And so I ran a Heroic…

And you’re probably thinking, “So what?” but I ran it on the PTR to see the new heals in action. It made me pay attention to some changes I may have missed here or some things I may have covered and forgot about, etc.

I want to start off by saying, I felt like I was just pushing buttons. Not really having a feel for what any of them have the capability to pull off, I was just healing my little belf butt off with no particular strategy, and that is a bad thing.

I also am upset about the lack of ability to efficiently heal light damage. Sure, Flash of Light is still effective at doing so, being quick and little, but it is terribly expensive ~1200 mana per cast. That is 4 times the amount of Holy Light which is considered a moderate heal while FoL is an emergency cast. Light of Dawn can do this both efficiently and effectively as long as they are all in front of you but it has a pretty lengthy cooldown for the particular type of damage I am referencing.

This run through also made me a little happier to work with Holy Power and Word of Glory. With two points in Word of Glory, it has a 30% chance not to consume Holy Power! I was unsure of the benefit from this until I was able to test it and it is amazing. Furthermore, as of right now, it doesn’t seem that Holy Power will dissipate as long as you are in combat. I cannot say this is how it will stay or if this is really how it is, but it seems to be as such currently.

In my PTR talent build, I have 3/3 points in Protector of the Innocent but I can report that this passive healing that is supposed to heal me anytime I heal a target is not working. The self healing from judging is working correctly though.

Something I had not realized until…now…is that Sacred Shield no longer seems to be in the game. I searched every page of my spellbook, double checked the trainer, and I don’t even see references to it anymore. This may be in accordance with Prot being able to talent into making their bubble a 1min cooldown but I don’t know. I can’t seem to find any solid evidence of the change.

One of those forgotten or overlooked changes is that Beacon of Light heals only 50% of the effective healing done. I recall at one point it was not designed to benefit from Divine Light, but it seems responsive to all healing spells for half the amount. I am not a fan.

And on the topic of Judgements, I had failed to remember that Judgements of the Pure only gave a 9% haste increase which is down from its live version of 15%.  Blegh. It is also complicated to judge in the sense that we must spend so many talent points to get to 40 yards (which I don’t encourage doing at Level 80, shoot for 30 yards until 85) but the Judgement itself does nothing but damage. It does not do a debuff on the target at all, this implies we will need to be more vigilant on the haste buff.

And on a side note, don’t expect Plate Specialization to work if you have a single piece of armor that isn’t plate; I myself have mail bracers. And there is still no definitive word on glyphs either.

After all of this, my conclusion is that they are failing miserably at removing healing niches. In Wrath, Healadins are tank healers and it doesn’t seem to me (with the except of Light of Dawn -woot- not really) that is still what we are. We are losing our mana tools and the only thing mana efficient is big, hefty heals. No HoTs, no quick cheapy, and lots of spell cooldowns and power charges.



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4 responses to “And so I ran a Heroic…

  1. That is really quite troubling of a report, but somewhat as to what I expected to hear. There is still some time left in the beta so maybe, just maybe, they will make some changes and tweak things up a little bit. Thanks for the report on how the mechanics are working on the PTR.

  2. Yup, Sacred Shield is gone… however, our new mastery takes it’s place. But, until we begin to get items with the Mastery skill on it, that really is a moot point. Now our mastery places a shield on any target that we heal. Not as dependable as Sacred Shield, but still works.

    This is from the latest that I have read, and I’ve been slacking a bit lately.

  3. I forgot to include this in my last comment, but I have yet tried the PTR out. I kind of gave up after realizing how crappy my broadband connection really is, and how long it would take to download the 15GB file, lol. So, I’ve yet to really test them out myself. But with this post in mind, I may just start it back up again, and see how far I can get, and give the new talents a spin.

    • Ah, I hadn’t put the two (mastery and SS) together. I dont think I have noticed a visual effect for the absorb shield or not, I have seen the buff though. I will have to check that out.

      I feel like I am sending my tank in naked because I am missing a step. It has been BoL, SS, FoL for so long lol. And I would be inclined to say I miss the HoT effect as well.

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