The Bottom of the Barrel

The bottom of the chart is more like it…

I know that judging how good (or bad) of a healer you are is inaccurate, there is much more too it than that, but for now we’re going to accept it as a factor of measurement and admit that when you see yourself fall from #1 to #4 it is disheartening. I will try my best not to QQ, whine, bitch, moan or rant, but I’m upset. I’m sad. I’m mournful. Let me tell you why.

After the patch, I went to run with my normal ICC25 group. While it is essentially a PuG, many of the core raiders are the same and the raider leader does it at a set time. The history to this group is that I got my first Rotface kill, 1-4+Fester were on “farm” status, and our first and only attempt at the Princes had them at ~2% before a wipe. I enjoy the casualness of this group, the structure, not so much the loot rules but I handle it, and I really love the way they handled the ball of WayToFail that was that Saturday (ps. Everyone was a little fail).

Now it could have been that it was still too new to me; that I didn’t know the full capacity and capability of each spell, or it could be that my muscle memory had me casting wrong spells. Either way, it is supposed to be getting better but I still feel unconfident, still find myself back when I first started healing…PETRIFIED.

Tank healing to me isn’t a niche. It is an honor. It is something that I worked my ass off to achieve and be good at. I had to learn the damage outputs to know how to be PROACTIVE, being a reactive tank healer probably means your tank is dead. It was never something I took lightly, and was never something that I took for granted. I know, without a doubt, that pre-patch, druids could tank heal, shamans could tank heal…I’ve seen it. It has happened. Our Beacon was over-powered and we could heal two tanks at the same time, meaning that it probably limited us to our options of tank healing, but wise up, I’ve raid healed as a paladin. It took tweaks to the spec and trinket but I did it. Yet why is it NOW, I don’t feel I can raid heal…and I don’t feel I can tank heal.

I’ve tried a couple “rotations” because now a rotation is something we have to have when we’re dependant on cooldowns or long cast times or procs. I can’t tell you what I feel is the best but I can tell you the one I keep coming back to.

(Beacon Target) HS+HL(B)+HL(B)+WoG

Depending on how much HP I have, if a Daybreak procs, I may cast WoG before, in between or after to maximize HP.

What does this rotation do? Well for one, and my main problem with it, is that is completely removes the utility of Beacon of Light. Yes, previously, I Beaconed my tank so that no matter who I may have needed to spot heal, my tank was taken care of with 30k heals or whatnot. That was my style but I was always adaptable. But I struggle now. The ways in which a holy paladin can generate holy power is ridiculous. Holy Shock grants 1 charge…..if you took Tower of Radiance, healing your beacon grants 1 charge per heal (but again removing its utility)…and if you took Blessed Life and take direct damage, you generate holy power.

So we can choose to have 1 charge/6 secs or remove the utility of one of our staple abilities?

Did you know that Ret gets to talent the option for ANY of their attacks, instead of just Crusader Strike (ps. We can dps to generate as holy!! -.-) to generate a charge, even the ones that use charges. Tell me, why can’t we have a talent like that?

When confronted about this situation regarding the ability to heal at this level, Blizzard has increased our output for the 5 direct healing spells twice. First they receieved 10% buffs in Build 13536 and then again in a hotfix. That is great, it helps our output, and yes, I have noticed higher numbers, and no I haven’t been to ICC, but it doesn’t change the lack of utility. Our raid utility relies on things like Light of Dawn, WoG, and HS. Our tank utility relies of things like Beacon, Divine or Holy Light (or even Flash of Light). Our mana depends on things like HL, HS, WoG. Things like LoD, WoG, HS rely on cooldowns or procs. Our HP depends on things like HS and Beacon.

Too much depends on too many OTHER things. I am not sure of another class that relies SO heavily on procs and cooldowns. I know priests have cooldowns and bubbles but they have ways to conteract the negative time with other abilities.

When it boils down to it, Blizzard admits, in a sense, that at Level 80 (end-game raiding atm), healadins are broken…

Unfortunately, many of these strengths don’t show up at 80. Missing Holy Radiance is huge. Mana isn’t much of a problem on live today…

The full source of the statement on the past, present, and future of healadins is given by Ghostcrawler in response to outcry and demand for design details.

What does that say about the next two months of holy paladins?

But back to my statement about healing ICC25, there were 3 of us (holy paladins I mean) and a whole slew of 4 other types of healers including priests and druids…and we wiped on Festergut. Over and over we wiped. Once wasn’t an issue of tank healing, rather raid healing when a whole group of ranged outside died and he enraged. Once may have not been the fault of anyone but the dudes with the spores and the fact that they didn’t get the buff. Maybe the other times were all healing related when the tank died. That the missing second of a Holy Shock cooldown could have saved it all? Ghostcrawler says:

We haven’t seen too much evidence yet that paladins are much poorer tank healers than other classes, though I understand many of you feel that to be the case. If we do decide Holy can’t competitively tank heal any longer, then we will buff them. This is tricky though.

And right now, I just believe this to be the case. Maybe everyone doesn’t agree with me. I am not asking them to, but for once, this is simply opinionated. This is a lament.

