Tuesday with Tarinae 8/24

Okay, I am in a little bit of a lull in all of my creative outlets. Everytime I sat down to write, whteher for this blog or my RP character, I sighed heavily and wanted to do something else. Even when plying WoW, I sigh at the screen hoping for something to do even if I am not in the mood to do everything. I think it is stress related. All the same there has been a lot to talk about this week and I hope to get a post on CataBuild 12803 out sometime this week. But for now, delve into the goodness!

A Humbling Sight

Here is a small story for you, one that brings me back to the good old days of WoW. Recently, I did Stockades with a few groups. By few, I mean I only did it once because people are so impatient they bail after one wipe. All the same, the group that finally finished it was a group you don’t see very often. I was the ONLY person wearing any sort of BOA. It made me feel so reminiscent I used a staff that I happened to have as a “back-up” just for the full effect. It was awesome. There were no “zomg lets speed run this” attitudes or anything of the sort; just a nice, homey feeling.

Something else I learned…

It doesn’t help your case as a DPS to say things like “Hey, I didn’t know I was tanking this!” When you pull the mobs just because you’re ranged and the tank hasn’t gotten there (especially new tanks at low levels), you are not looking cocky or smart, you are looking like a steaming pile of fail when you say something insulting like that. Life is different when you’re leveling.

A Healing Haiku

See that fire there

It is time for you to move

I don’t heal stupid

Cataclysm Release Details

No, I am pretty sure the date has not been released. But! The details for the Collector’s Edition including box art have been released.

Collector's Edition

Again this set comes with trading cards, soundtrack CD, art book, exclusive mousepad, the game DVD, behind the scenes DVD, and an in-game pet. Yay for mini Deathwing!

Mentoring System

I recently tried playing Everquest 2, please don’t hate me, they twisted my arm and they even tried WoW! But they do a system called “mentoring” where you can scale your high level character down to a lower level to play with your friends. This is especially handy for EQ players given their limited character amount but also will be handy given WoW’s character per server limit. This was recently revealed to be a goal of Blizzard in an interview that The Escapists did with Ghostcrawler. While it is part of a “long-term” plan, I think that it is a great idea.

More thorough notes

Every week, I try to take notes on what to talk about with you guys on Tuesday. Looking back at this week’s, there is something I can’t remember … can’t fathom…what it means.

Macy C SS

What was I thinking?! Apparently I need to go back to school as I have forgotten how to take notes appropriately and/or my own shorthand!

Happy Tuesday!

I would like to thank all of my faithful and new readers for tuning in! I bid you all farewell on this Tuesday! May the loot mother be with you and the light shine upon you in darkness (I’m a Pelor fan!)!



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2 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 8/24

  1. paperclip

    Ok, a cryptic note is too tempting not to guess at. Google’s first hit turned up a programming job at Macy’s – probably not it.

    My other guess is maybe it was “Mary” rather than “Macy”? As in the Mary Celeste? With the mystery surrounding her, I’ve seen her used as a venue for RP before, so maybe.

  2. you were lusting after a new mace
    I like the idea of mentoring, rather then rerolling a new character to remember what all those buttons do , you could down rank your toon and remember the simple joys of single spell spaming cause thats all you had then.

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