Tuesday with Tarinae 9/14

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Tuesday with…me! I am glad that you could make it! There is no QQ of nothing to talk about this week, in fact I have plenty to share so I won’t hesitate to get started! *scrambles for post-it notes*

Oh no, not de Echo Isles mon!

Zalazane’s rule over da Echo Isles be comin’ to an end mon. If you didn’t happen to notice (you get a cool letter in da mail), the events for the reclaiming of the Echo Isles and Gnomeregan have started. It went live shortly after I was complaining about nothing to talk about last week, and have not been able to since tell you about it.

I was seriously let down by the Zalazane event. If you haven’t levelled a Hordie doing those quests, Zalazane was a b!tch to kill. Over and over I faced death to defeat the HexMaster Voodoo Daddy. But if all it took was one fatal swoop to kill him, why did we wait this long? I was really hoping for a lengthy event of dailies and readying resources and the like…but alas…you do it…he is dead…it’s over. Whoop. I was a little let down.

I haven’t experienced the Alliance event yet but here is a screenie from the release day masses!

The event was massively popular within the first 24 hours, but like I said, when it is done it is done and there is no more. It is sad.

Tarinae & her Recruits

Public Test Realm

So the word is that the PTR for patch 4.0 is now available to play but there is a massive delay for character copies. This patch is for the pre Cataclysm release content. As far as I have been told in #Blizzchat’s the new race/class combos will not be available in 4.0, they will require Cataclysm but we will see.

September Festivities

With today being Tuesday 9/14/10 it is important to note days of September that are hopping with things in game. Harvest Festival (not to be confused with Pilgrim’s Bounty) starts this Thursday 9/16 and goes until the 22nd. Overlapping with that holiday is the infamous Brewfest. It is about this time three years ago that I was introduced to WoW in the first place so it also marks my gaming anniversary! I did say September was hopping didn’t I…like barley and hops…get it!?! 0:)

Azazoth & Tarinae -- Brewfest 2009

Player Update

I felt like I needed a moment to you about Rotface. What a formidable foe he is. It seems that PuGs are incapable of killing this festering construct of a beast. Recently, I was healing a 25 man run, mind you we had our share of healers, and he was at <1%…more like .3%..and we wiped. It was devastating because it was to be our last attempt. But we also tried Dreamwalker in that run…and I really need to figure out this portal/bubble/stack thing…it was my first go at her and I understand the mechanics it is just maneuvering to get the healing stacks I need to perfect.

On an additional note, I am so mad at the Lady Mother of the RNG. I am so close to making a blood sacrifice to get some drops and/or rolls!! I cannot beg hard enough for the Marrowgar shield to drop nor can I plead hard enough to win a roll for a Mark! Alas, QQ!

Models: Troll & Worgen Druids

I have mentioned them before, the forms for the new druid races, but the recent interaction with Zen’tabra, the Troll Druid, has sparked my excitement again. I am so thrilled and she is just so awesome. While surfing around Worldofwarcraft.com I found the latest release of the bear/cat forms! Check it out, I am LOVING all except the worgen cat!

With that said…

I leave you with one thought…


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