4.0.1: Glyph Analysis

This has been updated for 4.0.3a on 12/11/10.

I’ve done a glyph analysis  before, I even re-vamped it with updated information. But now, here I am starting from scratch. Our system of glyphs is new, the levels we get glyphs are new, and some of our glyphs don’t exist in place of glyphs that are, again, new. I’ll be taking a look at the new system as well as going through each glyph that may be beneficial to a holy paladin.

Glyph System

With 4.0 came a new type of glyph, Prime; with the addition, glyphs now exist with three tiers: minor, major, prime.

Prime – Prime glyphs will typically provide direct increases to damage or healing throughput. Examples of prime glyphs include Glyph of Howling Blast, which will cause the death knight ability Howling Blast to infect targets with Frost Fever, and Glyph of Insect Swarm, which increases the damage of druid’s Insect Swarm ability by 30%.

Major – Major glyphs will typically augment spells and abilities to offer additional utility. Examples of major glyphs include Glyph of Silencing Shot, which will cause a hunter to instantly gain 10 focus when successfully silencing an enemy’s spell cast, and Glyph of Ice Block, which will reset the cooldown on Frost Nova every time a mage uses Ice Block.

Minor – Minor glyphs will typically provide players with additional convenience or cosmetic changes. Examples of minor glyphs include Glyph of Righteousness which will reduce the mana cost of Seal of Righteousness for paladins by 50%, and Glyph of Levitate which will remove the reagent requirement for a priest’s Levitate spell. – Blue Post

As mentioned we learn glyphs at a different level, making some occurences that were once easy, much difficult (i.e. low-level bear tanking). Previously, we learned our first glyph at level 15; now, we learn our glyphs in a trifecta of 1 each prime, major, and minor. We learn one of each tier at levels 25, 50, and 75.

Glyphs also work differently. Previously, we were able to have the glyph and insert it in to the slot, using the glyph and it was gone. Now, by using a glyph, we permanently learn the ability and are able to switch our choices without the cost of anything more than Vanishing Powder (bought at Inscription vendors).

At this time, it is important for those reading not of the holy paladin class, to mention that some of the mage glyphs are incorrectly implemented as major glyphs, when they are intended to be prime. This does not seem to be an issue for any other class. To everyone else, your choices just suck, I guess.

Holy Paladin Glyphs (Behind the Cut!)


Divine Favor – Increases the duration of Divine Favor. Not a bad choice. The T10 2p bonus increases the healing of DF by 35% and the longer you can cast at 20% haste induced hyper buffed heals, has its benefits. This is by choice glyph.

Seal of Insight – Increases the healing done while SoI is active. This is the “hey, look I’m new!” version of Seal of Light. While SoI provides mana return like Seal of Wisdom, this glyph is a buffer to the the spells SoL roots. As we will always have a seal up, this is a must have glyph.

Word of Glory – Increases healing done by WoG. No brainer. The spell itself can be very bare, any help from talents or this glyph will boost its effectiveness and as it is the only way to spend HP, we should get its full benefits. This is a must have glyph.

Holy Shock – Increases critical strike by 5%. This is a by choice glyph as it can be dependent on how much crit you have overall already. At 33+% myself, I opted to stay away from this and go with Divine Favor, but I may go back to it once the prices are down a little. It may be a great option to have on high motility fights like Marrowgar during Bone Storm.


Beacon of Light – Your Beacon of Light costs no mana. This was changed with 4.0.3a when the base duration of Beacon was increased to 5 minutes. The utility of this glyph is no longer necessary as you should be able to expend the reasonable mana cost once every 5 minutes.

Cleansing – Reduces the mana cost of Cleanse. We have already dumped a talent point into making Cleanse a better spell, allowing it to remove Magic effects, it could be beneficial to reduce the cost as we can cast it without a debuff, but I don’t know if I would put its utility in high demand, at the current time.

Divine Plea – Increases the mana return of Divine Plea by 5% making the total return 15%, still 5% shy of what it once was in its glory days. A lot of people are saying that currently, mana isn’t an issue for them. In my time sense the patch, I used this once but it wasn’t out of necessity, more out of habit. Out of my choices, I prefer to take the utility of this glyph. Should the need arise, I have it and can benefit from it.

Divinity – As of 4.0.3a this glyph was radically changed as Lay on Hands was no longer a base mana return. This glyph now returns 10% base mana (to you) when used on any target, giving the spell its original functionality back. This is also the base return of Divine Plea without being glyphed for it.

Light of Dawn – This is another glyph that recieved an overhaul alongside the spell. This glyph now allows Light of Dawn to hit one more target, totaling 6. You must still use it as a directional, conal effect but it is supposed to be a smart heal and consume holy power, making the heal stronger per charge.

the Long Word – Reduces WoG upfront by 50% but does 50% over 6 seconds. I am not a fan of this, the way our current healing seems to be going, we need all the big shots we can take, but I cannot deny that a HoT factor would be helpful. All the same, I feel this might be more of a leveling, ret, or prot glyph.

Lay on Hands – Reduces the cooldown of Lay on Hands by 3 minutes. This is a must have glyph. I believe the time on this was increased as of 4.0.3a. This was also made a Major glyph from a minor glyph.


Blessing of Kings – Reduces mana cost by 50% when Blessings are now raid wide, require one cast, and are not mana heavy.

Blessing of Might – This has been reworked to be the same as BoK given the changes to Blessing of Might as a whole.

Insight – Reduces mana cost of Seal of Insight.

The choices for minor glyphs are very bland and I wouldn’t even call them choices. Most of these are things you would do before a fight where mana is not an issue. But in the case of your untimely death and battle res (the CD and rules for this have changed) or soulstone, I would recommend picking Insight and the buffs, given that you won’t be using seals for the other minor options.

Glyphs I currently have active:

  • Prime
    • Holy Shock
    • Word of Glory
    • Seal of Insight
  • Major
    • Divinity
    • Lay on Hands
    • Divine Plea
  • Minor
    • Blessing of Kings
    • Insight
    • Blessing of Might

I hope this analysis helps and if you are interested in seeing how our glyph options have changed, feel free to check out the out-dated glyph analysis. You can always find this guide on the right side (currently in the 4.0.1 survival guide).



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  1. John

    You have divinity in your minor glyphs list, its a major

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