Tuesday with Tarinae 9/21

Hello everyone! Here we are back for another week of WoW goodness…I’m at a loss for an really good introduction today. So let’s just move on, shall we?

Blog News

I have done some updates around here including an updated Blogroll & Bucket List. I am also getting steady views per day to be in the three digits! Now, I started blogging January 29 so I have definitly taken my good sweet time building up readers but I appreciate every single one of you. I missed my 6-month anniversary but I am working on some way to celebrate that big anniversary! I am also trying to hash out a new header or perhaps a theme, neither of which are working right now. Just wanted you all to know!

Playing Partner

After almost 3 months, my boyfriend has decided to come back to WoW. In preparation for Cataclysm, he is setting up a faction-opposite sister guild to Age of the Phoenix so that we will all have a home in the alien territory that is the Alliance. We have done things out of the ordinary, things we have never done before. His RP story for his character, Azazoth, was to end with him killing Isillien, and now…that is done. It opened a lot of lore for me I did not know. If you have not done it, find Tirion Fordring in the Eastern Plaguelands (on the western border on the south side of Terrordale cave) and do his questline. Your time to do so is running out. We also did Dire Maul…all of it! It was a lot of fun. It involved a lot of WoWhead-ing, and backtracking but we got it done and I got Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise!

Speaking of time running out…

I took this picture recently while leveling a baby and it is lovely. I have thought long and hard about when to share it, but now seems good. This may be the last time I ever look out onto this site with the Cataclysm coming…


The time to get drunk is here! If you are the inappropriate age to do so…now is the time to live vicariously through your avatars…BREWFEST IS HERE. This holiday event is pretty straight forward with eating, drinking, and killing but there is something you may want to know. Originally, I started playing WoW around the time of Brewfest, my laptop sucked SO bad, I had no idea there were drunk effects. I didn’t see anything blurry at all. This time, I noticed that even though I was completely smashed, I saw things just fine…I ran crooked…but saw just fine, so I wondered to myself why this was. Had they changed it? And finally, I found it and I want to share with you. If you dislike the drunken visual effect, turn off Full-Screen Glow Effect! And be warned….the music will haunt you everywhere you go!

Harvest Festival

While we are on the subject of holidays, Harvest Festival is pretty simple. You do one quest to honor fallen heroes and then eat whenever that’s all. You get a non-soulbound book for the Horde called The Horde’s Hellscream. Most people want to get rid of it, it serves no purpose other than lore. For this holiday, I suggest doing it once and checking out Rio’s Honouring Heroes postcards.

Yes, there was a patch.

The big thing this week was “What was that patch”? It served to download tools including the background launcher that was apparently broken for the content data patch. No, it was not a keylogger.

Gnomeregan vs. Zalazane

Quick content review: I can only finish the Zalazane event having no Alli over 75, but the quests leading up to the event are amazing on both sides! I heard the troll was better but really…”They may take our lives, but they will never take our…INNOVATION!”

Good-bye ladies and gentlemen! *she bows off stage to loud applause*


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