Tuesday with Tarinae 11/2

Today is a busy day for most US residents, it is Election Day. Twitter has been over inundated with politics so I won’t go into but I did just back from working at 7 am and voting. Since then (and this is why this is late) I took a nap and had dinner. What a day, but I have a few things to talk about sooooo, here we go!

Elementals, and Cultists, and Devices OH MY!

If you haven’t noticed, Phase 2 in the Pre-Cataclysm event has started. Giving a Horde recount, it started with Thrall giving an explanation to Garrosh, Vol’jin, and his Lieutenant about why he has decided to step down. Honor and Glory to Thrall because he deserves it. I do with that Sylvanas and Carine were in attendance but they weren’t but now! Now, Orgrimmar has been infiltrated by Doomsayers, those who speak of the end of the world! All around Org (and perhaps Stormwind, I’m a Hordie remember!) are devices that look like hourglasses, I don’t think this is a coincidence. The quests start in the center of Orgrimmar’s Valley of Strength where you will find new NPC additions, including Blood Guard Torek. I also believe that in other cities you will find Earthen Ring emissaries that will direct you to Orgrimmar by means of a “speak to” quest.

All the quests are not available but they are still amazing!

PS. Cultists are creepy and don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Easter Eggs!

Say what? But, Tarinae, it is November! Ha! Not that kind, you know the ones hidden in game that make your heart smile? Yeah, I know you do.

Anyways, since my very first trip to Outland so many years ago, my favorite Easter Egg has been the Thrallmar innkeeper. Yeah, that’s right Floyd Pinkus!

But recently, my man and I were on a journey to get Hallowed be thy Name on our Level ~35s (ps. We totally did it, thanks to awesome guildmates on a home-away-from-home server) but this brought us a chance to see all the Alliance stuff in Outland, we have never ever seen before and something made me laugh, I meaned I actually giggled for a good 5 minutes ask him or Cynwise, I was going on about it forever…oh, what is it you ask? The Alliance innkeeper (at the second hub)…HER NAME IS OPHERA WINDFURY! It makes me laugh again just thinking about it.

She doesn’t replace Mr. Floyd but the two of them together make my heart sing a little diddy.


No one likes bugs, but let’s face it, after a massive content patch THERE IS AN INFESTATION of bugs. Yes, 4.0.1a fixed many of these including the Cog Crash, but there are some that I don’t think were addressed that you may still be facing. One of these is “Wintergrasp is Full. You are in the queue but have not yet been called to battle.” I know that it is a possibility that WG is in fact full, I believe the cap is 100 per side, but for the most part if you drop the queue and rejoin, you will be “called to battle”. As far as I know, there is still a UI bug with Consolidated Buffs. I hate that feature and it keeps turning on…even though it is turned off. And it is important to note that your durability loss on items in the mailbox and bank is NOT a bug, they changed the durability without maxing it’s current state.

Blogging Stuff

#1: Ha, I love all my readers but it makes me laugh a little inside that no one corrected my incorrect date last Tuesday as it totally says 10/25 when it was in fact, 10/26.

#2: I totally missed out on my 100th post because I was in a bad mood and writing about how healadins at 80, are not working for the content. So, I guess I will just wait until the big Blogaversary rolls around in January and do something special then. PS. To this, I am always accepting ideas on something neat to do. As you can see, I have absolutely no graphic or artistic talent.

#3: I would very much like to do a post on social MMO playing vs. solo time. The general gist is that much like in real life, do some of need our “alone” time. I would LOVE to have your emails about whether or not you turn on DND, have that secret alt, run away to a new server, or generally don’t play wow when you need to be alone. Please feel free to email me at tarinae at gmail dot com. I would LOVE to hear from you on anything about the subject….or on anything in general…but some excerpts will show up in the post. You can also choose to have your name displayed if your excerpt is used, just let me know. Otherwise, it will be listed anonymously.

#4: I believe I have found a new blog theme I like so you may seem some changes to the site, or you may not but I will definitely be trying it on!

Alas, all good things…

…must come to an end, as is this blog post. Please remember this is the final day for Day of the Dead. Please take note of my jaded attitude toward the Headless Horseman for not giving me his horse…IF IT WEREN’T FOR HIS HORSE! And may you be on the good side of our Lady Mother RNG in all loot you desire this week!

PS. I told you we did it!



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4 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 11/2

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  2. rilandune

    Love the new theme! 😉 I’m desperately still trying to find “the one” for me. Really driving me crazy to be honest.

    On missing the wrong date, I never know what day it is, even when I’m filling out date sensitive documents, I need to constantly check the calendar all day long. I’d imagine there are a few like me out there as well 🙂

  3. I like the new layout! Very streamlined! Also, dear, while I noticed that you went through every attempt to black out every name in the screenshot, you missed a couple. ❤

  4. I really like the new theme…

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