The Shattering: Desolace

One of the zones I was looking forward to the most in the new world was Desolace. The zone was in horrible disrepair and was entirely out of date and lonely. It was once an eye sore but life and Earth will always win, for even the most beautiful flowers can grow out of the rocky mountain faces high into the sky…and Desolace is no different.


The next picture is of the newest addition to the Desolace map: Cenarion Wildlands. This image is an outlook from Ghostwalker Post (Horde). For other before images check out my guest post at Revive & Rejuvenate or Angeyla’s Photo Tour of Desolace!

Please note that while the content of the images belong to Blizzard, the compilation before and after images are my own pitiful attempt at imagery and they are licensed under my Creative Commons license.

A Screenshot Tip:

I found this tip late and in one day I find it from two resources on how to enhance the quality of the screenshots that we take.

Gazimoff illustrates the image quality differences while WoWhead recommends the enhancement for submitting screenshots to them!

As standard this is set at 3. A quality setting of 1 reduces the filesize of the screenshot at the cost of quality. A setting of 10 provides the best quality, but creates larger files.

/console screenshotQuality 10

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Desolace! What changes were you looking forward to that you couldn’t wait to check out? Underwhelmed? Overwhelmed?


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  1. Yikes… I haven’t been through the new Desolace yet – I didn’t realise how much it had changed! It certainly looks like a nicer place to be these days. 🙂

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