgen are so intriguing!

    Oh and I must ask Tarinae, have you done the story line in Stonetalon yet? I’m kinda curious because of your “Never call Garrosh Warchief” stance. 😉 I know that story line has converted a lot of people, so I was wondering if you had played through it yet.

    • Stonetalon…no, I have only quested there once and it was a LONG time ago…I hear it is epic but I don’t know if there is enough potential to change my stance on Garrosh…I will hit there though 🙂

      PS. My boyfriend says that they could provide all the evidence in the world to support him but he will never do so given that Garrosh calls Sylvanas a bitch. A that point, battle lines were drawn lol

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