The ligh…where’d it go?

I haven’t been covering the latest changes for Cataclysm builds lately because the changes have been so minute if they really even effect us at all. But this morning, MMO Reports that PTR patch for 4.03a (read: The Shattering) has one signifcant factor I felt was extremely important to relay to everyone.

Holy Shock base healing reduced by 33%, from [ 3943 – 4272 ] to [ 2628 – 2847 ]

This change is seen in build 13316 and is in conjunction with the change to Holy Radiance in 13277. The change to Holy Radiance was expected given the boosts to direct heals, and it makes sense that the further away from me, the less it works. This however, takes our current staple heal (Hello, HoPo!) and cuts its effectiveness in half.

When most of us were beginning to see that light of the tunnel and dig ourselves out of the mess, they do this.

We will see where this goes; only time can tell.


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