Late Night with Tarinae 11/30

Thank you for joining me on this last day of November. I apologize that this will be short but I really want to log in and shame on me for not having this post scheduled but I had some errands to run this evening after work. I must make haste…my baby durid is calling for me!

A Call for Submissions

Next week is…*drumroll*…Cataclysm! I would very much like to have some input from my readers on what you guys will be doing first. As of right now I feel that I will probably be rolling Naylana the worgen…I don’t know what class she will be but I have a feeling that will be what I do first. Then Tarinae will have some love.

Please feel free to leave a comment here or email me! Make sure to note if you want your response to be anonymous! 🙂

Technically speaking, I won a bet at work and I only have to work half the day so I will have some extra time eevn if I do have to take a small break. Yay for Cataclysm! That leads me to my next question!

How are you upgrading?


The Overlore’s

Soooo…did you know that I am going to co-host a podcast? Yeah, it’s lore and leveling focus. 4 co-hosts and myself will take our little 5-man band of misfits and wind our way through the world of Azeroth. The Overlore’s is a Twisted Nether Production! Be on the lookout here for more details and information on recordings! You will be able to find us on Gilneas-US Alliance.  (PS. I will do this in an official nice post explaining it all, I promise!)

I guess that is it for now. Have I mentioned I really want to play?


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One response to “Late Night with Tarinae 11/30

  1. Ooooh a podcast 🙂

    So, 5 sleeps to go, and I’m just mucking around on an alt, exploring and counting down. i really should get things in order, clean out my banks, etc… but I’m having too much fun exploring 🙂 As soon as midnight PST strikes however (6pm at my place), I’ll be on my Druid, heading for Mount Hyjal 🙂 Can’t wait!

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