4.0.1: The Mindset

You can have the gear, you can have the spec, but with it all, you have nothing if you don’t have the mindset to heal in this patch. Adapting your previous healadin frame of mind is what surviving 4.0.1 is all about.

In a span of less than 24 hours, everything you ever knew about paladin healing changed. We’ve got buttons to push, spells that do the same thing at different speeds and costs, fun spell effects (okay, just one of these), and they even took the bubble hearth away.

So how do we fix this?

First, you have to acknowledge that there is no more Holy Light/Flash of Light spec. Neither one of these spells are what you want to find yourself spamming. Holy Light has been whacked for more than half of what it was capable of in Wrath and Flash of Light, while still decent in output, is horrible in the mana department. What may or may not have been a staple in your previous rotations, Holy Shock is now the go to, the use every CD, the important heal. The only way to get into the frame of mind is for you to work on it. I can’t hypnotize you, I can’t say anything that will make it all better, I can only tell you I am here too and hand you a tissue as I weep for my place on top of the healing charts.

Fix your keybindings, macros, add-ons, whatever it is you use, fix it. If you find yourself FoL spamming and drained of that precious blue bar, or even the yellow runic bar!, move it, re-bind it. Whether you are trying to cast the wrong spell or the right spell, you may find your fingers moving to their old beat so it can help to utilize this when training yourself to use these new spells.

Don’t shy away from add-ons. I am a big supporter of not using add-ons. But if you need help watching for HS every CD, find an add-on to help. If you need a Beacon Timer because you’re not solely on tanks, find one.

Be familiar with the base output of each spell against its mana cost. This is a good thing to know before going in blind to a heroic or raid. Train yourself to know how much healing really comes from HS/WoG or Divine Light and Flash of Light. And don’t forget Light of Dawn. Its capability to hit that many people for a moderate amount is something you don’t want to forget. When you are familiar and comfortable with what each spell is capable of YOU ARE CONFIDENT! And that is the key factor in this whole situation.

Right now, I haven’t seen a person use the same spec as someone else. Granted, I haven’t inspected every healadin blogger nor every healadin on my server, but every single one of us…we’re just trying to find our groove…our place in the world now. The Holy build has access to a lot of utility spells but without all of our talent points available, we have to find what works best now as we adapt and in time, we will grow to that cookie cutter spec, someday we may have it, maybe we won’t.

But for now,  don’t give up. Don’t think that crazy mage dps (*cough*) is looking better and better, don’t think that ret has more fun, don’t think these things! They only hurt the frame of mind you’re trying to fix. It isn’t a same spell spamfest (though it might be a spamfest of sorts, this is yet to be determined), it takes thought and awareness!

Good luck, healadins friends.



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8 responses to “4.0.1: The Mindset

  1. Might I suggest two very lightweight, very easy to use addons to accomplish what you’ve suggested in this very well-written article:

    NeedToKnow – This is the best and most highly customizable timer mod I have ever used and it is the GO TO addon for my UI

    Power Auras Classic – By far the greatest CD watch mod ever, as it is so powerful and customizable it’s mind boggling

    For Power Auras, there is a fantastic amount of written and video tutorials on the web. It has a great following.

    If you head here, to Twisted Nether Blogcast episode 98, I linked a few tutorials on Power Auras as part of a segment I do for the show (/endshamelessselfplug) http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/powerauras-classic.aspx

  2. Gah, sorry, linked the power auras classic twice, this is the TNB ep. 98 link:


    Feel free to edit my above comment.


    Again, the above article is fantastic, you summed up my trepidation to heal last night perfectly, I instead stuck with Ret to avoid wiping groups multiple times.

  3. I had so much muscle-memory built into healing, that this new world is a strange one. So many things to bind, now! =P

    I have two holy specs I’m playing around with to get a feel for, but they both feel a bit incomplete. At least for now there’s no right answer, and it’s comforting to know that everyone else is flying just as blind as I am.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. I took the spec that Kurn from Kurn’s Corner suggested (31/3/2), so I’ll see how I like that. Like Enlynn, I think I have so much muscle memory built in to healing on my pally that it’s gonna be rough for awhile. I managed to do the weekly last night, without ANY addons because I kept crashing and didn’t know why and I resorted to panic button mashing. It felt wierd. I felt unconfident. I was mashing whatever heal I could lay my hands on except FoL, which is appearantly quite the mana hog these days. I’ve read stuff on blogs, but it’s just not entirely sinking in yet. Arg.

  5. Bongimoto

    Muscle memory is right. Keep running my fingers along the path they’re most accustomed to, only to find dead mages and mana depletion. Getting better though. Added the NeedToKnow app and it is helping. Going into groups warning tanks to stfu, I’m relearning. Most are understanding ( as aggro is an issue for them now) but some, well, let’s just say we all know how tanks can be. DPS however seems to have not really been affected, but mashing buttons is mashing buttons. We’ll get there, just have to keep working at it.

  6. Saggert

    My thoughts on changes so far. If you used the T10 libram prepatch you are already focused on using HS. Divine light = old Holy Light. WoG is an enigma still. Key will be to watch for HS zero cd. What no one is really talking about is the increase in instant casts. We are now more mobile healers…. And will have to be when considering our directional cone heal. Having healed on holy priest I see resemblance of binding heal in the new form of beacon as well.

    Missing my old judgment HoT. At least it won’t get overwritten by ret paladins.

  7. Saggert

    ….. talent “protector of innocent” = binding heal (nix what I wrote above about beacon”

    and doing a little pvp, I am realizing WoG is essentially equivalent to that instant FoL we used to have with the old infusion of light talent.

    as for getting comfortable.. dont wipe raids, go do some BG’s for practice – plenty of damage going around there.

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