Late Night with Tarinae

Okay, so this is my first really late Tuesday post and I am pretty sure that the servers are up by now. If I am horribly mistaken, oh well and welcome to late night with me! I wish that I watched more late night television to make this funny but I don’t so we are going to go with what works. But I have to say something first, this week has been shifting back to my old position at work and so the trouble in finding a routine is back, oh crap, I am missing America’s got talent! I really forgot what time it was, I have to go watch Harmonica Pierre and Anna & Patryk, so I will make this fast.

I haven’t been able to play much this week with the job thing so it will actually be pretty short in general, and for that I am sorry. I have been getting the motivation to write my leveling guide part II so hopefully, when I get time, I will get to it!

A mini project!

As an roleplayer in WoW and in D&D, there are some overlap with the two games. Tarinae existed in wow with an awesome back story and now she exists in D&D as the mother of my current character, Sabina. She was also the head paladin for the world’s capital city Vvardenfell (yes, Morrowind lovers it is a reference!). She is awesome. We get some in game credit for doing things character based while outside of game so I took this mini project on during my 30 minute interval breaks. I am pretty proud of it and it encompasses both aspects of Tarinae!

Family Tree - Click to Bigify!

A competition?

Not that I need any more competitors, I really want an invite, but WOWhead is currently holding a contest to give away Beta Keys! All you have to do is write a wow-related haiku and be voted the best! Lots to be given away! I was not chosen for Day 1, I am so sad.

Link Love

Did I mention I am missing AGT?

Ophelie tells you how to analyze the healadin!

The most amazing debate yet!

Will your computer run beta? Ask Gaz!

Wishing Jaedia a Happy Blogaversary!


I know this is a really crappy post, and I am sorry but I lost the weekend and Monday was booked but I promise I love you all! *scampers to the TV*



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5 responses to “Late Night with Tarinae

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  2. Yay! I’m glad that people enjoyed that debate. It wasn’t as funny as the other, but I liked the idea of two massive Horde powers duking it out.

    Thanks for the linkage as always. 😀

  3. Hope you enjoyed my bit of tech geekery and thanks for the link love!

  4. Aren’t family trees usually running the other way? It seemed a bit confusing to me until I realized that parents are below the children.

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