Talk time with Tarinae 10/6

Okay, so for the first time since like…April, I failed to get this done on Tuesday. I have done late nights before but never not on Tuesday, I’m disappointed at this massive blogfail. Anyways, there are a few reasons for it but I won’t go into some girly rant about being too busy or never having enough money or having a great time with her boyfriend. Soooo, I will just explain that and the lack of posts since last Tuesday as I am going out of town to my parents…to a place where play time will go down and time alone to write will go up, so I have been saving things to do! But there are a few things to tell you now, so I will get on with it!

My latest accomplishment!

I never did the Paladin quest for the mount when I was supposed to. I am pretty sure I still paid out the wazoo for it and rode around on an undead horse and eventually they made the Charger/Warhorse thing available from the trainer, so I didn’t even need to. However, there is one aspect of this quest I decided was worth paying ~1500g in mats and money. I already had most of the regular based mats including the Pristine Black Diamond, so…with the impending death of everything we know, I did it and introduce to you, Blood Knight Tarinae!

I photo journaled the fun parts of the quest and thought one shot would make a great Halloween wallpaper but alas, she is standing in the picture triumphantly!


The latest talk, and expectation for yesterday, was the release of 4.0.1, the Cataclysm systems patch. This patch will not change the world, it will change how you play. By that I mean you will see implementation of stat changes (spirit for healadins, etc.), gem changes (Ang has a great conversion chart!), 41-Talent Points/31-Point trees, reforging, etc. Flexible raid lock-outs are coming with this patch as well (I will talk about what this is in a minute). I am unaware of any official statement on this release date but it was expected for October 5th or 12th and the arena season is ending October 12th, money is on that. But while we are talking about official announcements…

Cataclysm’s Release Date!

It has been announced (officially) and the date is set for December 7, 2010! That is a Tuesday (figures) for those wondering. This works with a timeline for us to see 4.0.1 next Tuesday, a month from that 4.0.3 and roughly a month after that…the expansion!

Flexible Raid Lock-Outs

I thought about doing an entire post about the implications that this could have on raiding dynamics (ooo a sociological word there that is!) but I decided against it since I am neither strictly 10 or 25 and just PuG for “necessary” gear. However, I think the idea of being able to finish a raid with multiple PuGs will be down right helpful. It stinks doing 4/12 when you see someone else is already on like 6/12 and you just had the feeling you should have joined that one…well now you can. It seems the logistics of its implementation are a little confusing but you can read it for yourself, in the blue post.


There is not much to say about this patch other than it will be the patch set right before the release. In the Under Development section of, this patch is called The Shattering and will bring with it something I asked about and was told no, not going to happen, but something I am terribly excited to see…new race/class combos! I will be able to roll that troll druid and gnome priest! Now this is something to look forward too!

A Sociological Moment

I make it no secret that I am a Sociologist (oh to be paid for it someday!) and currently, am a participant in a longitudinal study about WoW-Gamers by one of the founding researchers I cited for my senior thesis. The study is about social dynamics and phenomenon including gender, out-of-game identities and activities, social constructs, etc. I believe this is a great study into the mind of the gamer, we’re not the ones to be ignored as we are the ones that provide a magnitude of dynamics to a world that is inevitably social. Anyways, before I ramble any more, the researchers of the project have developed a blog of findings. I encourage the intellectual side of you to check out PlayOn 2.0 and read the latest findings. The recent data includes things like number of mounts, number of falling deaths, and the number of kills based on empirical evidence. I am sort of in heaven.

And now it is time…

To say good-bye, to all my company.

I had a really good end here but I am going to leave it at that. Brownie points if you can finish the song!

PS. You know you are a little addicted when you cry that your PuG25 spot was taken.

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