Tuesday with Tarinae 10/25

Well, here we are, fine again, trying to hide the…whoa, I got carried away singing a Breaking Benjamin song there for a second! But, welcome back to Tuesday with Tarinae, with your host, me…Tarinae! A hodge podge of interesting things to let you in on before the massive storms come and knock my power lines around like a … uh… nevermind. Anyways, let’s get started!

Just a small moment…

To say that I am now Hero of the Zandalar. I started earning rep the day before the Patch came out and am now exalted. The reset is only a couple of days and I spent around 600g in extra turn ins and voodoo dolls but I made it, all the way from Neutral. If you are interested in earning this rep, make sure to do it before The Shattering and I am open to discussion to help you out!

Another good-bye.

First, I have to take the time to say good-bye to one of my fellow bloggers. He is a great blogger and was one of the first blogs I started reading when I joined the blogoshpere. But all the same, Zal has decided that he needs to focus his energies elsewhere and to that I wish him the best with everything he does in life!


Okay, so the fact that 4.0.1 released is no news to us. We have all spent our time adapting and doing the new things and the talent points. But what some of you may not know (and maybe I am just late to the party) but if you are still having cog-crashes (i.e. wow dies when you mouse over something with a cog) you can download the add-on CogFix and it will turn off the tool-tips. You can also set up macros for the same effect. Since downloading this, I have not had any issues in battlegrounds or the HH, but I have not been in TOC where it was rumored to be the worse.

Also, it is very possible that they are fixing the bug with the patch 4.0.1a that is releasing today. After most big patches, smaller patches with a letter emphasize that they are fixing things that went wrong in the patch. I hope that this patch also includes the release of the next level of events before the Cataclysm, but the only thing mentioned is minor bugs. I can’t find a direct list to bugs they are fixing but I assume it includes the cog problem, BG scoreboards, consolidated buffs, and inspection.

Holy Paladining

I want people to understand that the situation with Holy paladins isn’t limited. I ranted about it the other day, but the negativity isn’t set to just me. There are a lot of other paladins feeling the same way; some are still able to do what needs to be done, but their emotions, their confidence, are still gone.

I know there are a lot more resources, but as always, I can’t find them right now. But, I hope that through this, we, the healadins, stick together.


Okay, well, there really isn’t that much brewing around the blogosphere right now. A new wowpedia is up and running and new Cataclysm loot information is up. Be sure to vote for your Warchief! But, as the sky darkens, it is time for me to go before I lose this whole post if a tornado hits! Good luck and may our Lady Mother RNG watch out for you (I’m offering sacrifices for the HH mount!).



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2 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 10/25

  1. May I also mention my blog has a bucket of holy pally QQ, too?

    As frustrated as I’m feeling right now, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Surely, if the majority of holy pallies are having so much trouble, it will illustrate the real problems with the spec right now.

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