20 Days of Warcraft: Day 3

Favorite NPC?

I have given this much thought. And I have decided that there is no way to answer this question fully; it must be answered in three disctinct ways.

First, my favorite NPC Easter Egg

Hands down, that is Floyd Pinkus, the Thrallmar Innkeeper. I mean let’s just think about how cool Pink Floyd is and the awesomeness of this lonely innkeeper increases!

Yeah, they’re not the best, but they are iconic and I love it!

And then, my favorite Horde or Alliance Leader

I have thought for a long time that my favorite leader would be Sylvanas. I think the obstacles that she has overcome have been of a great magnitude and she has still risen to lead her people to their hard-sought freedom. She has put her hand out to them in the darkness and helped guide them back home. The betrayal of the King’s son was dire upon her soul and she was ripped from the mortal shell, only to rise and fight as the Banshee Queen. While her stern ideas and thoughts are rigid and driven, she too, is human retains her humanity, this is evident in thoughts of her sister, Alleria.

But, I have decided that her unbridled readiness for war is too much. And though he has stepped down, I give my life of duty to Thrall. In a world full of hate, racism, and war, he wants only peace. He does not want to fight nor disturb the balance. He understands much of what his people need and understands that the Earth, as we are, is living. He is well rounded and understands what must be done to save the world and everyone in it, not just the superior Horde.

But really it comes down to my favorite general NPC

This image is by no means mine. It is found on the Community Site FanArt and happens to be my favorite.

That’s right, High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane. For one, her model is astounding. Across time it has become a fan favorite to recreate. There are tons of images in a GiS where she “sexed up”. But above that, she is a priestess who leads an entire command, The Scarlet Crusade. Alongside Scarlet Commander Mograine, she is willing to end those who seek to destroy their holy mission. During the fight she puts everyone into deep sleep only to ressurect her fallen companion and together, they heal one another and will proceed to defend what they stand for. I have fashioned my own ressurection macro from her (to which some accept and claim their loyalty to me <3)

/y %t, arise my champion!

And let us not forget her lore:

The Monastery was once a proud bastion of Lordaeron’s priesthood – a center for learning and enlightenment. However, with the rise of the undead Scourge during the Third War, the peaceful Monastery was converted into a stronghold of the fanatical Scarlet Crusade. Under Whitemane’s command, the members of the Scarlet Crusade have become ever more extreme in their battle against the Scourge. Their grasp on reality was slipping and as time moved on, Whitemane and her followers no longer trusted anyone that was not part of their own Scarlet Crusade, considering them plagued. Large numbers of innocent men and women were tortured and eventually killed because of this. —source

There you have it in a nut shell! I could not decide easily between these three, and so…I shall claim them all!



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3 responses to “20 Days of Warcraft: Day 3

  1. Yeeeah, I wrote my post and then wished I’d mentioned Thrall. I *love* Thrall’s character and I do love all of the Whitemane fanart! It’s gorgeous.

  2. Thrall’s the hero of the game, so of course he’s the coolest. 🙂

    I really liked Cairne, and Magni, but they’re both dead as of tomorrow. 😦

    I have to say my favourite leader now isn’t actually a leader yet. Anduin Wrynn. Not for anything that’s happened in the game, but in the outside fiction. After reading The Shattering I can’t think of a more likeable character.

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