20 Days of Warcraft: Day 2

Favorite race and why?

Oh, this is so easy! My favorite race is Blood Elf. I could list all the vain reasons you could imagine:

  • Boobs! They’re not saggy like those Alliance Human boobs…they’re not rotten like undead either!
  • Clothes! Absolutely everything looks good on a Blood Elf!
  • Hair! ‘Nuff said.
  • Voice & Articulation! Strained voices talking about odorant…no thanks, I will take my facials and stupid jokes about bones in my nose!

But really, you don’t want to hear how hot blood elves can be, right? You want to know how much win their racials are:

Or, I could just chock it up to the fact that I don’t like playing monster classes, you will NEVER see me (in WoW, D&D, or anything) as an Orc! But even that can’t be the reason because I do have an undead (though I only have 1) and I do love me some trolls mon!

It must come down to how awesome Blood Elves are when we’re topless…

Yeah, it is definitely that…



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2 responses to “20 Days of Warcraft: Day 2

  1. Cool. 🙂 I like Blood Elves too, though I love Orcs for lore reasons as well.

    My favourite, though, has to be Dwarves. They’ve got the coolest city, they’ve got the coolest holiday, and they’re explorers, which fits my gaming style perfectly.

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