20 Days of Warcraft: Day 4

First, I would like to wish all those in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you enjoyed your time with your families and had a glorious holiday! I haven’t done a meme post in lieu of content posts for the new patch but while everyone takes their tryptophan induced naps, I figure I would catch up and move on into Day 4 (which is a hard question and that may or may not be a factor in me putting it off).

Favorite emote & when to use it?

There are a multitude of emotes to use in WoW; some of them write out the action (i.e. /pet), some (e.g. /cry) have actions and audio that follow, while some simply one or the other (i.e. /dance or /silly). Essentially, while it has no effects, you can even make your own by /me. But the question isn’t what kind of emotes exist, rather what my favorite one is.

There are several that I do enjoy.

/pet: Tarinae pets Kida. -> Fantastic for feral form druids!

/facepalm: Tarinae looks at Allexant and covers her face with her palm. -> Best used when someone needs a facepalm.

/jealous: Tarinae is jealous of Allexant. -> Best used when he wins the last Zulian Tiger mount!

/love: Tarinae loves Azazoth. -> Make love, not War(craft)!

I even have /bow and /yw (which replaces /welcome for saying you’re welcome) wiggled into a JC macro that thanks them for their business and blesses the patron! I get mad props, yo!

But I think that of all of them /snicker: You quietly snicker to yourself. I snicker all the time at a bunch of things in game and in real life. Situations may be of a variety of situations that call for a snicker. You may snicker at a mildly unfunny joke, you may snicker because someone just made a fool of themselves, or you may use a snicker instead of the obnoxious laugh that can be ear-splittering for blood elf ladies.

I love /snicker!

There are also a LOT more emotes than I even know about, I am very entertained by what /talk is reported to say: You talk to yourself since no one seems interested.

Did you know that there is an entire list of emotes that exist in the game? I have never even seen some of these. But even with this monstorus list, I wish they would put in a /confused because I know I try to use that one ALL THE TIME but for now, I guess I will just remain /puzzled!




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