20 Days of Warcraft: Day 5

The meaning behind Tarinae’s name?

I adapted this question a little bit because the original question addresses my main. Well, without any hint of a doubt, Tarinae is my main. She has been my main since I rolled her 3 years ago and I can assume that she will continue to be my main throughout the Cataclysm expansion. She has been through her life changes and has spend a fair share of gold in the barber shop on look changes but she didn’t always exist as such.

Once upon a time, she existed as a nameless set of pixels on the character creation screen. Enjoying all that TBC had offered, I remember sorting through the features that the new-to-me blood elf race had to offer. Obviously, she has that very noble and very peaceful face with a fair skin tone and originally she had her hair in a noble bun the shade of the freshly fallen snow and her large golden hoop earrings hung majestically down from her Elven ears.

But the hardest part of the character creation was her name. It is always the name because it means so much; it says so much about your character in that first impression than anything else. It is also a name I am choosing to be known by in this virtual world, a name people will refer to me as. Given some much thought (and the fact that I play on an RP realm) I have always stuck to RP names, even on normal or PVP realms, I can never been known as “Pwnfacenoob” or “Wetwillywarlock” or “Cockblocker” or anything horrible like that. Could you imagine the vent conversations? So no, this, the naming of the character, is the most important step in the process.

I can prove my obsession to the naming game as I will re-roll any character any given amount of times until I am fully satisfied with the name, the way it looks in chat, the way it comes off, its pronunciation, and even the way the character looks with the name. My current record for striving for this level of perfection is 12. Tarinae however was a different story, she was perfect. She has always been perfect…even if she (like me) enjoys changing her hair.

So how did I come up with her name and what does it mean?

Well specifically speaking it means nothing as far as I am aware. At the time of her creation, I was a Latin student in college and was (and still am) in love with the Latin diphthong “ae” pronounced as a long I (eye sound). So using that as a basis for the end of the name, I simply went about putting different sounds together and just knew when I hit the mark! Since then I have been Tarinae or Tar for short but in no way is it pronounced like “tar” as in “tar pit”! And please, don’t call me Tarin…if you’re going to go that far…its either 1 sound or 2 letters!

So I will end off with a pronunciation of her name, but it will not be in IPA format.


How have you been saying it? Were you pronouncing it correctly?



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4 responses to “20 Days of Warcraft: Day 5

  1. I have to admit that I had it wrong, though I was close! I always imagined it pronounced tair-in-ay. Like…rhyming with marinade! ;D

  2. Yep, I thought it was pronounced just like Rades did, tair-in-ay.

  3. I must admit fault here too, I pictured it as tar-in-eye. Which now that I write it phonetically, seems rather silly. =) No one ever gets my name quite right either, which is why I myself started pronouncing it differently about 8 years ago.

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