20 Days of Warcraft: Day 1

Before I even get started, I am going to admit to you that nothing on the holy paladin has inspired me lately. We’ve covered it all, not that there aren’t things to be revisited, this is a holy blog after all, but to revisit it now, means to revisit it again in approximately two weeks. I’m working on a few things from RP to gem priorities, but for now, I am hopping on the blog train and doing 20 days of Azeroth as brought up at Specced for Drama. You can still find the 4.0.1 survival guide on the sidebar and can still email me any holy business you have questions about at tarinae @ gmail [dot] com! Just be prepared to see more general warcraftiness until Cataclysm! /smile

So going with the full 20 day meme, we’re starting off with:

Favorite class and why?

In the three years that I have been playing I can easily tell you that my least favorite class is a dead-last tie for warrior and rogue. Simply put I am not a fan. What ranks as my favorite class is clear, no second best. No tie.

Above all else, the paladin is my favorite. I love the idea of hybrid classes; the one thing that drew me in to it was the ability (to be blunt) to kick ass AND heal myself. I had a world of options at my finger tips and could be anything I wanted to be.

I had no idea what DPS was when I rolled Tarinae (why yes, she is the first and is still awesome) but I had knowledge of a healer and a tank; even more, I didn’t know we should put our talent points in one tree. So when I stopped being a noob, cool went to farking awesome!

Back in the day, seals lasted 30 seconds, so there was dynamic to a ret rotation even if it was a lot of auto-attacking (Crusader Strike was level 60!) and then I always had that back up to heal myself when I got into trouble. Then I got bubble! Not that crappy little protective thing…I mean the shield of all shields…THE bubble and was in heaven.

THEN…I got Crusader Aura.

Back in the day, I had a major case of alt-itis. I tried it all, I had new GM jitters I suppose, but I did. The significant moment from rolling all of them was that I kept wishing I had the utility that my paladin had and no matter what, I kept going back.

Paladins in WoW to me are like Rangers in DND; they are the cheese to my macaroni (ps. did you know that Rangers are divine spell casters with a small spell list including heals? No? Now you do!). I love them both unconditionally and for both WoW and DND, each are considered my main: Tarinae, Level 80 Blood-Elf Paladin & Sabina, Level 13 Phoenix-Touched Deep Wood Sniper.

Hybrid…it is the new black.



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4 responses to “20 Days of Warcraft: Day 1

  1. I’ve only taken two classes all the way to 80, Hunter and Paladin. And of the two, Paladins are definitely my favourite.

    However, I haven’t really tried a lot of classes. That’s my goal for Cataclysm, I want to take one of each healing spec (two priests, a shaman, a druid, and my Paladin) to 85 before the next expansion comes out, so I can decide which I like best. (I’ll also be levelling a Goblin Mage and taking my Orc Hunter to 85 as well, but my priority willl be on my healers.)

    No idea if I’ll be able to succeed, but I’ll be doing my best!

    • I have an 80 paladin, hunter and mage. While Paladin is my favorite by far and Ranger (or hunter) is my favorite D&D class…I have fallen out of love with the hunter. I just don’t get the changes and when she was a raider in Naxx, pet control was complicated…but the mage….the mage at 80….runs in a steady 2nd place love for me šŸ™‚

  2. JohnnyDC

    Rangers in D&D are a bit overpowered! I mean I dont even understand how a level 1 ranger can do 3d6 on a bow and then double it on a crit. Poor mage only has like 1-4 hp… lol. And that’s before closing to melee and their dual wield… yikes!

    And wow paladin is the sauce! I just miss being able to instant cast divine storm on stuff… que que!

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