The OverLore’s Podcast

So, as promised, I thought I would do the write up and explain to you guys what is going on with this podcast!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Rilandune approached a handful of bloggers with the idea that with Cataclysm coming out, most people will rush through the new quests and the new zones and the new levels of awesomeness that is the new World of Warcraft.

I thought it sounded like a great idea (and still is!) so I said yes and decided to join in on the fun. We have hashed out all of the details, all 5 of us, including Fimlys who has helped us along the way and taken our production under the Twisted Nether name. We started as homeless goblins and ended up with a home on Gilneas-US as a band of 5 worgens, strong and determined to remember where we came from but with intentions to see the world!

Working behind the scenes has opened my eyes that I am still a newb at a lot of things. This has been my first experience in google groups and documents, voice recording, wordpress self hosted sites, etc. but I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

I am going to be putting an arm out there and trying druid healing…could you see this blog becoming The Emerald Tear…yeah, me neither!

So without further ado, I introduce to you, The OverLore’s!


Nibuca from Mystic Chicanery and Twisted Nether Blogcast fame
Tarinae from A Healadin’s Tear
Nevik from Nevik’s Notebook
Psynister from Psynister’s Notebook
Rilandune from Heroically Random

Check us out on twitter or at Twisted Nether for updates and information!


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