Late Night with Tarinae 11/9

Hey everyone! Sorry this is late and short but I have been a very busy pandaren today and only have until dinner is ready for the next step to finish this!

Sneak Peek!

Oh my goodness, the sneak peek at the new pet store baby pets is amazing. It might be the first pet I consider buying!

Their release also comes with a Lil’ Ragnaros…but come on…a pint-sized boomchicken!!?!?

While you are checking out the sneak peak, be sure to notice the new community site that you’re looking at!

Downloading Cataclysm

Okay, so this may be a little behind but as of now, you can purchase Cataclysm, download the client, and you can be ready to play the moment the servers go live on release night December 7, 12:01 am! There has been some debate about purchasing this as it was rumored this came with NO cinematics at all. But that was corrected and clarified once it was realized to be a miscommunication. And as always, you can upgrade your account by logging into

Will you be standing in line or going digital? Collector’s or Original? I personally am going with a regular copy but have no answer to the other question!

Phase 2?

I have heard that phase 2 of the elemental attacks have started. I cannot confirm this as I have been unable to log on with time constraints but this means that we are one step closer to The Shattering (4.0.3). I hear that it entails a new line of quests and it is also said that there is one more step before the…cataclysm? We shall see, but I encourage you to log in and check it out!

A quick note…

I would like to take a minute to say that three achievements, not on my bucket list, were achieved this week granting me 2 titles.

Hello Tarinae of the Nightfall and/or Twilight Vanquisher Tarinae! YAY! I personally feel that there should be an achievement for getting “X” number of title. As a side note, I did these at Ret given the few spots open for healers and hit 7.8k dps in 25!

Last minute tidbit (EDIT!)

Because this is posted so late, I feel I can edit this in rather quickly that just announced that race changes to goblin or worgens will be available at Cataclysm’s launch! Can you imagine the line!

Great news for people who want to switch from their terrible male night elf druid into a dashing (literally) male worgen druid, or basically anyone who’s tired of playing a troll of either gender.

Timer’s going off!

That means soup’s enchiladas are on! See you later this week!

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