The effect (or affect, I don’t know right now!) that 4.0.1 has had on raiding for healadins, in my eyes, has been pretty destructive. Healing 5-Mans is virtually unbothered, minus the new “rotation” type of healing. And for PVP, these mechanics are rocking socks. I’ve contemplated waiting until 85 to continue PVE end-game healing, but I can’t. I want to do it now, healing is who Tarinae is, being a healadin is something I enjoy.

So even though I am unconfident and depressed and struggling for buttons and keybindings and cooldowns, I will preserver and come out…back on top.

Or so I hope.



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12 responses to “The Bottom of the Barrel

  1. I did one ICC 10 clear on my paladin after the patch…I was doing 1/3 of the healing of the Holy Priest in the raid and I felt…ineffective.

    I was so miserable I probably won’t heal another raid on my paladin until Cataclysm.

    I know it is supposed to get better for us, but the truth is, is that for the next two months we are broken. And that just isn’t fun, no matter how it’s sliced.

    Our regularly Holy Paladin on our progression team is miserable and frustrated. He’s trying – and to seem like no matter how hard you try you can’t do better is rubbish.

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  4. Hi, just thought I’d stop by and commiserate with you. I’m feeling much the same way. It doesn’t help that I get the feeling Blizzard and GC just don’t seem to get it. Every indication they’ve made is that everything is working as planned and perfectly fine.

    I keep hoping it will get better…

  5. I completely agree. I find myself playing only ret these days. The point is that healing HCs is a breeze now, with all the instant heals we have. And the enormous mana pool and mana regen I have.

    But in a raid I feel totally useless as healer. My raid healing is only marginally useful and my tank healing sucks. First of all the beacon heals for less (so you can’t rely on it anymore) and second, you need to heal the beacon to get HP.

    I think Blessed life is a pure PvP talent, nobody takes damage-procced talents in PvE, unless you’re a tank.

    Ok then, I fired up the beta, configured my pre-made lvl 85 Holy Pala. Healing normal dungeons is hard, but satisfying. But on HC I feel pretty useless again. Now that might be because of ppl not knowing tacts that well (including me), but still, my healing just doesn’t cut it. And mind you, Blizzard said they worked hard to increase the time you have to decide which spell you’re using. Why is it then so stressing?

    *sigh* I really want to like the new pala healing. I actually like my spells, but something has to change or I can’t justify healing raids anymore. Giving holy some kind of Divine Purpose ability would certainly help though 🙂

    • I want to like it too, I want to like it for raiding as much as I enjoy it for PVP but it doesn’t work out that way right now. Even in heroics, where most of us outgear the content, I’m on my toes, maybe it keeps me from running them in ret gear or whatever else I was getting into, but what about the raids.

      I’m frantic and torn to pieces, but I guess that is what they want.

      I have seen some people take points in Blessed LIfe, but I don’t see that it would be entirely effective. If I end up tweaking this for pvp healing (as it does take a LOT to accumulate honor these days) I will take it but other than that, with my measly little 36 points I think I can do better.

  6. Arybeth

    Worst part, IMO, is not the fact we’ve been taking our major tools to overcome the complete inefectiveness of our class/spec as raid healing, without being given the effective raid healing counterpart.

    Worst part is to be viewed for some healers as ‘(your spec) deserved that, no class should be able to do what paladins could’. Or ‘I dont see how holy paladins are ineffective’, when I post stuff freacking out because the god damned shadow priest outhealed me.

    Blizzard OP’ed us so we could be on par with other healers. And we were. Numbers showed it that way. Now we’re clearly a lot less effective than all classes. Numbers show it. We could solo heal ICC bosses, but we’d let people die on Stinky. That was the way we were designed.

    We’re some of the pre-cataclysm collateral damage. Like designing a dps rotation which the main hability isn’t in the game right now, like hunters. We’re as good as other classes single target in throughput and durability, because our ultra best in game aoe healing skill is super OP. And we don’t have it yet, so we suck.

    See you healing at 83!

    • Believe me, I have definitely hear the “Well, you had it coming” or “Paladins deserved it”….I even heard we deserved it because we were treated like “The Golden Child” in Wrath.

      • But we are the golden child! Always in the front line to lead the assault, for the light! 😉

        Anyway, according to mmo-champion, the new beta build will alter our healing (and DPS/tanking as well) dramatically, so lets see what that brings:
        In short, the base healing of our 3 cast-time-heals and holy shock will be increased by another 30%! And our Holy Radiance will have less effectiveness on targets further away. And our beacon lasts 5 minutes, making the glyph obsolete…

        BTW, still waiting for the ‘when under the protection of divine shield, your hearthstone casttime is reduced by 5 seconds’-glyph…

      • Ah, I just logged into the beta. End the beacon of light glyph now makes it cost no mana. Nice! Even though we won’t refresh it that much…

      • Ahem, I switched to glyph of cleansing, since even with my glyph, cleanse costs around 2600 mana, and without glyph, beacon costs only 1400. With a 67k mana pool :O

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