Tuesday with Tarinae 9/7

Hello first Tuesday of September…day that I have to go back to work. I can’t deny that this weekend was spectacular. The past weekend I had been under wraps with strep throat and while my traveling plans changed due to that, it was still fantabulous. I hope all the American readers had a similar weekend and it was restful enough for us to drudge ourselves back into work today. But we’re not here to talk about me, we’re here to talk about…

Helpful hint from your neighborhood healers

Angelya has been pretty busy, but took the time to let all you non-healing/dead people in on a big secret…don’t ask for a res. I would have taken the time to comment but I thought I would elaborate on my thoughts instead. If I, the healer, have to WALK MY SCRAWNY ASS BACK…so do you. I say that bluntly because it’s true. Without a viable reason, like you need to pee while we run back, you have time just like the rest of us to do the cartin’ of the bottom.

Recently, in Magister’s Terrace, we kept dieing, and while four of us ran that cross country journey, the “Imapullaggro” mage just kept saying “ah, just res me” over and over. It ended in the removal of his spot in the party.

It really is unfair to the group if you think you’re too good to walk with them. It is unfair to make your healer drink and eat if you aren’t willing to do the same thing after a wipe.

Mind it.


While I contemplate tidbits of randomosity, I realize that I am coming up empty handed. I could tell you that my boyfriend supports my blogging enough to make me lunch while I do this, but you don’t want to know that. You might want to know that The Guild’s new episode is out. I could even ask if you know what imagginni is, which was tagged on at the end of a search that brought more than one person here. Maybe you would want to hear about Ruby Sanctum and the rant that it is difficult to pug. But really…there is no juice. No spice. Maybe I am not digging hard enough! Oh, here is something!

Date Changes

A week or so ago, a friend and reader, Tasha, found that Wal-Mart.com was claiming that their pre-orders for Cataclysm would arrive on or just after November 30. That gave us HOPE that we would see a date announcement soon. But alas, going back to link this information to you and the date has been changed…12/31/2010, which we know it is this year. Hopes and dreams were shattered and I still don’t have a beta invitation.

Speaking of Beta…

Wanted to send a congratulations to Morynne who recently go her invitition. Check out Marks-365 for hunter beta information!

Don’t forget politics!

And always, Vrykerion brings us the top political coverage in the Warchief Elections! Thrall vs. Basic Campfire! Check it out and see who the guest star is!

But that is all…

It is time for work, so I must bid you farewell and hope this week holds enlightenment!


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