Tuesday with Tarinae 9/28

So I overslept today having forgot to set my alarms, yes there are 3 of them. All the same, let’s see how much I can squeeze into the last Tuesday of September!

Shout-Out & Link Love

Okay, so I am really behind, but I would like to give a BIG congratulations to Angelya who found out that she is “sprouting a sapling“! I am so happy for her and the Mr. Ang!

Congratulations Pewter, the Mental Shaman, on her position at WoW.com!

I enjoy lore, I’m not a junkie, but I genuinely like the story of WoW. I also enjoy finding things in game, not necessarily Easter eggs, but little funny things. I found a post over at the Harpy’s Nest on an interesting self-help/advice book. I encourage you not to listen to it but to read it!

I’ve been a little lax on my Blog Azeroth participation (I hope I get a laptop to fix this problem too btw), but there was recently a Shared Topic I really wanted to participate in but I missed it. I enjoyed reading what everyone else has pack-ratted away! Check out all the Mementos!

I would also like to direct your attention to twitter, Rio from Postcards with Azeroth has decided to join us!

And as always, check out Oddcraft for the latest election news between Hellscream & Windrunner (with a lil bit of someone on the side)!

Amazon Date Fail

Wow, way to be presumtpuous Amazon.com! Amazon sent out emails claiming the release date of Cataclysm would be November 23. This date is not backed by wow.com nor is it confirmed by Blizzard, who still has not released any information on Cataclysm or 4.0 release. My thoughts are since October is starting this Friday, it will likely be sometime in November, I simply hope it isn’t too close to Christmas, I have no money the way it is!


I heard it through the grapevine that portals in the Santcuary cities of Dalaran & Shattrath are going away. Having looked at it yesterday, I can confirm that on the PTR they are still there (I did not try to go through them) for the alliance in Dalaran. All 5 portals are there. Why they would do this, I’m not sure. I heard it was really convient to keep your hearth at Dalaran because of the lack of a new neutral city like it. But now, I’m not so sure, you would be stuck there and still have to fly away. Maybe they are making mages worth it again? I don’t know. This wow.com post talks a little about it and has links to ALL sorts of other Cataclysm news including a link to information on the new guild chat in the mobile armory.

PTR News

It is a little complicated to run a pre-made character right now given that professions are not working for more than the majority of people. Running gemless and enchantless doesn’t give quite the same reflection at max but it does at least illustrate some of the potential, and what it will be like leveling with new rotations and things to watch out for.


My time is up, I now have to eat lunch and get ready for work. Silly over-sleeping. Hope this is coverage to keep you held over til next time!

I will see you all next month!


Disclaimer: Sorry about any typos or grammar errors, in a time crunch! ❤ though!


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3 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 9/28

  1. I can confirm that as of 12 hours ago on Beta, the Alliance portals in Dal have gone the way of Illumination and the Dodo. This definitely makes me a sad panda 😦

  2. Angelya

    Thanks Tarinae ❤
    Thanks for doing these Tuesday posts by the way, they help me to catch up with the gossip 😉

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